Understanding and developing customer accounts

Question: Understanding and developing customer accounts



Every organization has intended to focus upon the customer needs and requirements effectively. Thus potential customers are being focussed with higher level of activity for encouraging to become a successful customer. Therefore, maintaining accounts of the customers are focussed in order to increase the relationship with the help of experienced team so as to ensure better opportunities and prospects rewarded by the organization. Accounting maintenance and developments are highly important to maintain the recency, frequency and also potency with probable recommendations in order to sustain effective communication. The overall assignment will elaborately reveal all the understandings connected to buying practices among the customers along with different issues related to customer support. Nevertheless, understanding own business function has been inherited with customer procurement and also planning purpose related to developing the customers. 

Task 1: Understanding buying practices of customers 

Decision making unit has always comprised of the offerings made regarding the individuals possessing the customer account so that the communication procedure can be accomplished successfully within the organization. These are entailed through the embankment regarding the purchase and final approval of the buyers that are entailed within the firm. Thus the decision making unit has been identified as a specific buyer that has entailed proper specification in idealizing the approaches of the firm’s strategic evaluation. Thus the organizational chart has intruded the means through which determination of customer accounts are maintained impressively. 
Generally the decision maker as well as deciders has been referred as the economical buyers that are affable with making proper decision. The influencers have to evaluate the market and also suppliers along with the products whether they are determined as best possible offering. The end users like the customers have to possess clear ideas to identify about how the products are manufactured. Apart from this, the initiators will suggests about the specific tenure for making the purchase (Mullins, et al., 2014). The outcome regarding the influencers will recommend about the outcomes regarding the decision made as per the opinion revealed. Thus the organizational chart has been identified in relating to the strategy that has to be developed in accordance with influences that are as follows:


Considering the criteria of making choice, different features through which the customer has utilized the evaluation process for the products and services are enabled through decision of purchasing a single brand. Certain procedures have enabled the buyers to feel cautious enough for taking longer perception in following the recognition regarding the problem. After recognizing the problem, data gathering process has to be emphasized in order to find all the facts through which different options are opted.  Proper implementation and monitoring are required to avoid these problems. 


These are the influences through which the customers are affected with customer buying behaviour. 
A preferred supplier is considered as the supplied that are selected for offering good value for the buying entity within a competitive process. The suppliers possessed a contractual agreement through which sales of specific products as well as goods have been entitled. Thus customer attractiveness factors and relative strength factors are administered through providing proper ratings in against with the competitive forces idealized. 
Buying practices or policies are just like selling procedure which can be easily developed in all time. The trends in buying practices have always gathered the sales along with the marketing implication for the respective supplier of the organization by justifying techniques that are as follows:
Just in time or JIT system of purchasing has aimed to minimize the stock of the entity by pertaining effective supply system that has provided the materials as well as components as per the needs. The centralized purchasing approach has intruded the factors in concentrating the development determined through knowledge regarding the suppliers. Leasing has empowered the benefits attained through the contract by dint of which the owner of a respective asset has provided right for using. 
It can be achieved both nationally and also internationally that proper recognition of the programmes for the quality standards like ISO and also 6 sigma has to be empowered. The ISO 9001 has been utilized to address the principles in setting effective delivery of the products. 
In the mean time, the formal assessment has been empowered through identifying the potential supplier by covering capability and capacity regarding the assessment within the areas for maintaining financial stability along with service commitment. The delivery policies along with the quality process regarding the environmental responsibility have to be achieved for maintaining the CSR policies. 

Task 2: Understanding customer support Issues

It is quite important for understanding about the excellence that an organization should achieve in order to support the customers in a better way. Thus development within the product and service are highly needed for the organization extensively. The purchasing process always varies from one entity to another entity by specifying the process of buying. The supply regarding machinery by adhering safety regulations in the financial year 1992 has implemented the detained requirement to make safe and innovative machinery. Thus product development for the respective customers is influenced by factors considering the history along with the culture and has always encouraged the creativity and also amount spent formally upon the research along with the development. Therefore, developments of value chain are necessary for the organizations (Bara & Galka, 2016). 
Managers appointing as sales and accounting must have knowledge about the individuals about their organizational departments which will take part among the team. The knowhow for including the support in prevailing the customer account is considered to be an important aspect adjoining the role of managers encapsulating the accounting sales. The software available within the personal computer has to be upgraded in order to replicate newer programs that are useful in maintaining interactions with the vendors regarding online shopping. Thus quality solution has to be provided by cost saving purpose and utilization of cash for the organization. 
Different models that are similar regarding the problem and recognition are noted for decision making process. These decisions have rest upon the aspects of the life both at home and also at the working environment. 


Thus the competitive practices have empowered the learning lessons within the environment by gathering the information through providing competitors as per the competitive intelligence. Thus proper anticipation are highly needed while spending the money for deciding about how to buy the respective products. 

