System Engineering for Managers

Consider a public hospital as a system. It exists to serve the population of a city. It is owned and operated by the government, and has many suppliers that supply its various needs. Depending upon a person’s circumstances, the hospital provides its services either free of charge, or at nominal charges.Its services include ambulance services, diagnostic and surgical services, outpatient services, emergency services and all the ancillary administrative services.

1. Identify the key stakeholders of the system.
2. Identify what the system is for from the perspective of each of the stakeholders. Write these as
a set of requirements from each perspective. (use a table to answer parts 1 and 2 – no more
than 1 page)
3. Draw a context diagram for the hospital, indicating all the key interfaces and the system
boundary. (1-page maximum for the diagram.)
4. Identify at least 3 subsystems of this system, and construct a high level system hierarchy
diagram. (Half a page maximum)
5. Consider ONE of the subsystems that you have identified above and indicate the contributions
that it needs to make to the hospital system. (One table, 1 page maximum)
6. What is the required emergence of this subsystem so that it may make any ONE of these
contributions? You may indicate this as the “input-transformation-output” of the system. (No
more than 80 words).
The hospital system is privatized and is now owned by a private company that operates for profit.
7. Re-do your stakeholder analysis, and identify any conflicting stakeholder interests.
8. Construct a trade study value system that may be used to address these conflicting requirements.
(1-page maximum)
9. Identify any additional constraints that the new stakeholders may impose on the operations of
your system or subsystems. (1 table, Half a page).
10. Reflect on the above and identify the key systemic issues that you addressed. (Half a page,
bullet points). 



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In this assignment we will discuss the case scenario of a hospital system which is first maintained by government and then private. We will discuss the stake holders for government as well as private system. When it was government undertaken there were various suppliers who were fulfilling its need, which was supposed to serve the population of the city. Based on the patient situation it provides all type of service to patient. We will discuss the context diagram of hospital. Identifying the key holders, sub systems is the major task which we will discuss in this project. Let us assume the hospital name “XYZ”, which will help to discuss the scenario in easy way.


XYZ is a hospital which is being maintained by government. However it has so many suppliers who take care its need. These can be said as charity by companies, or other organization or individual who would like to sponsor the expenditure of this hospital. The hospital has all facilities including emergency service, ambulance service, outpatient service, ancillary administration service, diagnostic service, surgical service. Based on the patient economic condition they charge from the patient, as well as based on the situation they take admit in the hospital. It is aimed to provide best service to the population of the city.


We will do analysis of stake holder two times, one when it is government undertaken and then when it is private.  Further we will analyze the stake holders list and subsystems of the hospital. A clear context diagram will help to analyze the clear perception of the organization.

Stakeholder analysis:-

In the field of hospitality it is very important to keep sufficient fund always so that any emergency case can be handled on time. For the smooth maintenance of XYZ hospital they have made good relationship with stakeholders because so that they can fund money for the hospitality services provided to the population of the city. As of now XYZ is government undertaken organization so here stakeholders will be can be anyone who billing to sponsor for hospitality services. For XYZ hospital, the five major stake holders are as follows,

SL No    Stake Holder Name  Responsibility

1    Director    Who will be responsible to find the sponsors for the maintenance of hospital.
2    Management team    Who will work collaboratively with the government people, as well as whoever, are donating money for the hospital.
3    Functional Management    They will be responsible to manage the functions of hospital with the list of expenditures so that they can analyze who are the required people to get the hospitality services. 
4    Sponsors    They will be the investor of the project who will invest in the XYZ hospital; it can be any organization, any business man, also most important thing it can be maintained by government from the country fund or tax.
5    Customers    Doctors, patients and sponsors will be act as customer because they are the primary users of XYZ hospital.

Stake holder analysis –Private
SL No    Stake Holder Name    Responsibility
1    Director    Who will be responsible to find the sponsors for the maintenance of hospital?
2    Management team    Who will work collaboratively with the honour of the hospital for all permissions.
3    Functional Management    They will be responsible to manage the functions of hospital with the list of expenditures list and also it will keep details of payment made by patient
4    Sponsors    As it is private hospital so there will be only honour who will invest in the maintenance of hospital.
5    Customers    Doctors, patients and sponsors will be act as customer because they are the primary users of XYZ hospital.

When the hospital is private undertake then there should be individual sponsor for the hospital maintenance. It can be a single person or maximum 2, but its details should be registered with the government organization. If the hospital is private also then it has to clear all the paper related with government agencies to get a permission in running the hospital independently. They should follow all the legal guidelines by government so that they do not breach any rule and obey other rules which is formed to follow the policy and guidelines required to maintain the hospital independently. 


In the above assignment we have analyzed the current scenario of XYZ hospital in terms of stake holder when it is government undertaken and when it is private. We have discussed the hospital management diagram, key boundary diagram and subsystem diagram above. We have also seen the stakeholder analysis table for government and private sector.

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