Stakeholder’s analysis of Apple Inc.


Each student will conduct research and identity and describe the various stakeholders of a firm locally , regionally, nationally, and internationally and identity and describe their various needs from the firm. From this list of stakeholders, students will evaluate whether the firm can strategically and ethically meet the needs of these stakeholders. The needs of the stakeholders group must be considered with reference to the mission of the firm. Two scores will be administered and based on the potential efficiency of the resulting strategy in terms of:-
(a) prioritizing the stakeholder needs through the consideration of alternative pareto- efficient portfolios 
(b) appropriate valuation of these portfolios in terms of the strategic priorities of the firm. 



The stakeholders are the group, company, employees, and others which are impacted by the actions taken by an organization. The stakeholders of Apple inc. are customers, workers of the supply chain, investors and employees of the company. The primary stakeholders of the company are customers who are considered at the time of planning corporate social responsibility. The employees are satisfied through satisfies compensation packages and the development of career.  The investors are satisfied through maximizing the returns. The company has made suppliers code in order to protect the interest of indirect stakeholders. 

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In this present paper, a stakeholder analysis of Apple Inc., which is an American multinational technology company, is being discussed. The stakeholders are defined as the group, company, employees and others which are affected by the actions of an organization. Headquarter is in California and lies under the computer hardware, software, electronics and digital distribution company. The company develops, design, and sell its computer software and electronic products across the world. It is the largest information technology company according to its revenue, and by its total assets, it is the largest technology company (Apple et. al., 2016).  The present mission statement of the company designs best personal computers in the works with the OS X, iLife, professional software, and iWork. The mission statement by the founder of Apple was to contribute towards the world by developing the tools, which advance mankind. The vision of the company is to become one of the valuable companies by becoming the symbol of innovation. The vision includes motivating the employees in order to add competitive advantage through innovation which satisfies the market needs. 


The stakeholders of the company include customers, employees, workers of supply chain, and investors of the company. The success of the company is partly based on satisfying the stakeholders and corporate social responsibilities of the company. The group of stakeholders imposes the demands, which convert it to corporate social responsibility and influence the performance of the company. The perception of stakeholders directly impacts on the revenue of the company. The company has a high-value brand but still the stakeholders are taken into account at the time of preparing the policies and strategies of the company (Rothaermel et al., 2015). For example, the policy on sustainable material sourcing is addressed by concerning about the environment of stakeholders.  The company applies holistic approach for addressing the shareholders interest, which is significant for the company (Liu et al., 2016).  The group of stakeholders compels to improve the quality, which is fulfilled by the company through satisfying their needs. The programs and policies for corporate social responsibility of the company consider the interest of the key shareholders. The demand of stakeholders impacts on the business differently. Other stakeholders of the company include competitors, community, board of directors, political group, trade association, activist group and unions.

Stakeholders Analysis

The top stakeholders of the company are consumers who are prioritized in the planning of corporate social responsibility. The main interest of the consumers is getting efficiency and effective product at affordable prices, which are fulfilled by the company through providing the high quality product, but the pricing strategy of the company is premium which is according to its high quality.  The company for recycling and responsible sourcing to address the demand of consumers for the sustainability of consumers does the various environmental programs. Thus the top stakeholder's interest is satisfied by the company through it corporate social responsibility. The employee of the company is second in the list of priority stakeholders. The interest of stakeholders is to get higher compensation and development of career. The interest of employees is satisfied through compensation packages and building the capabilities of human resource through innovative skills which help to boost the career of employees (Gualandris et al., 2015). The corporate social responsibility of the company is to satisfy the interest of employees as a major group of stakeholders. 
Investors are the major group of stakeholders who determines the programs of corporate social responsibility.  The investors of the company are interested in maximizing the return on investment. The excellent financial performance of the company effectively addresses the interest of stakeholders. For example, the high-profit margin of the company enables to maximize the interest of stakeholders which address the interest of investors.  The employees of company’s supply chain are also considered in the corporate social responsibility of the company. They are the indirect stakeholders who also determine the corporate social responsibility of the company (Plamondon et al., 2015).  The main interest of this group of stakeholders is similar to the employee’s interest of the company such as job security, compensation but they are also interested in ethical practices. To address the interest of this group the company has made suppliers code of conduct which helps to monitor and enforce the requirements of employment practices in its supply chain.


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The company is having considerably high performance in addressing corporate social responsibility through satisfying the interest of stakeholders. The company satisfies the interest of employees, investors, workers of the supply chain, and customers. However, the corporate social responsibility of the company can be improved through addressing the interest of supply chain workers in its supply chain. The rules on suppliers are difficult in imposing because of the contexts of an organization vary. The companies can use the power to compel its suppliers through supplier’s code of conduct. Thus the main efforts of corporate social responsibility should be to improve compliance in the supply chain of a company. 


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