Syrian Refugees accepted in the U.S.


Write an argument essay on "Should Syrian refugees be accepted in the U.S."?


Syrian refugees should be accepted in the U.S.

People often misuse their powers and abandon their values and obligations to harm a country. America has always accepted all the orphans, though it has taken a religious test, in against Muslims, who are slamming on every Syrian refugee. America should accept the refugees but it should keep in mind that many of these refugees are the same terrorists who always treated them badly. But, America defined the tolerant society something like vulnerability in against terrorism struggle, but it is their biggest strength like: there can be seen a continuous growth in military forces in America. It helps them in making growth in their richness or resilience and also minimizes the radicalism appeal in the community.  Syrian refugee should be accepted in U.S.A.  
America saw a horrific violence in France and at any other place than it is necessary for America that it should be careful about this type of horrific violence which plays a historic role. As the situation of Syrian refugee which America are facing during these days now, it’s not the time succumb to racism and bigotry. When there are thousands of people who have lost everything and left nothing behind them instead of their shirts on their backs than America must not move its backs on these refugees but should try to escape violence in the Middle East.
Secondly, America has refugees of four countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya and what these countries have similarities like: The main common similarities between all is unifying all of them which is a previous relation to the Soviet Union. There are a various number of disasters like before ten years. Chicago faces a worst summers in U.S. which were largely produced by U.S. policy. It is very difficult to stop forcing people from becoming refugees. As a member of society, every person of America has to follow their own responsibilities, and American cannot simply wash their hands towards their responsibilities like they should take care of their environment. There are many refugee associations like: UNHCR which provides essential refugee services. From this, it can be said that there should be a foreign policy, which is based on international law and human rights to deal with refugees. So, America may not accept the refugees in their own country.

Third, from many years, the gunfire sound follows everywhere one wants. America should fire in different times and should continuously move from different-2 places to escape itself from war. We can understand it better by hearing a story of a soldier, who had lost her sister in a quarrel. His family do not want to stay more in that country and want to leave it now. Luckily, her father received a chance and shifted to another unknown place. These types of stories are found variously among million refugees instead of Syria. Syria continuously ravaged by civil war. More than 100,000 civilians have sacrificed their life in the fighting (Azer, 2016). It is not a big wonder that many people want to save their life, and they are searching for a safer path, where they don’t need to be worried about their life they can leave safely. However, as the tepid response regarding Vietnamese in 1975, the orientation of Syrian refugees in America welcoming less by peoples. In 1979 Gallup poll give their views and said that 57% of Americans were against allowing Vietnamese refugees to introduce in the United States. It is also studied that attacks of Paris terror, have not given their contribution in the plight of Syrian refugees. Governors of approximately 31 countries blocked their entry in Paris due to the attack in Paris. Obama defined in his words that any state is not able to control immigration. Donald trump which is a leader in the polls said that the United States must keep away Muslims and should ban Muslim immigration, which is calling Syrian refugees a "Trojan horse." (Ignatieff, 2016). 
After studied all these we can conclude that America should accept Syrian refugees because there are various reasons which support that it should be accepted like we have discussed earlier in our arguments that many peoples suffer from attacks, and they have lost their everything so they need support to live in the society it can be done only by accepting refugees by formulating supporting policies regarding refugees which save people from facing different problems. This would lead minimizing fear of attacks and makes people in such a position to fulfill all his responsibilities instead of moving away from them. In above all arguments we saw all this attached us emotionally so we can say that pathos are used here. As we are giving our views on Syrian refugees should be accepted which indicates we are convincing America to accept Syrian refugees so here logos are also used. As we have discussed many examples which are logical, hence should be focused so, it indicates that logos is also used here. 

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