the acceptance of change in business and technology

Discussion 1: Change Management

Question: How can a company use change management to minimize resistance and maximize the acceptance of change in business and technology?

Answer: Change is the need of the hour almost in every organization managing the change is needed because in an organization many employees and feeling reluctant and they feel insecure due to change so they feel resistance to change, in such a situation company or organization need to manage the change and try to minimize the resistance to change and maximize the acceptance for change.
Steps to minimize the resistance
1. Provide the clear and full information (Why where and when)
2. Provide the necessary relevant information and training
3. Give timely and transparent updates
4. Provide the platform for listening and involvement
5. Provide reward
A company should try to provide the relevant and full information about the change and it should also state the reason to change in a way to make all the stakeholders aware and motivated to accept the change. Employees should be given proper training in a way to handle new technology or method to cope up with the challenges, besides this company should associate the reward for change to motivate the employee (Cummings et al., 2016).
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Discussion 2: E-Bussiness

Question: What are several e-business and e-commerce strategies and applications that should be developed and implemented by many companies today? Explain your reasoning. What is your favorite store to order from online? Why? 

Answer: Various strategies and applications for e-commerce and e-business that company uses today in regards to stay ahead and face intense competition due to advancement in technology (Pearlson
et al.,2016).
1. Supply chain management this strategy will enable to provide better and standard coordination among various wholesaler and retailers. This strategy will help in procurement process also. So many companies and almost all the company is using this strategy in a way to have good coordination with suppliers, as this will ensure better coordination.
2. Customer relationship management or customer services management this strategy is also used by various e-business and e-commerce Company and the main aim of applying this strategy is to provide a high level of customer satisfaction. This strategy will enable to provide goods and services on time and at the right place, this will increase the satisfaction level of the customer.
My favorite online store is Amazon and because it provides goods in reasonable time and it is more reliable in terms of product material it takes less time in making delivery of goods. Its customer service is also very effective prompt action is taken if filed any return order.
e- business and e-commerce strategy
Pearlson, K. E., Saunders, C. S., & Galletta, D. F. (2016). Managing and Using Information
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