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The project of Catacomb was will introduce for the purpose of freight transportation. Therefore, it is important to deliver the products to the customers on time. Otherwise, the reputation of Catacomb would befall according to its services (Lento, Smith & Braginsky, 2016). They also suffered from the problem of the mobile workforce in terms of competition with other companies. They always try to deliver the products on time, but for a few time, they have become failure to deliver the products on time. Therefore, it has been found as one of the biggest issues of the Project of Catacomb.

Requirement analysis

Better service: As per the study of the project of Catacomb has been falling the development of their business growth due to lack of services. Therefore, the organization needs to provide a better service to their customers. Otherwise, they would fall with the huge loss as compared to other organizations. Better services can make the best promotion of the products of the company. Due to lack of employees, they could not provide a better service as per the requirement of the customers. It had been occurred by their lack of employment, and they could make their service better by improving their manpower for services.
Improve networking: Nowadays, it is so important to improve a networking system for promoting its products or to provide a better service to their customers. Catacomb has been felt into such problems due to lack of networking process. Therefore, they could not afford the online promotions as well as online services to the customers. Once they improve their network for servicing to their customers, then they would recover from this issue. They control their network system of WAN (Wide Area Network). It causes few problems to fall them into trouble; therefore they have focused to improve their network for better service.
Sufficient resource: Due to an insufficient resource, Catacomb did not fulfill the requirement of the customers. It is one of the most vital issues to serve a business with sufficient resources. Catacomb has become the failure in terms of production of its products by the insufficient resource. Therefore, the organization has identified that whether they cannot stock a sufficient resource for the production of the organization, it could be in trouble for a while. Therefore, the sufficient resource makes a business profitable. Otherwise, it could not manage all the requirement of the customers. Catacomb has to recover the issue by increasing their resource.
Better promotion methods: Catacomb promotes their products by the face-to-face convincing method. It is quite backdated to develop any business. On the basis of mobile or telecom marketing, it would be quite impossible to earn maximum revenue by using only face-to-face interaction (Christopher, 2016). Catacomb has to introduce a better promotion by online promotion. The online advertisement could easily manage to connect people through social media. Therefore, Catacomb needs to develop their business by using online promotion of their products. It helps to promote their new products to the customers in details as well as they could know about the requirement of the customers by their feedbacks.
Decision making: As per the study of the issues of Catacomb, there is always required a proper management to improve their business. Without any planning, no business can run a long time in the market (Denko, 2016). Catacomb has become failure due to lack of its decision-making process. The management of Catacomb was not able to do the work as per their lack of decision. Therefore, they could not survive for long time business. They have felt the problem due to lack of proper planning of the project. Therefore, they should set a proper planning to improve their business by decision making.

Technology solutions

Catacomb has faced the technological solution due to lack of proper networking services. On the basis of mobile networking business, Catacomb needs to improve their business according to its network improvement. They usually work with WAN (Wide Area Network) connection for a better service from the internet. At the time of annual statistics, WAN could not help them the better service what they required actually. Mobile networking is an important business currently, which is a required best networking service for developing the business growth. However, Catacomb has become failure due to its improper networking services by using WAN (Arencibia et al. 2015). Therefore, they will have tried to introduce some other process to improve their networking system to provide a better service to its customers. As per the study, Catacomb is related to freight transport which could help them to develop their business easily whether a minimum fault would not occur. They deal its business in global market. Therefore, they need to improve their business at its best. However, they have become the failure; there is at least one chance to recover or to stand their business in a short time. As per more demand of the customers, they use their network by WAN which is an actual way to develop their business through this system. They have become failure due to improper utilization of WAN. Otherwise, they could easily manage their business throughout this method of a network.
This process can cover a large area which they are required actually. This method easily evaluates the problems by using its interface that is known as EDI, invoice and payment modes, transferring data issues, lack of connection between customers and the company throughout this method of networking (Galí, 2015). Being a mobile network company, Catacomb is required to all the advantages to provide their customers with the purpose of developing their business. In case, their business has been developed by using this networking system, the organization will have to manage and monitor the system for a better service solvedaccounting.com, (2018). It will help them to develop their business and provide a better service to their customers. It would help them to upgrade their networking system for their future development. Therefore, Catacomb decided to upgrade their WAN system to develop their networking system, and grow their business. They had started to know how to upgrade the networking system. As per their research, they had found that the networking system should be improved by its proper connectivity and transport protocol in several WAN systems. They classified the system into its internet services, branch aggregation, make it as the large brand, and interconnect its data. They upgrade the WAN system by using IPSec for its virtual networking system (Braginsky, Papakipos & Popov, 2015). They also upgrade its protocol version, and then they had will introduce WCCPv2/PBR in their routing system. As per the study, Catacomb identified that all the approaches can make their system developed, and it will help to develop their business as well. In their networking system, they also implemented the next generation to modify it.  

