strategic communications plan for the professional communication challenge


In the present day, every genre of the profession needs the capability to communicate with the people associated with the profession direct or indirectly. Communication is a skill that can be highly beneficial in the day-to-day life as well as in the professional life (Bhatia & Bremner 2014). It is an art to be learnt and is a skill by which the whole setup can be affected. Professional communication is the term which is used in the context of the workplaces. It can be of several types like verbal or oral communication, digital or visual communication that is required for the benefit of the organization (Quintanilla & Wahl 2015). The report discusses a strategic plan of communication in the field of social media. The different objectives and goals why it is important to the present day in different professional will also be discussed.


A: The challenges and opportunities associated with professional communication for start-up business purpose

The profession of start-up businesses of miniature equipment like the one I want to pursue needs to be promoted widely as the ventures are small and known to people of a narrow locality. The growth of any business small or big, requires it to be promoted among the public for its services to be taken by the customers. The businesses have a large number of opportunity as people in the present day like to have different kind of home decors which are customized according to their needs. Not many businesses are established in this genre. 
The challenge of such businesses is to reach a wide range of customers in a short span of time. The names of such organizations are not known to people and hence are not attracted by them in the crowd of a number of adds in the general media. It takes a long period of time for these companies to get noticed.

B: Importance of professional communication for small-scale businesses

As described in the previous section, communication is the only tool by which small-scale businesses can be expanded and the productivity can be increased by positive communication. The communication should be influencing, it should attract people to opt for the services that the company has to provide. The customers’ behavioral traits should be noticed by the professional prior to communicating with them.


A: Targets to be achieved in the business

The miniature art form is not much in the business so the art form is not popular among the public. My goal is to create awareness about this art form and how miniature showpieces can be made according to the requirement and customized in the exact way as they want. I want to expand my business all over the world which is going to take a long time but for the time being my aim is put forward my business at least in the nearby localities.


A: Target audience

The audience need not be specified in a particular profession. They have to have an interest in intricate art forms irrespective of their profession. Just like the audience need not be a particular profession they do not have to have a particular demographic characteristic either. The present audience or clients that the business has have a really good taste of art. They are themselves involved in some kind or the other art form. I communicate with my clients in a very positive manner and try to fulfill all of their requirements. I do not have any preconceptions or biases about my clients rather I tried to interpret there are ideas through the miniature art.

B: Information about the audience

In the present situation of my business, I tried to get information of my small customer base from the social networking sites so that I can serve them better. I verbally interact with them patiently and make things clear about the art form.

C: Tone of message

The present customer base that I have is very patient and gives the needed time that is required to fulfill their needs and as the customer base is small at present I handle them personally, with the expansion of the business I may have to create a channel or medium to communicate with everyone. The setting is casual at the moment but with time things are going to be formal. 

Key message

A: Primary message to the customers 

My message for my customers is to make homes look better by making nature feel better. I use eco-friendly materials for the miniature arts to promote secure and a safe environment. The customers are also aligned with the ideology of my business. We do not have to be rough to nature rather it can be benefitted by our deeds.

Supporting points

A: Reasons that justify my message

•    Threats that the environment faces
•    Exploring new genres of art
•    Making the interior different and eco-friendly 
There are a number of organizations who are working for the betterment of nature and on the miniature artworks independently. They regularly update their websites and blogs which inspire people like us to expand our territories and makes things that are not harmful to nature, they are really helpful sources of inspiration and knowledge about the art forms and nature. 

Channel selection

A: Style of communication apt for the services:

The style of communication which attracts people of today’s generation is to have an informal approach which is friendly and knowledgeable about them. The information about the services and products should be communicated in a very light manner that grabs the attention of the people for a long period of time, so that they think about buying the product with eagerness. 

B: Channels that are most effective for the delivery of messages to the clients

In the present scenario, the use of the digital network is in abundant. People are found to be more inclined towards these digital platforms that serve a large number of purposes like entertainment, learning platform, promoting the platform and for many other platforms that benefit the lives of a number of individuals. The social media acts as the most significant platform for professional communication for the above-mentioned reasons. The professionals have a really high scope of promoting their business or product in the varied number of available social media like Facebook, YouTube, twitter, and Instagram. The expenditure that companies and different groups have to do is relatively less in the different social media applications than in the form of hoardings and other media. The promotion of such platforms grabs the attention of a wider range of people as compared to other forms of media like television, newspaper and magazines. This kind of platform also gives an opportunity to the professionals to directly interact with the customers or clients who are interested in their services or products.

C: Purpose served by the different social media platforms

All the platforms that have been mentioned in the previous section are serving different purposes. Facebook and YouTube are the most widely used platforms for promotion of a business or product. The product can be endorsed in different ways and the message can be communicated by written or in the form of pictures and videos. Millions of people from all over the world can watch the product and opt for buying and knowing about the products. Instagram is a platform where the product can be promoted by the means of pictures and stories that are shown to the users as per the requirement of the promoter. It is a widely used platform for the young generation and they are the ones who are interested in new things and arts so this platform also majorly serves the purpose. 

Action request

A: Clearness of the actions

The actions are planned in hand before addressing the customers so that no important facts and factors about the product are left to be communicated to the audience or the customers. The media that are used for the promotion of the product are apt in the present scenario. The medium needs less expenditure and grabs the attention of a larger customer base than the other available media. 


Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that communication in the professional life is of major importance. The clients should be addressed according to their needs. They should be given their spaces to make their needs clear to the professionals, it makes the interaction easy and attracts people to opt for the particular service. The message and purpose should be communicated to the customers so that they understand the importance of the subject matter of the business. The strategy should be clear and concise so that the aim of the project can be communicated in the shortest span possible. The demography of the customers that the business plans to offer its services should be pre-planned. Better the communication plan lesser the time is taken for the business to grow. 


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