Existing System Analysis and Requirement Analysis

Tony’s Chips Organization has taken over by a new independent company. New company has hired a team to manage this project that is Website Migration from an external hosted server to its internal server. The Current Organization is concerned about data redundancy of current web site. They want back up for site to be available so if the main website failover then this back up site will work on for their online customers.  The current organization wants to redesign the current website where online customer can make order online to grow their business. provides the best website design and development assignment help from academic experts. Apart from web development assignment help, we also offer JAVA assignment help, and Python homework help

Planning For New Website Migration

Here are four important steps which we have to implement in website migration:

  • 1-    Grab backup from the existing website

  • 2-    Save all the email ids and message from the old website

  • 3-    And modify existing website web pages

  • 4-    Choose new domain name server

  • 5-    Transfer the domain name to new website host

Brief Explanation: 

Grab backup from the existing website:
It is very necessary to grab backup files form the Old System. You can request form the old system hosting team. 
Save all the email ids and message from the old website:
At the time of website migration, the email does not move. So Organization must ensure that they have at least one back up from the email, this is the manual process. If you do not move with this then you can use main program and setup email program in POP3a nd use IMAP account for this process. When you do this then it will download all the email into the desktop on the hardware instead of the server.
Modify existing website web pages:
This is really important step when we migrate from the old website to new website because there is something or requirements of owning organization to add on in new website. These changes can be minor or can be major, this is totally depends on new owning organization for this old website. According to current organization requirement there is need to add one feature more, where online customer able to make order for products and can also go with the payment process.  
Choose new domain name server:
After all this is the new owning organization and it wants to add some new features. The hosting server is also going to change from external to self-hosting. So it is very important to think about new Domain Name Server (DNS). You can prefer the (VIEO) so that we can provide significant changes to launch the new website.

Justification of Selected Web Architecture

I choose 3 tier architecture for this project. So that MVC platform can be followed so that website can easily maintain. By implementing this architecture we can remove data redundancy.

Front end Technology: HTML, CSS, AJAX AND JAVASCRIPT

To design components for website we will use html. To validate data we use java script for betterment. To made interactive website we use css and ajax.

Backend Technology: JSP, SERVLET

Using this we will develop business logics which render the user interface and create connection from database using database connectivity drivers.

Database: MYSQL

This will use to design relational database. 

Company Alternatives for self-hosting Disadvantage of self-hosting:

  • Website Security: This is very important to make website secure as more you can so that no one can hack your credential data of your website and use for his/her advantage. So in case of self-hosting this is really crucial to deal with security aspects.

  • Website backups: If you are self-managing the whole server for your website so now you are taking directly responsibility for your site backups. This is important to have backup for your website in case your site suffer from a bad update, a crash or hackers. Some hosts offer backup services for an additional cost.

  • Management of Website: Sometimes your site get slow where online user get difficulty to get interact with your website so this is really a big problem for website owner or an organization to deal with it. This happens because of a bug or error which user face due to some reasons. Now you have two remaining options one where only you have to troubleshoot or second you will hire someone to deal with this because of lack of knowledge of lack of time there could be any problem which you have to deal with.

Alternative to Self-Hosting:

If you find yourself uncomfortable to host your server, then you can with the “Managed Hosting.” This is the chance when you select a host that you recognized this host will be reliable and secure to manage you website data. This selected host performs routing backups, and offers a higher level of hands-on support than a basic hosting service. 

  • 1- Dedicated Hosting:  If you have only website to manage there is no other work of responsibility on your shoulder that you can prefer this. In this case you have to provide a personal system to third party. Third party will manage your site hosting process. Its third party responsibility to keep backups for your website. When website faces any bug then third party will troubleshoot it bitterly.  Now you are just responsible to provide data to third party to update the website timely and for this you have pay monthly yearly its totally depend on third party protocol.

  • 2- Shared Hosting:  If you choose this type of hosting then you have to just pay the third party, here you do not need to provide a separate system to third party this time the third party will take care of it for you website hosting. The actual process of this shared hosting is: the third party uses a system where your site hosting is managed and also other sites hosting are also managed as managing yours.

