Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Design


Innovation in Sustainable Engineering Design



This paper presents an overview of the potential for the development of the basic qualifications, requirements for professional accreditation, the plan for the career pathways, and the establishment of one’s own business. All this information will be assessed for summarizing the journey of the civil engineer. The paper will begin from the basic qualification, professional accreditations mentioning the history of career to the present scenario of the job and professional level and the personal development plan. Along this line the achievements of learning samples, reflection logs and tools etc. The paper will be discussed keeping civil engineering as the basic qualification in mind. The career options for a civil engineering students will be explored along with evaluating the option of higher studies in a similar field. Similarly, various courses related to career development in the field of construction business will be explored in the study.

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Chapter1 - Qualification Development 

Having completed my bachelor's in Civil Engineering from the University, with a clear understanding of the new relations, new buildings and new perceptions.  I will look for a job in the relevant field. I will aim to gain at least five years of experience. Being bilingual (English, Greek, German and Spanish) will help me in befriending people from every sphere and making new and important contacts. My qualifications will form a foundation for me and the five year experience will help me in enriching my knowledge in the field of pavement analysis, construction process, maintenance of host and right of the way. Having done project work on wireless sensor technology, I would be able to put right foot forward and amalgamate the construction industry with relevant and innovative technology. This will help my organization to gain a competitive edge over the competitors and will strive to invent new technologies. Along with the job, I will also enroll myself in National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) for the licensing as a professional engineer by the accreditation board for engineering and technology as it is highly reputed certification and educational course provided to the engineers and surveyors (Kasuba, R., & Vohra, P., 2004). This will help me to shape my future aspirations and will enable me to work with some reputed brands and construction companies of the country. This program will be beneficial in gaining insight on the infrastructure and construction-related projects and enables the interested candidate to become a leader in the arena of professional civil engineering. My aspiration will be to clear the two-tiers so as to gain the license and shape my career.

Chapter 2 - Fulfillment of career aspiration

In order to fulfill my career aspiration, I will prepare myself for the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES). The engineers are licensed by the licensing board of the United States at the state level and the P.E. license is conferred by the engineering board on meeting the combination of the education, qualifications, exams and experience requirements. A degree in civil engineering will put me one step forward towards achieving the goal. The civil engineering student must have him under a graduated degree completed from ABET/ EAC accredited program (Johnston, D. W., Thomas Ahluwalia, N., & Gwyn, M. B., 2007). I will refer the supplied reference materials and will ask my senior for help in order to clear this exam. NCEES scored the Structural Engineering (SE) exam, Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam and Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exams for the licensures of engineering.
The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam will be my first step towards becoming a professional engineer. This exam is administered via computer-based testing and is designed for the students to complete their undergraduate degree is considered to be the foundation for becoming a professional licensed engineer. The practice of the engineering profession is tested by the PE and SE exams but one can take is only after gaining four years of professional experience. PE or the Practice of Engineering (PE) exam will test my ability to practice competently in civil engineering and will be my last step in processing towards becoming a licensed Professional Engineer (Kelly, W. E., 2007). I intend to clear PE after gaining the required experience in my field. During the four years after clearing my FE, I will try to gain as much understanding and practical knowledge of designing, construction, and related subject matters. Once I clear my exam, I will be conferred a Professional Engineer and would be able to establish my own business or join a reputed firm with a good salary package. In order to work in different states, I will apply to have to apply for the comity license. This will be an additional factor providing edge to my career. 

Chapter 3 - Career Development

I aspire to work for the Illinois Structural Health Monitoring Project (ISHMP) team and work with the wireless sensor technology. I personally feel that the Structural Health Monitoring Project is an emerging and revolutionary field that combines civil engineering knowledge with wireless sensor technology and networking and information management technology. The amalgamation of both results in a reliable alternative to the traditional structure (Li, H. N., Li, D. S., & Song, G. B., 2004). Being a civil engineering student and done various projects on wireless sensor technology, I think I will be a suitable candidate in the field. In order to be eligible for attempting PE, I will undertake the supervision of a good professional engineer working in this particular field who will help me set my career pathways. After clearing my FE, I will undertake the supervision of the professional engineer and work with him for four to five years and try my attempt in clearing PE. I aspire to become a part of the Structural Health Monitoring Project of my state and perform revolutionary research in the field. 
Additionally, the working experience under a Professional Engineer will help me gain added knowledge and will help me understand the criticalities and deep understanding of the topic. A four years’ experience under the supervision of Professional Engineer will help me in understanding the work and basics of Structural Health Monitoring and its link with civil engineering helping me learn the learning samples by understating the working of this particular department to fulfill my job aspirations. Once I am acquainted with all the necessary knowledge and information, I intend to establish my own business which deals with employing dense arrays of wireless sensors that will be designed to transmit and record high-fidelity data efficiently at an affordable price. I will try to employ wireless sensors that provide distributed real-time processing for overcoming the limitations that the industry has been facing in this field. 

