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Help me with BL 5051 Consumer Protection Law Assignment Allergic Contact Dermatitis Reaction - Piz Buin Sun Cream

Question - Assessment 2: BL 5051: CONSUMMER PROTECTION LAW Module Leader: H. Ndi Case Study Coursework Submission Date 21st January 2014 By 3pm Weighting 70% weighting Word Count: 2,500 words Font: Work must be typed: Arial or Tahoma format Font size: 12 Line Spacing: 1.5 Presentation: Coursework must be accompanied by a coursework cover sheet Referencing: You must reference Sources used in the body of your answer. You MUST use Harvard method Bibliography: Full Bibliography at the end of your written work Cases cited: In the body of the written work in bold with the full citation. E.g. Smith v Jones (2001) 2AER 19 Statutes cited: Use capitals for the name of the statute or legislation e.g. The General Product safety Regulat ...Read More

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