Social work and related fields

Social work is a popular academic discipline which is concerned with the proper social functioning and well being of families, groups, individuals, and community. Social functioning is defined as a manner in which people in a society perform their roles. Social work is a branch of social science and comprised of areas like Psychology, sociology, public health, law, criminology, economics, political science. This subject finds a solution for social and personal problems. The ultimate goal of social work is to bring prosperity and peace in the society. Social work practices are bifurcated into micro work and macro work. In micro work, social workers directly work with small groups or individuals. In macro work, social workers work with communities to bring a positive change on a macro level.

There are disadvantaged individuals and communities which require urgent attention. Social workers help them, improve the condition and make their lives better. Those who are in this field are professionals and well trained; they take care of social issues and do every possible effort to improve the overall condition of society and individual.

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There are various areas that come under social work, for the ease of study and research, professionals have narrowed down those areas into three major categories. They are Social welfare, social justice and social change. It is important to understand these components to get a clear understanding of social work subject.

Social Welfare

This is the first component of social work. This field helps society by providing support to the needy and poverty stricken people of society. Social workers get training in various services that provide assistance to needy people. Work is done voluntarily, for example during workshops; students may be expected to serve people who have faced any disaster or natural calamities or help children with disabilities. After that, students are asked to prepare a report or assignment based on the workshop. These assignments and reports are of utmost importance. Your academic result is based on these grades. Students who struggle with such academic writings can take Social work assignment help from the experts in order to achieve A+ grade in their academics.

Social Justice

This is the second component of social work is social justice. You might have guessed what this field is all about with the name. Social justice is all about doing justice with everyone in society. This area concerned with the equality and human rights and other fundamental rights of an individual. Social justice encourages to help the oppressed people and provide equality to all humans irrespective of their decent or status. To excel in this area of social work students must have a good knowledge of Law only then they will be able to do social justice and other pertinent services related to this field.

Social Change

Social change is all about changes or alteration in societal norms and cultural norms. Social changes are vital in order to bring stability in society. If any law is harming the integrity of any citizen then that has to be changed or altered. Social change also provides justice to the victim. A social worker can intervene in situations such as child molestation and can call the concerned authorities to take strict actions on those who have committed the crime.

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