  • 3- Cloud computing:  There are so many ways to do cloud computing but I am explaining it by using one technology that is Saas. Software as a service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the internet. If you choose this then you do not take care to install and run applications on their own computers. This facilitates you by eliminating the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance and also you do not need to deal with software licensing, software installation.

Use Case Events Description

New website will designed like where online customer can make order for products and pay online.
This is very common nowadays where customer make order online. In this style of shopping people are tending to buy things just clicking on buttons online. User can save time. Current Organization wants to add new functionality that is where user can make order online this is done by using the following steps:

  • 1- Visit Website: Customer has to login first to the domain of website.

  • 2- Select product list: when user successfully logged in to system then customer will able to view the list of products with their important specifications so that customer can easily make selection and buy them collectively.

  • 3- View brief description of chips: Here customer will able to see the whole brief description about the selected product just by clicking on it like:

  • What are the ingredients used to make this. 

  • What is the available quantity of this item?

  • What are the size, weight and price of a bag.

  • And customer will also able to see additional details this is about discounts.

  • 4- Add to Cart: Then user can add this order details to a cart. Where user able to purchase order later or can cancel it.

  • 5- Payment: After doing all this customer is asked to pay money. Here customer also given some mode of payment, these are like debit card, credit card, paypal. If customer wants to be delivered order on other address which is not in customer personal details then customer will also able to this by providing an optional field for address and this information will saved in database so that customer do not need to put these details in next order.

  • 6- Final invoices:  at last step final report is generated by system so that user can get proper acknowledgement for his/her payment. 

Support Operations for Internal Hosted Websites

Here few ideas list of operations that can be applied for Internal Hosted Websites.

  • 1- Web Application Maintenance: After application development and launching it, this is most required operation to keep alive your website. You have to update your website with the updated data like: you have some new products and any other information you want to add about existing product like you just have increased the product prices or decreases the prices or you add some discount on products. If there is any bug occurs then you have to troubleshoot it. So after development of application there are so many chances come in your way to maintain the application and these are not choices this is what you have to do to keep your website updated.

  • 2- Fixing bugs: This is more changing operation where you have to fix bug first and then resolve it so that your website can smoothly run at user end. This happens if code is fail somewhere to meet the real requirement.

  • 3- Security (Keep safe your website from threats): Threats are like virus or hackers. These threats can crash the whole website and hackers can even steal all credential details of yours or registers customers.  

Evaluation of New Web Site Performance and Its Success

Consumption Metrics:
The term consumption refers to the content that viewed by your websites visitors or users or customers when they visit your website. Here is list of website performance evaluation steps:
Webpage user interface: This metrics maintain the track that saves some important information like how many people have seen the web pages and the content of your website. This is very easy to record this information and later evaluate it.
Views of Demo Video: this is very easy, this analyzes and save information that tells the numbers of total views over your videos have been posted on website. You can do this by using “YouTube.”
Sales Metrics:
This is very important to know how many customers made order using your website, so that you can scale yourself and estimate your path on this. For this you must implement tractable components on your website for example: a call-to-action to a product landing page. When you follow this method, then in sudden you will be able to track which content on your site is actually directing your online customers to purchase your organization products.

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Setting Website Goals to Ensure Success

When we start anything then there are some expectations from that and to identify we reach there or not, we have to set some expected outcomes, so that we can scale later. So to recognize that we are succeed in our new website prospects then we have to set some smart goals so that we can match them with this actual results. Below are some ideas to measure success level of new website performance: 

  1. Changeling Goals: Goal should belong to a challenge, but this challenge should be like which can possible to achieve by having the idea and a proper planning for this.

  2. Relevant: we have to check timely that the predetermined website goal fit with overall marketing and business goals.

  3. Time bound:  We have to determine period of time this is for week, six months or a year so we can measure the website performance with the expected goal.

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