Transport Layer- Routing Protocols


Question: Discuss The Transport Layer -Routing Protocols


Routing Protocol

For determining the best data transfer for network and the path of communication between the nodes routing protocol is used with the help of software and algorithm specially made for routing. It is used to simplify the communication of router and an overall understanding of the network topology.  Protocol is basically set of rules that are defined for end connections to communicate with each other. One of the common examples is TCP/IP. (Rathi, Saraswat, & Bhattacharya, 2012)

Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP)

EGP is a type of protocol which is used in the case where the routing information exchange is done between the neighbor gateway each with different router within the autonomous networking system. EGP is used to exchange the routing table on the internet between the two host. Routing table sued to contain the list of different routers and then select the best path for the route. Each router has a neighbor's interval between 120 and 480 seconds and the neighbor used to answer by transferring his complete routing table. Example EGP-2. 

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

BGP is a type of protocol which is used in the case where the routing information exchange is done between the different gateway host within the autonomous networking system. BGP is used to maintain paths between various network, routers, and host and then decide the decision of routing based on that, therefore it is also known as PVP (Path vector Protocol). It does not use IGP for the decision of routing but used to decide based on network policies, path and set rules. (Goralski, 2017)
I’m familiar with the network of my college. The network was congested because of traffic and was facing various security issues. This issue can be resolved with the help of multiservice and fixed port router which can deal with high demand in traffic. For example, ADTRAN router, this is a budget-friendly and secure way of dealing with security issues. The campus should also increase the network bandwidth for high-speed surfing. 


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