Social Work Interventions and Evaluations




Critically analyse the social work interventions and evaluations in light of contemporary challenges to social equality With reference to your own life experiences, illustrate your appreciation of diversity, privilege and oppression and their relevance to social work interventions.


Light of identities 

I am a 45 year old women belong to middle class family of Australia and I have a small family with of 2 children with my husband. I have learning disability; however that is acute in nature and that sometimes affects me in communication. From the age of 25, I used to work in a supermarket in customer care department where my work is to suggest the best products to people in accordance to their demands. However, due to my medical condition, I did not continue for the job so long as people found me a mentally ill person by considering my disability. My colleagues have considered me different because of my speech problems as sometimes it disturbs when I am unable to speak properly. During that time, I find myself incapable of doing and managing things. 
Thus, I can say that I have been constructed as different which has also affected the way of receiving support. Many customers used to ask my other colleagues regarding information about the products which made me realize that I have some problems. I was also considered as oppressed many times which discouraged me in certain grounds. While working at a workplace, all I needed is to have adequate support and cooperation with my colleagues and senior team members. After working hours, when I used to come home, I talk with my husband and suddenly due to my disability, he becomes irritated and this went worse in years.
I lost all my positive control on mind and decided to get some good treatment so that I can manage my life in appropriate manner. Henceforth, after a certain period of time, I consulted the therapists and started for the treatment. Under my treatment process, I was asked to have some time for myself so that I can recover my heath condition as early as possible (Mengesha, et al. 2018). Thus, most often I used to visit the play gardens to relax my brain and mental status. However, when I interacted with any one, people used to stare me due to my speaking patterns. All such things always made me feel different with others. 
Many times, I sought for help especially for financial assistance as I belong to a middle class family where we do not have enough income to manage the living standard. Finance is one of the major determinants of healthcare support which greatly impacts the way one seeks for health care amenities. My parents also reside in the same street of Australia; however even after that I could not ask for financial support from them. When I started taking sessions from the therapists, I realized that now I need good money to manage everything; but then on the other side I felt finally burdened. I also came to realize that I have to work for extra hours so that I can make out things. 
Apparently, while seeking for any assistance, everyone needs to have financial support and lack of such thing can create challenges for the person. Major problem arises when support is not available from any of the associated people. Apart from this, I would like to specify about the support which I was expecting from the practitioners when I asked for additional help. I have observed that many times I did not get proper respond from my health care practitioners when I was unable to understand anything which was being communicated to me. I have problems in communication as well and due to speech disorder I was not able to find out best solution for me. While talking to practitioners, I fumble in my words which affect the entire communication process.  
Thus, according to my experience, I can say that this was appalling for me because I did not find support from anywhere. However, if I have to specify about financial assistance from social care workers, then I can rate it excellent. The time when I realized that it will be difficult for me to get finance from my own, I approached social care providers who support people through raising fund for them (McLachlan, et al. 2018). Thus, from social support I proceeded with my treatment suitably. They also allowed me to stay at residential care home for few days so that I can get better facilities. Along with the basic facilities, the nurses were so supportive that they helped me to have control on my mind and though process. 
The nurses always interacted with me in polite and sweet manner regardless of my disability. This gave me a sense of belongingness with them and I found myself at better stage. My financial problem was suitably solved by social workers; hence I would like to appreciate and recognize their assistance with others as well. At initial stage, I was not expecting any sort of aid from the social workers and I was quite disappointing as well; later on after seeking help in positive manner, I realize certain great things about the Australian government health care department (Wang, et al. 2018). Since, they provided me free of cost services; so many times I got hesitated in asking for the requisites. But then, I found that, there people are already aware about the necessities of everyone; hence due to their understanding I did not lack in any service. Here, I can say that I have got excellent services. I also felt that most often behavior and attitude of others help a person to reshape his or her own identity. 
If I have to talk about the social care support, then I can say that I was treated in positive manner regardless of my age and income level. There are various groups and departments which are working under this and I found that the old age people get the best treatment in lieu of everything. I perceived the service quite beneficial for middle age group people especially when they do not find any sort of assistance around them. I have seen patients coming from different background like aboriginal people, mentally ill and black people. Previously, in my society I have observed how black people are treated and how they are not included in any social activity. Many times, I have seen wandering black people isolated even during events and occasions (McKetin, et al. 2018).
In Australia, many people are scared of black people; hence they do not associate with them in any ground. This sort of discrimination is also observed at health care entities wherein white people are given importance even in the case of emergency services. However, this was totally avoided in social care services and the entire staff talks in very polite and sweet manner. So relating it to my perception, I can give positive feedback about social care services and this also created a positive perception in my mindset. Along with me, everyone residing the care home was treated in appropriate manner; hence I feel quite optimistic being supported by social care entity. The quality of services I received was tremendous; therefore I would like to recommend it to other people as well. Especially to those who do not have proper financial assistance. 
