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Methods of Teaching in Early Childhood: Mathematics

Elementary Methods - Mathematics

Mathematics Content and Curricular Knowledge

History of Mathematics

Fundamentals of Geometry

Mathematics of Elementary Educators I

Mathematics of Elementary Educators II

Statistics I

Statistics II

Discrete Math for Information Technology

Calculus I

Calculus II

Linear Algebra

Calculus III

Applied Statistics


Mathematics Instruction for Special Education

Quantitative Reasoning I

Quantitative Reasoning II

Introduction to College Algebra

Mathematics Content and Curricular Knowledge

Teaching Methods: Elementary Mathematics

Teaching Methods: Secondary Mathematics

Teaching Methods: Remedial Mathematics

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Sample Question: Write a 1000-word essay that demonstrates your understanding of
mathematics and numeracy. Your essay should be based on scholarly sources and should
integrate real-world examples.

Guidelines: This assignment requires you to write a 1000-word essay that demonstrates your understanding of mathematics and numeracy. Your essay should be based on scholarly sources and should integrate real-world examples.
Related learning outcomes
This assignment assesses the following unit learning outcomes:
1. Define and describe the similarities and differences between mathematics and numeracy.

Answer: Mathematics term defined as the science of numbers. It is a study of logical thinking procedures to find a solution of a complex problem.  The basics of mathematics are studies in school life. Mathematics studies include some logical methods and reasoning.  The study of mathematics include principles of maths, rules, procedure, sign, equations, numbers, geometry, parameters drawing, etc.  Mathematics is a huge subject, so it can separate into subsections such as numerical methods & statistics, algebra, trigonometry, and probability distribution, etc.      
Numeracy invents from mathematics, it can be defined as the skills to use mathematics terms. That depends on the knowledge, interest, and skills to use maths terms.  Numeracy is essential for each person e.g. businessmen, school or college students, housewives etc. for example, numeracy is use to prepare timetables for study and other activities,  use to allocate work at business premises and use to buy household equipment.  It depends on how we use mathematics in terms of numeracy in routine life and find the best solution to a complex situation.  It depends on how we deal with the situation and how solved that situation. (Beswick, K, 2012)


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