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Harvey Daisey

Harvey Daisey



United Kingdom


I have done Masters in Mathematics from the University of Warwick. I have eight years of teaching experience in different schools and colleges. Now I am working this website as freelancer. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Mathematics
  • Computing to Logic
  • Statistics
  • Teaching Skills
  • Numerical Analysis

Occupation/ Designation

  • Working with as freelancer for three years
  • Worked in school as secondary and senior secondary teacher for three years
  • Working as online tutor of mathematics for three years
  • Working in institute as mathematics teacher for two years
  • Working in university as mathematics teacher for three years

Professional Skills

  • Ability to boost confidence and helps students to their ability to teach them what they need to know
  • Possessed strong communication and analytical skills and have ability to extract and advice to management
  • Enabled students to achieve success in various competitive examinations at all levels
  • Implemented unique teaching strategies to effectively engage all students and foster a fun learning environment
  • Developed projects on real world situations and collaborated with colleagues to integrate new activities
  • Excellent skills of mathematics sections including functions, statistics and trigonometry
  • Developed and taught first accelerated development math programs and maintained math labs
  • Incorporated accelerated developmental mathematics programs into our existing curriculum
  • Prepared math study material for classroom including interactive learning textbooks
  • Plan and execute student assessments on monthly basis


  • Trekking
  • Coin Collecting
  • Gardening
  • Listening to Music

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Work History and Feedback

  • My assignment was unique!!

    Tuesday 15th December 2015
    You all are outstanding. I assignment I got was so unique and awesome. The work done by your team is so perfect that I am so happy about that and appreciate their efforts. I got good marks. I love your service very much. Thank you for such a best service. Keep it up guys!!
  • Was an awesome experience

    Thursday 11th October 2018
    first time trying an online platform to do my mathematic assignment. I was skeptical about this idea of paying money for my assignment on the internet. But has made me change my mind. Their mathematic tutor was an expert in his field of work. I recieved my assignment within the promised time, and it was completely plagiarism free. All in all, It was an awesome experience.
  • incredible work and really helpful

    Friday 17th July 2015
    Exceptional work! has helped me in a great way. I Didn't have enough days to complete my mathematics assignment, so I went for their urgent service and I got my assignment back in just four days. Their mathematic tutor was incredible and really helpful. I'd recommend everyone to at least try their service one time.
  • Mathematics tutor did a splendid job

    Thursday 25th June 2015
    Flawless service and Exceptional tutor! I was having some trouble with my Euclid Geometry research, so I decided to take help from The work I recieved was even superior than I thought it would be. Their mathematics tutor did a splendid job setting up my assignment. The work was exciting to read. Plus the service was suprisingly good. Recommended the website to all my friends
  • Recommended to all my friends!

    Thursday 5th March 2015
    4.9/5 did a great job on my 3-D geometry assignment. The assignment I received was full of clear diagrams, derivations and valid proofs.. Plus the service they gave me was outstanding, Each time I contacted them, the voice I heard was professional and soothing unlike the other websites I used earlier. Recommended!
  • Got my Algeabra assignment in record time!

    Thursday 2nd April 2015
    Got my Algeabra assignment in record time. I went with urgent service. I was very skeptical before ordering but it turned out to be awesome. Damn, their tutor was fast. A complete delivery in 2 and half days and no compromise in the quality section. I loved it. 5 stars to for such a great work and service.
  • They really made a well-researched assignment and served me within a week

    Wednesday 12th October 2016
    Making a Mathematics assignment is not about just writing a long paper. It requires a lot of research and time. As I am doing a part-time job, I do not have much time for it. I took help from the experts of They really made a well-researched assignment and served me within a week. I really got appreciation from the professors for that. Thank you team AAH.
  • reliable service for assignment help

    Friday 16th October 2015
    A few months back I met with an accident. Doctors suggested me to take complete bed rest. But I was worried about the submission of my Mathematics assignment. On the advice of my Sister, I gave it to the This writing service comprises of highly professional writers. They followed each and every guideline of a standard format of an assignment. I am thankful to this service!!
  • best quality content and good writers

    Tuesday 6th October 2015
    4.9/5 proved themselves worthy again! I don’t even believe how good these guys are in their work. No matter what project I give to them, they always exceed my expectation.This time I gave them my mathematics assignments and the solution I recieved was absolutely great. Everything was on its place even the toughest questions. 5 stars to their website and tutors.
  • Simple Yet Interesting !

