Strategic Management Capstone


 Strategic Management Capstone



In this paper, a strategic analysis of FedEx Corporation has been performed to evaluate the efficiency of its business strategies and determined vision and mission statements. This paper has been covered the business model, vision, mission statement, and objective evidence prepared on the basis of three tests of a winning strategy. All these information will help the target audience in getting significant knowledge about FedEx working structure and its behavior towards its target market.

FedEx Corporation

FedEx is considered as an international organization that offers services to businesses and consumers worldwide. The company headquarter is situated in Memphis, Tennessee. It is a parent organization that offers logistical and strategic support to a large range of operation divisions ("Company FedEx |," 2017). Nowadays, it is known as the FedEx Express. Furthermore, it can be said that the company is operating more than 14 small planes and offered its services to 25 U.S cities with the delivery of 186 packages. It has obtained its competitive advantage within the logistics industry of U.S due to its concentrated business structure and well- maintained customer experiences. 

Business Model of FedEx Corporation

The FedEx Corporation has divided its business model into five different segments. These five different segments are known as FedEx Express, TNT Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Services. All of these business segments contributed towards the accomplishment of the organizational objectives in a significant manner.  
FedEx Express: This business segment is engaged in offering the international time-definite delivery services, technology, and supply chain solutions to target operating units.
TNT Express: It is the combination of activities like transportation, freight transportation services, business to business customers, and small package ground delivery ("About FedEx | About FedEx," 2016). 
FedEx Ground: It manages the operations and activities like offer small package ground delivery services to residential customers and business houses across the Canada and US.
FedEx Freight: It is engaged in offering the freight services across all lengths of a haul to customers across the Rico, US, Canada, and the Virgin Islands.
FedEx Services: This business segment of FedEx Corporation is responsible for the management of sale, marketing, communications, back-office, and technology functions that support the operations of the other FedEx organizations. 

This figure has completely explained the working structure and behavior of each business segment and how they are aligned with the ultimate objectives of the organization.

Vision and Mission Statement

The mission and vision statement determined by its stakeholders serves as a guidebook for its success. It is because both statements lead the company in a right direction. Apart from this, they also helped the company in utilizing the available resources and avoid unnecessary mistakes to gain a strategic competitive advantage over competitors. The below-mentioned is vision and mission statement of organization that make it different from its competitors:


The mission of the FedEx Corporation is to offer a wide variety of supply chain solutions and package delivery functions, with a view to offer reliable and effective logistics services to institutional, commercial, industrial, global, and residential customers ("FedEx - FedEx - Mission & Goals," 2016). 


The vision of the FedEx Corporation is to make it possible for business houses and individuals to collaborate and connect with each other, no matter where they are in the world. 
Objective evidence to support sustainable competitive Advantages
The FedEx Corporation has adopted a large range of strategies to gain sustainable competitive advantages over its competitors. Due to the presence of sustainable competitive strategies, the company able to produce good outcomes with reliable customer services. The following is the objective evidence or strategy that support its sustainable

competitive advantage over competitors:

Presence of Virtual Information Infrastructure
The foremost and important strategy of the FedEx Corporation is to use the virtual information infrastructure to gain a competitive advantage over existing customers. The use of virtual information infrastructure strategy served as a backbone for the FedEx Corporation which is highly responsible for its access to competitors ("Corporate Strategy of FedEx Corporation," 2015). On the basis of the virtual information infrastructure, the FedEx is engaged in maintaining a healthy relationship with its direct or indirect customers. Apart from this, it can also say that the company uses this corporate strategy to close the gaps between the seller and consumer.

The three tests of a Winning Strategy

The winning strategy adopted by the organization is the use of virtual information infrastructure. This strategy is completely compatible to resolve the company problems and bring a sustainable competitive advantage over existing competitors. The efficiency of FedEx Corporation winning strategy can understand with below-mentioned tests:

The Competitive Advantage Test

It is right to say that the use of virtual information infrastructure brings a sustainable competitive advantage for the FedEx Corporation. It is because the strategy is highly engaged in the development of information technology and system innovations with which the organization can differentiate its functioning from its competitors (Parmenter, 2015). 
The Goodness of Fit Test
Apart from this, it can also say that the use of virtual information infrastructure strategy is completely suited to the external and internal factors of the organization. It is because this strategy is highly engaged in technological innovations. Therefore, as a member of logistics industry, the technology is a key factor of focus for each company.
The Performance Test
Moreover, it is right to say that the strategy of virtual information infrastructure is completely engaged in boosting the company performance (Tan, 2016). It does not only enhance the profitability but also strengthens the competitive position and image within the market. This strategy does this through the promotion of direct and indirect relationship with potential customers.
Therefore, on the basis of winning strategy three tests, it can be said that the corporate strategy of FedEx is completely effective and sustainable for competitive advantage. 


After studying all this, it can be concluded that the corporate strategies of FedEx Corporation become the foremost factor of its strength over existing competitors. On the other hand, it can also say that the mission and vision statement of the company is adequate and effective as per its working and define a way of success for its future growth.


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