System Acquisition Method on Literature




Need to do literature review based on an organisation (company) that is using accounting software packages in Australia


Part 1 Current Organizational Structure

It has been found that the adoption of accounting software is occurring at a much faster pace in Australia. Azure Group, an Australian based accounting company has found that the number of Australian businesses are considered to be ahead in the adoption of the accounting services compared to other countries. There are many Australian businessmen who are trying to adopt the accounting  system so that they can avoid the tedious paperwork that are often followed by errors of omission and commission, costly and are time-consuming. According to Zheng et al.(2010), it has been found that the internal characteristics of an organisation plays a  crucial role for the success of the company in the long run. This structure must include enduring configuration of the activities and tasks. It is necessary to have proper relationship between organizational structure and knowledge management. Azure Group has also tried to establish a global ecosystem so that it could help millions of small businessmen ain the world and thus forge ahead with the process of global growth strategy. There are more than one million subscribers and 100, 00 business advisors in this connected apps. The unique global platform system of the organisation helps in the offshore operation of the business activities of Azure Group and thus gets connected to banks in multiple countries. On the other hand, Azure Group has also joined its partnership with other financial institutions. The organisation is trying to deliver year-on-year growth with the improved strategies and operating metrics. Azure Group is also trying to build a world class team and the leadership structure of the organisation has evolved with operating rhythms and thus has evolved with the passage of time. This has become much easier for the teams to utilise the resources and use them to execute the mission and gaol of the organisation. 

Operational problems

According to Malmi and Brown (2008), it has been found that there are several challenges faced by the organisations managing accounting packages. This includes those differences between the information decision support system and MCS. The performance monitoring of the organisation indicates that there has been slowdown in the app of the organisation. This is considered to be a widespread problem because customers do not have the patience to wait for long hours to load the page. The performance degradation of Azure Group is related with the performance returning to normal after the peak hours. Tse and Gong (2009) has stated that there are problems in certain models and thus they have failed to replace the volume based volume in different organizations. It has been found that there is no such proper adoption of the ABC model and lack of proper sustenance has led to the failure of the model in the long run. Moreover, many organisations do not try to implement this model in a better way depending on the cost based management style after carrying out a better analysis of the organizational activities. There must be proper implementation and the information that is gathered helps in understanding the value of the organizational activities and the necessary outputs for such models. 

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Most likely system acquisition method

Azure Group helps in connecting to the apps that will help to run the online manufacturing process in a better way. Azure Group conducts its business through third party system and solutions and thus they are considered to be an integral part of the group’s strategy. Azure Group has dedicated IT team who are involved in the different processes to help the customers with any type of accounting problems. It has been found that Azure Group has spent a considerable amount of time to accelerate their gaols in a better way in U.S. and thus help in building a global platform with better connectivity.  According to Hall (2012), it has been found that there are four important factors that has stimulated the growth of commercial based software such as the relatively low cost in the market, the emergence of the industry specific vendors, the growing demand of businesses that are too small to afford the in-house developmental staff and the trend of downsizing the organizational unit. These commercial packages can also be divided into a number of systems such as the general accounting system, special purpose system, Turnkey system, office automation system and many such systems. Azure Group has adopted this commercial system so that it can deliver the work on time at a comparatively lower cost and with better reliability. 
Flowchart highlighting the sales procedure
Fig: Sales procedure of Azure Group
Source: Hall (2012).

According to Horngren (2009), it has been found that at the initial stage, it is vital for the salesperson to generate the qualified leads and find out better opportunities in the existing market so as to attract the customers and differentiate the company from the other companies. This step can be completed with the help of a qualified decision maker who can carry out better research for the development of Azure Group. On the other hand, in the second stage, it is vital to size up the customers and thus assess the revenue potential of the organisation. This will help     in clearly articulating the buying vision of the customers and thus it will help in illustrating the capabilities of the products and services of the organisation. The main step in this process is to convince the decision makers so that it becomes easier for them to move ahead with the in-depth evaluation of the particular situation. Cai et al. (2009) has stated that in the proposal stage, it is vital to come to a proper agreement and thus improve the capabilities of the organisation. Similar is the case with Azure Group because the company needs to agree upon the mutual plans and thus ensure that the customers are satisfied with the existing plans. The evaluation plan is the most important stage for the accounting company and there are many critical stages in this particular step. On the other hand, delivering is the final step of the sales process of an accounting organisation. It is necessary to keep an eye on the dealings and thus manage the sales force within the organisation.     There is certain desired outcome and this is considered to be the most important step in negotiation of the dealings in the sales process of Azure Group.                                 