However, I would like to specify one thing that while undertaking treatment from the therapists, I found myself unable to afford the treatment. Hence, during that time I asked for any sort of negotiation; but since it was private service care provider, so I did not get any assistance from the same (McLachlan, et al. 2018). I found refusal to help and started looking for other options where I can get better treatment. During that time period, I was disappointed; but instead of that I did not lose hope. Apparently, refusal to help always makes a person negative; this effect was also there on me but I tried not to keep it for longer time as that would have ruin the entire positive approach.
For my disability, I was treated different with that to others which earlier I considered as a disadvantage; but when I observed discrimination for other people, I found it normal. During that time, I came to realize that nothing new is happening to me as this sort of behavior is quite common for disable and other people. However, a person feels more negative when there is lack of assistance from any family member (Jones, et al. 2018). In such time, a person expects to have moral support from the family and unavailability of that support creates additional issues. Moreover, I can say that my problem was solved when I get assistance from the social care providers. Thus, here I can say that being different with that to society sometimes hampers the way of thinking; but it does not hold huge importance in living in the community. All I can say is that a small change in the social cause can improve the entire community dimensions. 
I am suffering from learning disability and at the time of working in supermarket I have encountered many situations where I required help and assistance of other staff members. In simpler terms, learning disability is termed as a disorder in which the brain’s ability to process data or information is affected by neurological disorder. My role in the supermarket was to suggest the best products to people according to their need and requirement. Here, I was expected to understand the changing need and demand of customers and then inform them about the best suitable products. It can be expressed that while carrying out my roles and responsibilities in the supermarket, I have faced issues while listening, speaking, reading and reasoning (Wang, et al. 2018). This has further affected my professional growth and development within the supermarket to a great extent. 
One day, the staff members were provided with training about a new product which was launched and become very popular in the market. During the training session the price, benefits and features of the new product were communicated to the staff members.  Next day, a customer arrived at me and asked me to provide information about the new product which was placed in the store shelves (Shrestha-Ranjit, et al. 2018). However, because of my learning disability, I was not able to provide satisfactory information to the customer and later on I asked my colleague to help me out in the situation. My learning disability has created several kinds of issues and challenges for me at the workplace. Any form of disability is bad but I believe that learning disability is very complicated because it is not visible. At the time of doing team work in the supermarket, I have faced issues such as the lack of support and understanding from employer and other staff members. 
To attain high degree of satisfaction among customers, the supermarket decided to implement customer relationship management software with the supermarket (Hesson, et al. 2018). Training to every employee was provided so that they can easily understand how the software can be used to maintain good relationship with customers. Even after getting training for more than three times, I was not able to work on this software. Every time I needed some sort of help or assistance to work on the software and complete my task. During the initial level the staff members supported me but later on they refused to help me because there time was getting wasted and it has also resulted in adversely affecting their overall productivity. In most of the task and activities, I was dependent on other staff members and after some time the employees refused to help me because they started perceiving me as a mentally ill person. 
In context of my situation, the problem was not solved and ultimately I resigned from the job because I was not having any other option available. Furthermore, people started avoiding me and it become very complicated for me to do certain tasks and activities without the support of other staff members (Reeve, et al. 2018). Nowadays, learning disability within adults has become very common and there are certain ways through which my problem would have been solved. It can be expressed that because of learning disability I have displayed challenging or inappropriate behavior many times and this has resulted in creating high degree of frustration among the other staff members working in the supermarket. I was required to control myself and at the same time, I was required to ensure that I do not display such kind of behavior because of communication breakdown due to learning disability. 
To overcome this problem, it is required by the management and other staff member to provide adequate support and care to the adults with learning disabilities. My problem would have been solved in situation if the staff members would have provided with adequate knowledge about my changes in behavior (King, et al. 2018). 
The management of supermarket should have emphasizes on conducting health checkups at regular intervals so that I would have got better access to healthcare and treatment. Training and development sessions would have been conducted for the employees working with adults with any kind of learning disability. During the training session, the staff members would have been rendered with the knowledge and information about the skills and attitude which needs to be displayed while working with adults with learning disabilities. Training sessions to staff members on areas such as person centered thinking and positive behavior support would have done a great job in solving the issues and problem which I have faced at the workplace. 
On the other side of this, I was also required to put extra efforts and care in terms of managing myself at the workplace. I was required to make sure that I get adequate sleep, proper nutrition and daily exercise to improve the overall functioning of my brain (Mengesha, et al. 2018). At the same time, I was required to focuses on identifying some employees who can understand me better instead of asking for help and support from almost every employee working the supermarket. Here, combined efforts from staff members, management and me were required to solve the problem which I have faced at the workplace. 
From the above study, it can be concluded that being a person with learning disability is a very challenging task. Furthermore, the adults with learning disability witnesses different types of issues in terms of listening, writing and reading. It is beneficial for these adults to put extra efforts and care in managing themselves at work. It is also concluded that training and development sessions should be organized for other staff members so that they can learn how care and support can be given to people with disability. It can be inferred that my experience of seeking or receiving help will directly affect my capacity to provide support and assistance to people in the oppressed group. The negative behavior of people in oppressed group will restrict me to provide desired support and assistance to people in this group in the future.   

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