Task 3: Understanding your own business

Understanding the unique business value and unique value proposition are highly needed for implying Unique Selling Proposition in order to make proper interchangeable concepts representing the additional value for the customers that reveal gains by determining dealings. Thus accounting planning and procedure of evaluation has been identified as an integral perspective in providing effective support and also services. Thus analysis of these perceptions has been followed through porter’s growth strategy and also Ansoff Growth matrix. Understanding the smart objectives is also required to for achieving the specific measurement and measurable consequences depending upon the realistic principles of control for the respective organization. Thus the customer activities are aimed through following the feedbacks generated by structuring the responses of the customers about the sales process endeavoured on behalf of the company. 
In order to understand the organization’s ability in responding upon the customer buying procedure, accomplishing the customer demand effectively and efficiently are highly needed. Initially it is needed to conduct the situation analysis for discovering the happenings observed by determining both advantages and disadvantages. The evaluation has been entailed by supplying the evaluation form which will recommend whether the customers are satisfied with the performance of the organization’s sales team. Different evaluative questions are asked which entails are the sales staff are friendlier enough, do the sales staff know about the respective products and by following the questions, the respondents or the customer will reveal their ratings as poor acceptable and also good or excellent. 

Task 4: Preparing for customer procurement

Customer procurement has been identified as the acquisition of the goods along with the services that are appropriate for procured by meeting the best possible instances through which the requirements of the purchaser in terms of quality along with the quantity has been administered through probable time and also location. It has been identified that the customers showcased sophistication every time and instances for establishing credibility within the suppliers. It can be judged that the customers are required to show a clear understanding for the market in order to underpin effective business operation. Thus proper information are always needed for the sales manager to ensure proper audit regarding the customer within the industry sector in which the business is operating. Ensuring proper attention will upgrade industry and also proper knowledge regarding the sales and it has required to plan adhered regarding the products and services for maximizing the interventions in the areas where it is reduce (Mullins, et al., 2014). 
Generally the customers plan a purchase to generate different requisites as per the wish that needs to be fulfilled before it is regarded to be comfortable accompanying the purchase. There are different organizations that influence customers by adding criteria that a customer will not consider. Thus proper strategies are needed to be ensured which influence the buying perspectives of the customers and they have been revealed underneath:
Offering proper assistance for the buyer in writing the specification are needed. Workings with different consultants will generate proper specification and involvement of the management as well as employees of the organization. 
The attractiveness along with the compatibility among the customers been entailed through preferring the status of the suppliers. It is important to determine the values regarding each and every parameter through understanding the criteria and also value by measuring the weighting factors. The attractiveness factors are adjoined through intervening the size regarding the volume, profit and also value along with the financial stability. Ease of access will deliberately possess geographical necessity and also openness. The closeness of existing relationship has to be empowered in order to achieve the strategic fit. 
Conducting competitor analysis is highly required in maintaining taste and preferences of the customers. Thus the relative strength factors have emphasized the customer attractiveness in sufficing the development account and also major account which are generally high. On the other hand, the opportunistic account and maintenance account are possessed lower valuation for pertaining mutual attraction. 
Preferred supplier status can only be deemed through developing proper strategies significantly. Different factors are able to provide by the organization for respective customers through which probable commitment can be easily provided. The matrix can be identified with cumulating the working procedures like joint projects, dealing contra accounts and also building proper relationship (Lemon & Verhoef, 2016). 
The standard contract has been used for the respective customers by determining evaluation process that is supplied with the existing contracts respectively. It can be said that to buy the product, it is important to provide the sales receipt by following the terms and conditions regarding the sale considering the seller responsibilities. Thus for achieving these instances it is important for working hard at the initial level by which building operations are sustained. To enjoy particular relationship with the customers are also needed for accumulating the decision making process. Thus the contracts assessed have to be compared in view of the other organization’s contract where all the details can be compared in order to achieve success of own respective organization. 
The contracts are compared and have to be sustained through idealizing the impact when they have been benchmarked within the respective industry. It can be said that the industry standards can be preferred with contractual arrangements in order to measure sale and success by determining the customer feedbacks effectively. It is identified that a contract by law are legally enforceable agreement in between the parties which accounts to one or two sustained with mutual obligations. The remedies at the respective law for breach regarding the contract have damaged the monetary compensation by determining cost recovery and reliable damages. 

Task 5: Information Gathered to plan and develop customer accounts

In order to win new accounts or customers ideas of utilizing the tactics are important. The tactics are considered to be the ways through which proper implementation of objectives and strategies can be generated. The organization has to identify the objectives initially, and thus outlining the strategies in detail has been considered and implementations of the business plan are highly sustained. 


Thus identification of segmentation, targeting and also positioning are important for determining the activities that suit the business decision respectively. Process of advertising with newsletters and also internet blogs has to be entailed. 
Offering things to the individuals in accordance with their respective wants has to be ensured. Free evaluations for maintaining the level of business are needed for making proper interaction. Thus estimating the growth and order valued has determined the process that reveals cancelled appointments through invaluable in evaluation through monitoring the items. Regular evaluation has been allowed the sales manager to alter the changes through maximizing the resources have to be ensured. 
The monitoring activities regarding the effectiveness and relationship with the respective customers have been identified. These have included the items like the overall sales volume that accompanies with profitability and types of products that have been ordered encircling the efficiency regarding the account management. Quantitative evaluations are enabled through proper justification by providing rating within the five point scale (Lin, 2014). 
Thus utilizing the information that has been gained, the customer evaluation has assisted every organization to improve the overall relationship among the customers for maintaining the efficiency. Information thus gained is invaluable in maintaining the process of accounting planning. The AISM (Account Identification and Selection Matrix) a method considering the classification of accounts has been developed to encounter new accounts.  


Thus it is important to encounter effective process for the organization to enable sales management and accounts so as to assess proper interventions relating to the factors assembling the business operations. 



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