    Thursday 4th June 2015
    Loved the website! They have surely the best mathematical tutors around. I’m very happy with the service I received from The content was precise and accurate. There was no mistakes in the solutions of the question. Problems were dealt with ease and simplicity. I’d recommend this website to anyone who’s looking for some assignment help.
  • The content they provided me was a plagiarism free content

    Tuesday 18th October 2016
    4.8/5 served my assignment within 2 days. I am very happy with the services. Plus they made a very well-structured Mathematics assignment for me. I am very impressed with their services. The content they provided me was a plagiarism free content, and the tutor who made my assignment was very knowledgeable in his field.
  • Nice work in less time!

    Wednesday 1st June 2016
    Due to my bad health, I was not able to complete trigonometry assignment. The deadline was near s I took help from the expert writers of They are seriously amazing, within two days I got my work. The best thing was I got A grade in my assignment. Thank you, writers, for giving me such nice work in less time.
  • professional writing experts

    Tuesday 21st February 2017
    Hi, I am doing a Masters course in mathematics. I always aspire to score good marks in my assignment. But my every attempt was in vain. Hence I sought the help of The professional writers were expert in their field. Not only they strictly followed the format of an assignment, but the content was also excellent...
  • best service for the average students...

    Monday 23rd October 2017
    I am an average student of Mathematics. But I always wanted to improve my performance. Hence, I took help from for my assignment. The writing experts were very professional in their work. They presented an intact and accurate assignment. It helped me to score A+ in my assignment. My performance grade was awesome that semester. All due to the proficient writers!!
  • Thanks a lot guys for saving me and to meet my expectations

    Thursday 26th October 2017
    Yesterday, I got my results from my university, and I was amazed to see A++ in my Mathematics assignment which I ordered to I am very pleased and will give you more work as you tutors really done a great job. Thanks lot guys for saving me and to meet my expectations.
  • this service helped me a lot

    Friday 26th May 2017
    Hi I am Ellisa... I am thoroughly impressed with The service charge is much cheaper than the other services providers. Moreover, the quality of my Mathematics assignment was quite satisfactory. They delivered the assignment right on time. I am super happy with this service... I must advise that everyone should go through this service at least once...
  • Loving the assignment I received!

    Saturday 8th April 2017
    This was my first time using any assignment website so I was quite skeptical before using But, everything turned out to be awesome. My mensuration assignment had relevant questions and examples that I have told them to include. The tutor used simple methods to solve the questions that made the reading work easy. Loved the experience!
  • The tutor gave me a well-written essay

    Tuesday 16th May 2017
    I am good at sports, and that is why I am not able to give my time in academics. So, last to last week, our mathematics Teacher gave us an assignment on geometry, and I was so stressed as I don't know how to make an assignment on this topic. So, I took help from And when I received my assignment, I was delighted to see my assignment. The tutor well-written my assignment. Thanks to the team.`
  • always my saviour

    Monday 17th July 2017
    I was in a vaccation with my family when my friend told me about the assignment on Mathematics. I was unable to accomplish it. But came as my saviour. It saved my time and effort. Their fast service helped me to submit my work on time. I am thankful to this service.
  • A big thanks to the writers

    Tuesday 15th August 2017
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  • recommendable and a trusttsble service for all...

    Thursday 13th July 2017
    I was in my last semester, when I got high fever. I skipped few Mathematics lectures. Hence, when my teacher told us to present an assignment on the same topic..,.I was anxious. Then my friend suggested me to take help from The online tutors were very fast and proficient in their work. They presented me a great assignment before my submission time. I am happy with their service...
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