watch video It takes a village



Watch the video "It takes a village"   and write your answers to the 4 set questions.
Question: The social determinants of health inform the way we use primary health care to help communities to maintain health and wellness. Using relevant examples from the video, identify and discuss how two (2) social determinants of health helped determine the need for the project.


Answer: Social determinants of health are considered to be the conditions in the environment where people learn to live, work, worship and play and thus it affects the functioning, quality and the outcomes of risks. There are certain resources that enhance the quality of life of the individual. It can be said that the physical environment not also lays impact on the health, but is also causes problem in the mental state of an individual. The young children spend ample amount of time at home and thus the effects of housing environment lays effect on their mental state. After analysing the video, it has been found that the case of child abuse and child neglect is rising at an alarming rate in Australia. It is vital for the parents to spend quality time with their children and thus they can engage their children in different schools other than academic education so that they can spend some time with their friends and thus feel refreshed. It is the responsibility of both the mother and the father to take care of their children and thus keep them away from isolation.  On the other hand, the social environment is also considered to be an important determinant of health. The parents must take adequate care in educating their children and thus this will help their children to run their families in a successful way. After analysing the video, it has been found that the people in the community share the experiences and provide support for each other to build a healthier community. It has been found that there must be creation of a better environment for the disadvantaged group and thus this will keep them away from isolation and thus help in the creation of better network. On the other hand, the women counterpart who becomes mothers at an early age needs support to keep themselves healthy and thus they prefer to take part in different forms of social programme and activities in their community. This programme helps the mother to keep themselves mentally fit and thus they can teach their children as to how to remain healthy by keeping themselves engaged in different forms of activities. On the other hand, it can be said that the different occupational laws and the health and safety laws in the country are also designed in such a way so that people can build a healthy and safe environment and thus proper training and supervision to their children. The concept of community healing is also associated in this context and thus the disadvantaged groups must be given a chance to keep themselves engaged in different activities. This will help in improving their mental health and thus they might develop themselves into a normal individual with the passage of time. Therefore, it can be said that helping each other in the community will help in building a safer and healthy environment in the society (Braveman & Gottlieb, 2014)


Question: Using relevant examples from the video, identify and explain how 2 primary health care principles guided the project in the video. 


Answer:Primary health care helps in the prevention of illness and also different kind of injuries from the society. It will also help in the delivery of better health care services. Further, it can be said that there must be creation of such type of conditions in the environment that will help people to remain healthy and thus it will be easier for the heath acre providers to provide support to community people. The two principles of primary health care that has been identified from the video are:
Health promotion: This helps in strengthening the socio-economic conditions of a particular group of people and thus it lays important contribution to their health. From the video, it has been found that providing proper care to the disadvantaged and the backward people has helped in enjoying belter standard of life and thus made them educated. This health promotion programme has also helped in the development of their own children. On the other hand, provision of proper medical aid at the correct time will help them to strengthen their health and thus they can keep themselves away from different kinds of danger in the society.
Public or community participation: This includes involvement of the community’s resources in the promotion of health and thus it helps in addressing the different health problems from the grass roots level in the society. This principle will help the community members to take ownership for their health and thus keep themselves protected from the dangers in the society. After analysing the video, it has been found that the young mothers and the maternal and child health nurse engaged in different forms of social programs so that they can learn something and thus help in educating and proper parenting for their children. These young mothers take care of their children and at the same time, they try to keep themselves engaged in several community programmes. On the other hand, the disadvantaged groups are also provided proper training and thus this has helped them to educate their children and thus enjoy a better life (Drummond et al., 2015). 

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Question: Identify one National Health Priority Area that will be impacted on as a result of the program. Explain how this has the potential to impact the health of children or adults in the community, now or in the future.


 Answer: The National Health priority area that is identified from the video is access to quality care and better health services to the population of a particular area including the children, youths and the disadvantaged group. This is considered to be one of the baselines for every year and this priority area is taken into consideration by the Australian Health Ministers. According to the report and the review of the National health priority area, it has been found that there was strong cross sector support taken for different kinds of initiatives and thus the inclusion of different types of health programmes will help in the delivery of better health outcomes in the society. On the other hand, the strategies that has been taken by the been taken by the National health priority has helped in identifying the strategies and objectives and thus promoting a community based system of treatment that will help to provide support within the national framework. It also helps in addressing the key consumer rights such as provision of mental health services and thus mainstreaming the mental health services from general health delivery service. It also takes into consideration the process of proper monitoring and accountability that are involved in the entire framework. 
The reforms are pursued through several strategies and thus it will help in assisting people with mental illness and thus give them proper access to different kinds of services and support systems. It can be said that these areas must be considered to be cost effective and thus it will help in proper intervention across different spectrums. This is also considered to be a testing option for determining the cost effectiveness of different forms of intervention in the society. Therefore, it can be said that it is necessary to identify the correct issue and the appropriate set of strategies for different priority areas and thus take adequate measures and proper measures in preventing this diseases (Gibbs, et al., 2015). 


Question:Define cultural competence and cultural safety. Discuss why these concepts are important considerations when developing a program like the one in the video. Provide at least one example from the video where these concepts are demonstrated.


Answer : Cultural competence is defined as the ability of the healthcare providers to deliver healthcare services in an effective way and thus meet the cultural, social and linguistic needs of the patients. It can be said that a culturally competent healthcare system will help in improving the health outcomes and improve the quality of care and thus contribute to the development of the society. An example of different strategies to improve the healthcare system in attainment of different gaols of the individuals includes provision of relevant training on cross cultural issues and cultural competence for the health professionals that will be beneficial for creation of different of policies that will reduce linguistic and administrative barriers for the patients. 
On the other hand, cultural safety includes the effective nursing practices of an individual from another culture and thus this is to be determined by the people of other community or culture. It can be said that an unsafe cultural practice means that there is no cultural identity for that particular individual. This principle helps in delivery of better health care services and it also helps in eliminating the differences from the people who are treated and thus helps in accepting the differences easily. 
These concepts are important when developing videos because cultural safety and competence plays a significant role in affecting the health of an individual. It has shown how the health care services of a particular group of people can be improved with the help of these principles. On the other hand, it has also depicted the power of health care services and how health lays an important impact on the individuals and families (Jeffreys, 2015). 
An example from the video to show the importance of cultural safety and cultural competence is the care taken by the teenager mothers and the maternal and child nurses to take care of their babies and thus engage in the development of better culture and community development. This engagement will help in educating their children and thus they can build a better culture.


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Jeffreys, M. R. (2015). Teaching cultural competence in nursing and health care: Inquiry, action, and innovation. Springer Publishing Company.

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