Control problems in the system and the possible frauds

According to Turban, Sharda and Delen (2011), it has been found that the internal control system is effected by the board of directors and entities and thus they try to provide reasonable assurance from time-to-time in the organisation. It also helps in providing a reasonable assurance regarding the structure of the organisation and thus helps them in achieving the desired objectives. On the other hand, the reliability of the process of financial reporting and compliance are also applicable with the laws and regulations of the organisation. It can be said that the internal control process of Azure Group is accomplished by enhancing the entire process and thus it involves comprehensive review of the risks that are faced by the organisation. The internal control review will be conducted on corporate review and thus might be changed on corporate basis. It is also necessary to strengthen the internal control in the organisation and thus this will help in changing the attitudes of the employees who are engaged in the particular organisation. It has been found that the organisations with strong internal control will find it better to view the entire process in an holistic way and this will help them to adopt the team valuable approach in a better way. 

Part 2 : Development and adoption of the accounting package

According to Šim?nek et al. (2008), there are inevitable dilemmas faced in the implementation and adoption of the accounting process. There are certain specific reasons for the businesses and thus it creates dilemma that stems from the growth of the business organisation. On the other hand, it is also necessary to check that the experiences of the business turnover in the accounting process that is necessary for business turnover process and thus it becomes easier for the employees to work with the organisation. The adoption of different accounting process is considered to be time consuming and thus there are many tedious processes that need to be carried out in the entire process. It has been found that in case of accounting activities, the charts of different accounting processes needs to be identical with the existing ones and thus this will help in the establishment of new systems and processes in the organisation. Granlund (2011) has stated that the conversion process in accounting requires that there must be provision for the old and the new systems and this is necessary in order to assure that the business activities are carried out in a better in the organisation. There are also different elements of risks that are to be considered in the entire process of conversion of different figures and thus it will be beneficial in carrying out the activities in a better way. The most important step in the implementation of accounting package by Azure Group is the option available for the conversion process. This is considered to be familiar with the different modules and thus it becomes easier to implement the accounting packages in a better way. If the different processes associated with the export of data in the accounting process are used to export the spread sheet, there must be proper information so that it becomes easier to carry out the different activities of the organisation in a better way. 

The current market size

According to Olsen and Parker (2008), it has been found that it is vital to get the estimates of the potential market and thus find out the targeted market of the organisation. In case of very large business, it becomes difficult to estimate the market size in a quick span of time. Moreover, it is vital to whittle down the potential market and thus this helps in eliminating the errors or confusion of the customers. On the other hand, it is also necessary to estimate the market share and this is possible with the help of research on that particular organisation. Azure Group is used by the small businesses in many countries across the world and this depicts the diversification of the business activities across different regions. There has been continuous growth of this financial enterprise and thus it has become easier to share the data across Azure Group accounting platform. 

Identification of the leaders in the market and the role of competitive advantage

According to Pan and Perera (2012), it is necessary to consider the accounting fees of the organisation when buying the particular package helps in getting process access to this system. It entirely depends on the needs of the user for the proper utilization of the accounting package and thus holds the data for the specified period of time. As the business grows, it is necessary to check that there is proper integration of the database. The accounting systems and processes can be directly linked with the banking organisations and thus it helps in saving the manual efforts of the employees. AWS is one of the top leaders in Australia and thus they are in steep competition with one another. The different advanced transformed accounting process will help in the transformation process and thus it will be easier to carry out the activities in a better way in the organisation. 

Current gaps and challenges encountered by the users of accounting package 

There are different challenges and gaps that have been faced by the organisations that are involved in the accounting process. There is lack of security and the users often face this problem. Even though there are firewalls, but they believe that the data is not safe and proper to solve the different problems. On the other hand, the weak reporting activities of software users might also cause problem and thus the users might not get the required business data that they wanted to get. The accounting package of Azure Group does not allow retrieving the data or importing it in a much easier and quick span of time. There might be business efficiencies and thus it is necessary to get the things done in the right time and in the right way. There is certain accounting software that is not user friendly and thus it might take more take for the users to adapt with the data accordingly. Moreover, some accounting procedures are considered to be out-dated and thus it is not frequently used in all organisations. Therefore, it is necessary to check that the entire detailed process must not be considered to be out-dated and carry out the calculations in a better way. 


It is necessary to segregate the business activities and this depends on the different processes of accounting. It is necessary to consider only one individual to handle the cash or the other cheque payment processes of the organisation. Moreover, it is also advisable to rotate the duties of the individuals and thus allow them to perform the task periodically. There are different types of accounting packages that are used by the businesses and thus it becomes easier to edit the data in a better way and carry out the transactions in a quick span of time. Internal controls also play a vital role in such accounting organisation and thus the data must be collected from proper sources in a diligent way. 


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