Semiotic Analysis Essay


Choose a media text relating to your discipline area and write a semiotic analysis essay.



In 21st century media studies is becoming very popular day by day. Media is two types one is Multimedia and another is Unimedia. Media is mainly use to communicate throughout the world. Media studies are the vast analysis & research of Text, Image, Audio, Video and Animation. Now a days it is easy to study or understand a lesson though a audio-video text or by animation. The media texts are easy to read & write than ordinary text. Media studies are as well deals with modern & latest ideas. The source of the media studies is many such as Internet, Television, Smartphones, magazines and advertising. In recognising necessity of assessing different media texts as a part of media studies, this essay chooses advertising as a media text tool and discusses various aspects of it. 
As mentioned by Angell et al. (2016), advertisement is a marketing communication tool, which is mainly used for the business purpose to promote or sell products. Advertisement is communicated through traditional media such as Television, Internet, magazines, newspapers, and radio, and it is communicated through various mass media platforms. Modern advertisements originated the modern ideas & techniques. As opined by Gómez-AdornoI et al. (2016), advertisement is most commonly used media selection process of choosing most effective media for advertising campaigns. Each and every media studies are coming for minds of many people. Institution is generally issues ownership to control, marketing, and in commercial purposes. Encoding is the process of coding and decoding the language of media for various requirements of the customer.  Cost of any advertisement is generally increased day by day by using the modern techniques. In the digital and social media the use of advertisements are becoming most popular in modern days. The media industry is dynamic but the advertising media in developing. Television is the vast way of advertising,. Other advertising communications are radio, internet, magazines and newspapers, which are most commonly means of communication.

-Signs, symbols or indexes in media text

Nowadays one can see signs in every aspect in every single day. They are the main essential part of daily life. One should discover the main topic of any advertisement by watching a sign. Signs are used to serve very few common purpose to promote and provide information, give directions and in safety purpose. In advertising and marketing purpose the uses of signs are very essential.
The signs are mainly used for the customer to gain enough information about the advertisement. The outdoor signage solutions and building wraps are most essential and successful way to advertise brand. As mentioned by Kelly & Brower (2017), the shop signage it can attract the customers and create their own curiosity to venture inside shop. Not only this purpose but also signage is used in direction purpose, road safety purpose and many other purposes. To reach destination in unknown area we need the sign which help to locate. And in road safety purpose signs are very essential. Semiotics is frequently used to signify use of signs and symbols. Instead of semiotics repeated symbols are used to signify product of any company. Many restaurants use their food items as their signs for business and marketing purpose. Text can also be used to serve the signs and symbols in many advertisements.

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- structuring and arranging signs and symbols within the text

The code of signs is most important part of an advertisement. The learners have to study code rule to understand the and recognise meaning of advertisement purpose. Learning codes are most difficult, it is generally a subject of study and one should attentively learn and use it proper function for their own purpose. The codes have many functions at many symbolic and ideological levels. The framework in this coding process is essential. The media theory is the most common purpose of advertising purpose.
-Engaging with these signs and promoting thinking

As mentioned by Alvermann et al. (2018), engaging with advertisement is often regarded as a psychological process. Therefore, there are various opinions The Shannon Weaver model is used for avoiding excessive noise of an advertisement and removing it is removed with help of this model. According to Claude, Konow & Ladra (2016), the Shannon Weaver model is generally used for general purpose of communication and it is also helped for user to easy access with this model. In Shannon Weaver model communication is taken as quantifiable, which is easy process. Simplicity, generality, and accountability these three are main advantages of this model. Not only are those advantages but also there many disadvantages. In context of the Shannon-Weaver model even nature content seems irrelevant. The feedback is taken about this model is less important in comparison to sender’s message. The receiver takes a passive role in this model and sender plays primary role in this model. Though it is used in mass communication and advertising purpose.
Another model is AIDA model. The acronym of AIDA model stands for Attention, Desire, Interest and Action. This model is mainly used for marketing and advertising purpose. For customers, this process is mainly used in different steps and stages, which becomes aware people about product.  The AIDA model is one of the longest model services which is developed in 19th century. During past days models has undergone many losses but nowadays there are many variants in those models and in various calculations. According to Luong et al. (2017), the AIDA model proposes advertising messages need to accomplish many tasks in order to fulfil requirement of customers. This model explain customer of any advertising or marketing briefly in communication purpose. 

-Relationship between media, audiences, and society 

Advertisement in various countries in various communities is changes day by day. As per different reasons different languages advertisement should be proper and changeable in variant purposes. For different audiences and their different category of knowledge advertisement should be varied in different means. The social norms and expectations vary across places. Therefore, and uniform approach to advertising cannot satisfy and attract people from different focus groups (Adali, & Eryi?it, 2014). In order to relate to audience perception, it is important for advertisements to address varying needs and preferences. 
Similarly, society imposes various restrictions as well and expectations and efficacy of advertising as a media text depends on its ability to identify those traits. For instance, the acceptability of facts differs from a middle-Eastern society to the societies in the western countries. Presentations that are absolutely acceptable in western societies might harm Asian social sentiments. As supported by the reader-response theory, the success of a media text takes into account the response of audiences (Angell et al. 2016). Therefore, this implies the interpretive ability of audience determines realisation of underpinned aim of an advertisement. That is, success of advertisement in transforming interest of real-audiences in desire and thereby action influenced by their desire.   

-Challenges faced by passing message through advertisements 

In modern society everyone has their own duty. And moral values of different people are also very different in terms of their personal perspective on lifestyle, religion, and euality. In opined by Sanguinetti et al. (2015), efficient advertising callas for understanding these differences and that often emerges as a challenge. Several advertisements attract negative criticism due to their varied take of sexuality, race, and social status. People’s clothing style, their ideology, and perspective on life are different in all aspect. Therefore, in this purpose media is noticed to face criticism and challenges in establishing efficiency. One advertisement could show moral necessities of males and also females. Not only dressing but also race is different of different people. Women's magazines are increasing nowadays. In which they get their different own necessities which helps in their daily life. In America Apparel's picture of half naked images of woman, her unbuttoned top in serious of sexualised poses are mostly banned (, 2013). Same was displayed by a boy properly but same shirt was not advertised properly by a woman. For this difference between men and women advertisement should be banned. Before some days in advertisement of Dove presentation of soap is shown badly. Without all those things racism in advertisement is not illegal but it is not so wise. If someone makes a racist advertisement which targets a specific person then he or she may be sued. In words of Oikkonen (2017), racist advertisements relate to employment decision within company and that often causes legal issues. In facebook advertisement of Dove is shown and it is showed that a black woman opens her shirt and underneath it is a white woman on a light shirt which is unbelievable. If someone hears a suggestion of racism will pull add over.  A corporate diversity officer and his training can help to understand racism. Sometimes Racist ads cause consumers for targeting business purpose which is not act quickly. 


From the discussion, it can be concluded that media is a five stage understanding process such as absorption, anticipation, articulation, appropriation and alienation from screen content. In today’s media studies main concern is for patterns and processes. In this process of study audience cannot be active, as it can be seen that when a advertisement is running through internet or television one cannot have right to interrupt it, or no can able to comment on it. This type of media is unimedia but in multimedia user can change work with their own needs. Thus by in all aspect media text have many advantages as well as there are many disadvantages. But in overall view it is most popular and communicative job. 


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