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Goal: Training Mobile Application

The main motto of this application will be that where an authorized user will login and perform their relative functioning on the application. It is supposed that the user interface will be designed as that will be very user friendly (Wasseman, 2010). The features of the application will be useful. This is the application that provides details about the training, there are some specific area for which training is provided like: Medical, Avalanche, Accident Investigation, Lift Evacuation. There are two types of training one is full detailed training and another one brief both are different in terms of time and money and the details are taught during the training.  So this document described all the terms and processes in the regards of this application development.

System Description


To develop this application there is some hardware, here is the list of all needed hardware: 
•    Android Phone: An android phone is needed to test the application (Charland and Leroux, 2011).
•    Desktop Computer: To develop the application by installing all needed software.
•    IPhone: To compere the compatibility of the mobile application.
•    Server


This is we know very well that everything we designed that is not for everyone like mobile application, or web application or any offline software. It depends on the owner of that thing. So to limit the unnecessary access of data from any application we use authentication. There are some type of users like normal user or admin who have the different type of access of data. So to do this some credentials are used like every user has own login id and password to access the application (Dwivedi, 2010). This is the method which will be applied to make secure application. There will be two type of credentials: admin and user.
Admin Credentials: So that admin can login to system and he/she able to access admin panel that is different from user panel. Because admin functionalities are different from the other user. Admin has to insert new record, update them, delete any of them or all of them depends on need and can view details about some of process of mobile app they could be anything like how many users are currently using this app.
User Credentials: User has to register first and then can login to application to use this.


We are developing an application that keeps all the information about the users and training which is providing to them. So this is needed to collaborate data and manage this data by categorized in proper manner. This could be anything but according to knowledge map, I am going to specify the actual process which is used to handle data in the context of “Training Mobile Application.” There are some area for which training is provided. These areas are as Medical, Avalanche, Accident Investigation, Lift Evacuation.


Internet Connectivity
Internet connection is also needed so that we can test the application how it is running on internet. Because application is going to be online. So rather launching this application online it is better to test it first.
Service Layer
This layer is directly connected with the database where this is decide what type of data will be stored and managed in the future. The application concept is based on this because this is the thing from which an application access data and show to user and save the data again to database which is changed by the user.
Presentation Layer
As the name is explaining self that this is the layer which represent something to user means this is the layer where user will interact with the application and able to use the application. There are few terms that comes under this layer which are described below
User Interface
This is the most important face to design any application where user interact with the application. Here we think that how we design the application so that it can be simple to understand and use by the user. How we can make the application more interactive for user so that he/she cannot get bore by using this. Here are some things which are discussed to design the user interface of the application.
App Icon
This is the logo of application which give the identity to app so that it can be recognizable from any other apps those are available in the online market. This reduces difficulties for user, user do not need to remember the so much thing about app in details. Also an icon is given to app so that it can describe the meaning of the application through the image. This is the part of imagination how we think about the logo and how we decide this for application. This is mainly for user.
As we know this application is about training so there could be two type of training like: full detailed training brief training. In Full detailed training user able to get knowledge in detailed this could be long process and In brief training this could be for few months where user will be trained but not in detailed. So here is the application design where user will get two options as described below and user have to choose one of them. This makes the clarity for use about the course of training.   
•    Full Detailed Training 
•    Brief Training 


Every application has own features.  So user can easily navigate the application. Features makes application simpler for user and this reduces the chances to makes more screens. Because if an application has large number of screens to complete its various process then this become headache for user to user the application; it will take lot of time of user to complete the one request of user. This can minus the rating of application. To make simpler the application some features are provided. Here are the list is described: 
•    Search Bar
This facilitates the user to search any key which he want to but all the keys must be related to this application. This is for quick response to user.
•    Index
This index is same as the book index. In book if we want to go somewhere directly then we just go to index and then go to that page similar concept is following here. Here a menu will be provided to user so that user can select or tap any item on that menu can directed to that item directly. This also save the time of user.
•    Checklist
In the design of this application check list is also used. So that user can select multiple item at a time to save his time and complete his/her request quickly.
•    References
If user want to deep knowledge about anything that is related to content of our application then here is the option which will be provided to user. In this option there are some numbers of links that will be mentioned for user. When user taps anyone then he/she will be able to view the details by moving on that particular website.


Here we decide what type of application interface will either it will be simple or more attractive and dynamic. We focus on what will be the style of application?, What will be the icons used to express the functionalities in this project so that it is easy to get the correct meaning of it just by looking the icon for user. This is more logical and more imaginary part but very useful in the prospect of application popularity. There are some more things which are decided to what will be the fonts are we going use for text content on this application and links and colors. Colors are playing an important role. Color choice should be like which are smooth in looks and they don’t get irritate the human eyes. The good color choice make easy for user to remain in contact with application for long time. 

Business Layer

This layer involves in rules. The owner of the business has decided some rules and these are followed to implements the logic behind the application.
•    Business layer also involves in workflow: what will be the work flow of the project. It’s all decided here.
•    There is always some set of business rules are decided before starting any project whether or not we automate it by developing application. These are enforced.
•    It does not demand that application is for mobile or desktop or web version because these rules are implements by all of cases because business layer will remain same in every situation. 

Domain Layer

The domain layer:
•    This layer defines the concepts of business domain and gives more descriptive information about the business use cases and the business rules. The domain objects encapsulate the object state and objects behavior together in one form or in one cover for business entities.
•    This layer helps us how to manage so many states in one way for business use case.
•    This layer works as heart for this project plan. The functionality of this layer is totally different from other layers because this layer defines the states and behavior of business logic or component that will be used in the future.  

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