Converged solutions 

Wide Area Network (WAN) gets a preference as per its capability and its services which helps to cover data and multimedia to secure the network. It also helps to reduce the costs and makes a better communication through the networking system. Converged solutions for the WAN system are so higher in terms of network resilience (Fiatal et al. 2015). Converged solutions will improve their business quality through online services, and it helps to recover data losses. Catacomb had found that converged WAN solution helps to enable a secure access its applications and resources. WAN converged solution also provides a better control and better visibility for the purpose of its services. It helps to rectify all the problems regarding network system, but after the implementation of converged WAN system, Catacomb gets all the solutions of it. However, Catacomb is a telecom organization; therefore it needs a proper networking system for the purpose of its development. Therefore, Catacomb started to identify the issues first. After that, they analyzed the problems how to occur, and last, of all they had decided to rectify all the issues for developing the business. As per the study, Catacomb needs to serve their network by using WAN (Wide Area Network), but they did not upgrade the system properly.
Therefore, the problems through network had been identified first, and then they got active to rectify all those matters. There is no option for them to use another networking system except WAN. However, they need to develop their business by using only WAN networking system. WAN can cover a maximum area as compared to another networking system. Therefore, Catacomb has no option to introduce another networking system rather than upgrade their WAN system. Catacomb delivers its products domestically as well as internationally (Lindsay & Himel, 2016). Therefore, only WAN could help them to develop their business. However, it was not upgraded, then the problems with network had occurred that made their business not profitable. Therefore, they need to modify the system by using its converged solutions. The business of Catacomb has a complex as well as quite expensive to run as long as possible. It means, they have to prepare for better services through their network. Converged wide area network (WAN) will make solutions of all these matters. It provides anti-hacking site, cloud protection, and all those major problems. Catacomb will develop their business by the implementation of converged WAN. Finally, Catacomb has become successful in providing a better service to their customers by the up gradation of WAN system.

Cost-benefit analysis

After the up gradation of WAN system, Catacomb has started developing their business by using the converged WAN system. Catacomb is a telecom services organization. Therefore, they need to provide a better service to its customers. Nowadays, it is necessary to provide all the products through online advertising as well as online shopping. It would make their business better according to easier shopping process to the customers, and they also get updates about new products. Therefore, the improvement of its networking system will surely develop their business profitable (Muratori et al. 2017). Catacomb provides their products not only in the US, but also it deals their business with some foreign countries. Therefore, the face-to-face interaction would not make them profitable as per their expectation until they will not convert the promotion system into online advertising. Online advertising helps to promote their business products as well as all about the company background. It would be one of the most convenient ways to promote their business through online advertising with the help of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and all. This strategy will surely develop their business in terms of economic growth. A resource is one of the most important factors for any organization. Many resources can make the business more profitable. Therefore, every organization tries to resource more to get profit more.
Catacomb uses their network by using WAN system, but they did not upgrade the system regularly. Therefore, a number of problems had been occurred, and then the economic growth of the business had felt (Osorio-Tejada, Llera-Sastresa & Scarpellini, 2017). They were unable to provide their products to the customers due to lack of resource, and it causes huge loss for them. After the installation of converged WAN system, they had overcome their issues, and run their business successfully. Catacomb has started their business promotion through online and it gets more profit as compared to other organizations. However, the organization could not earn their profit as per their expectation, then started to identify the issues how to rectify those. Otherwise, the organization will not be a developed organization in terms of their economic growth. After the installation of converged to upgrade their WAN system, Catacomb got the best solution what they were looking for. The system modified their network. Therefore, Catacomb promotes their all products through online and gets huge profit through online shopping. The process makes them profitable in terms of its economic development. They have finally made themselves as a developed organization.


Catacomb had a failure due to some networking issues. However, they used WAN in their networking system, but they had forgotten to upgrade the system regularly. Therefore, a number of problems had been identified why they could not develop their business in terms of their economic growth (Stadtler, 2015). After that, they improved their WAN system by the implementation of converged WAN system to modify their telecommunication system throughout the project. It would help to promote their products through online. It also helps to their customers for purchasing their products through online shopping. Finally, Catacomb has become a successful organization in terms of economic growth by using converged WAN system.

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