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Chapter 4 - Establishing business

On completing my four to five years of experience in Structural Health Monitoring, I will aim towards establishing business in the same field. After undertaking the supervision of a Professional Engineer, I will get the license and would be able to connect to reputed brands and firms. This four-year experience will lay out a foundation for the establishment of my business and will help me manage the various aspect of my field in the most efficient manner. My previous experience in wireless sensor technology and four year experience with a FE and PE license, I would be able to attain a high position among my competitors and will help in generating sustainable profit for a very long term to my business. This will be my ultimate objective to fulfill career aspiration. In order to establish this business, I will take a loan from the bank. The aim of establishing the business is to question the traditional centralized approach for the structural health monitoring which is highly disconnected with the number of sensors. Additionally, the difficulty in installing the wired networking, amount of data to be sent to the central station and the introduction of a single point of failure have been encountered. My firm will help in deploying solutions to come up with a wireless sensor minus such issues. The sensors will be utilized by civil engineers without any background or information in the electrical background or computer science. These wireless sensors will be deployed on infrastructure like cable-stayed bridge etc. (Balageas, D., Fritzen, C. P., & Güemes, A. (Eds.)., 2006).  I came up with the idea of a company while doing my research on the wireless sensor technology and believe that this type of firm will have distinct products and innovative thinking thereby providing an edge to the company and to stand out from the competitors and researchers within the same space. The innovation is the prime motive behind selecting this field as it provides me to strive further and contribute to the economy of my country in the most innovative manner. 
Once I am done with my under graduation and clear the FE along with gaining four-year experience from a Professional Engineer. On clearing PE, I will be given the license as a Professional Civil Engineer and will put all my knowledge, information and hard work in establishing my business. This will help me in getting my career aspirations straight. I will start saving money after getting the license ad to develop my own financial plan for determining the financial requirements in order to establish the business. Once I clear both the exams and get the license, I will start promoting my business and the innovative thinking and will share the ideas with reputed and established construction business and companies. My business plan will have an efficient marketing plan and will aim to deliver efficient products to the clients and customers for the growth of the company. Additionally, I will make sure that I build a cordial relationship with my clients. Further, I will make sure that all the deliveries are done at the right time and my business follows the best ethics. I will start my company at a local base and if able to attain success in the field I will try to expand my company on a worldwide level.


It is my ultimate career aspiration to establish the business in Structural Health Monitoring. This whole career plan will require me to complete my under graduation in civil engineering and attain the license as a Professional Civil Engineer. The licensing will be performed from the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying and will require me to clear two exams. On completion of my studies, I will aim to clear FE and then I will work for four years under the supervision of a Professional Engineer and will appear for PE again. 
I will start a job in the Illinois Structural Health Monitoring Project (ISHMP) and will learn about the various facets of the Structural Health Monitoring to gain experience and knowledge on various aspects. After gaining a five-year experience under the Professional Engineer, I will establish my own company for which I will start saving and funding with the employment phase. I will also take a loan from the bank in order to fulfill the additional financial requirements. My company will design wireless sensors and amalgamate it with the civil engineering infrastructure and will prove out to be a revolutionizing firm of its own kind. I will start with a small consumer base and will aim to attain a high consumer base in a specified period and aim to generate sustainable profits. I will try to collaborate with the reputed construction business and firms to help me with my project. My professional goal is to establish a successful infrastructure and wire sensor firm which is known for its quality of work and innovative designs that ultimately helps to generate higher revenue which is my personal aspiration.


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