Study on The Impact Of Human Resource Management

The Impact Of Human Resource Management Practices On Turnover, Productivity, And Corporate Financial Performance

Research Questions

Below are the questions that are related to the literature review and will be helpful in the research project. 
  1. How the internal promotion and vacancy filling is helpful as compared to putting someone from outside?
  2. How non structured approach within the company is helpful in motivating employees and increase corporate financial performance as a result?
  3. How the right employee selection helpful in increased productivity and turnover. Moreover, how the reduction in employee turnover beneficial for the company? 
The research methodology that I am looking forward to find answer to these questions is a mix of both quantitative and qualitative. By conducting interviews with the employees within my firm is the first step of qualitative data collection. I will be able to interact with the employees and get to know their perception and thoughts about my research question.
For quantitative data collection, I will go for questionnaire. Questions will be based on ratings to a particular question on a scale of 5. 

Appropriateness of the research questions .

The questions are relevant to the research that I am conducting for various reasons. Being a HR professional, it is my responsibility to look after the human resources and their quality. It is an established research that quality of employees play a vital role in a company’s performance. Moreover, high employee turnover rate hurts a firm big time. Hence, it is imperative for me to find out the process and methods using which a company can outperform its competitor, just by changing human resource practices. 

Reason for Selecting research questions

My topic of research is concerned with the high performance system and parameters that can increase the productivity of employees and eventually the corporate financial performance. As part of my research, I have to evaluate various parameters that are helpful in improvement of an employee performance. Moreover, I have to deal with the situations due to which employee turnover is high.  Last but not the least, many companies are limited to structured approach where everyone has a confined role. It limits their skill and make everything monotonous. It is one of the reasons people are not satisfied with their jobs. Hence, proposing an unstructured approach where people are free to make choices and do innovative things can be a revolutionary thing for a company. It is the reason that identified research questions are inline with the research that I am pursuing. 
The selected questions are sufficient to cover the important areas of my research. My major concern is to establish a relationship between employee satisfaction, employee turnover, unstructured approach and effective recruitment process with company financial performance, productivity and turnover (Bailey, 1993). 

Feasibility of Research 

There is ample information available on the different research questions I have picked. My job is to establish a relationship between the already conducted research and the implications on the company financial performance. Moreover, the open ended interview and the questionnaire will help me judge the perception of people toward their job. The focus of the research questions to to find out the impact on employee productivity. Hence, the scope of these questions is narrow and limited to the employee productivity and turnover rate. Consequently, these questions will be able to answer the major question about the corporate financial performance. 

Advantages and disadvantages of adopted methodologies

Proposed methodology is to create a questionnaire to gather data. Secondly, interviews will help in finding out the thoughts and perception of different employees towards company culture, its policies and their impact on their performance. The selected methodologies are subjected to a few limitations. The first limitation is the sample space to make a decision. A questionnaire is effective in finding out a general thought of people towards the questions, but the answers vary a lot in case of a state owned of a government firm. Furthermore, it is hard to establish the fact that how truthful the respondent is and how much thoughts are put in by the respondent before answering the questions(Sincero and Sincero, 2015). 
Advantages of the questionnaire research methodology is the amount of data that I will be able to collect over a short duration. Moreover, the quantitative data collected using questionnaire can be used in establishing a hypothesis and has a statistical importance (Sincero and Sincero, 2015). Interviews on the other hand offer an interactive session with the respondents. People are more open and provide viable information about their perception and thoughts (Kvale,1996). 

Alternative research methodologies 

Another research methodology is to collect data from the different companies related to the employee turnover and the company’s financial performance. This is a good method to propose a hypothesis, but it is not an effective one. It is hard to establish the relationship between the reason of employee’s leaving the company. It might give an insight that how employee turnover rate has affected the company’s financial performance and productivity. But, it would be hard to understand the reason for high turnover. Moreover, it would not be possible to understand the internal movements and culture within the company from outside sources. 


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