Scope of Nurse Giving Care

Role Play - Implementing care with the involvement of consumer and carers – Medication, legal and ethical considerations
As required, negotiate with Mr Riley, a person in crisis, to support him with medication adherence. Remember that Mr Riley is a voluntary client at present. Educate him about his new medication.
You must include:
? Acting within an enrolled nurse’s scope of practice and following organisational
? Consideration of Mr Riley’s perspective on his care
? Support Mr Riley’s consumer rights (both ethical and legal), including his right to
? Use of communication skills in a manner that reflects respect for his dignity and
? Use of medication
? Administration methods
? Effect
? Specific adverse effects
Support actors instruction:
The person playing Mr Riley will provide some discussion as to why he doesn’t want to take the medication and they will have to repeat the education they are receiving.

The scope of the nurse giving care

Mr. Riley, as an enrolled nurse it is necessary to give supportive care to an individual who is suffering from mental instability. The type of mental instability that is being faced should be treated with proper nursing care. As a nurse, it is important to monitor and diagnose acute problems that are being faced by a patient. Based on the diagnosis the counselling is provided. An enrolled nurse should provide efforts so that the patient to whom counselling is provided gets the best results (Clarke et al. 2016). The care of a purse belonging to a healthcare organization is aimed at making his client get relief from the unstable condition and not look upon the verses of God. So, as a nurse, it is necessary that the type of mental condition needs medication through Lithium 450 bd.

Mr. Riley's perspective on the care

As a patient or a care user, one should listen to the instructions that are given by a registered nurse (Evans, Nizette, D& O’Brien, 2017). The type of care that is being stressed by the care user is the advice of almighty.  This shows that the care user's perspective is the advice of almighty and according to the care user Mr. Riley, the advice of the almighty can is always helpful.

Consumer rights of care user

Mr. Riley, as a consumer there are certain legal and ethical rights which can be enjoyed. One of the major rights is:
•  The right to get proper health care services which state that a health care user have the right to get quality health care services. In no way, the patient should be deprived of        quality health care services.
•  The right to say no to a particular treatment is the type of treatment can be harmful to the care user. Mr. Riley can refuse the care if he dislikes.
•  The right to complain against a particular health care service if the health care service is not satisfactory. Mr. Riley can lodge a complaint an enrolled nurse or registered              nurse if the care is unsatisfactory. 
•  The right to get emergency health care services from any enrolled nurse working with a healthcare organization.
•  The right to get a proper environment within which care is being provided by an enrolled or registered nurse.

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Communication skills claiming respect

As a care user or a customer, Mr. Riley should get each and every facility from our registered nurse. The enrolled nurse treating Mr, Riley should show respect and honour the person's dignity.  The registered nurse should talk to Mr. Riley in a polite manner and should give him the respect that he deserves (University of Nottingham, 2012). The registered nurse should consider that Mr. Riley is very important for them.

Use of medication

Mr. Riley has been diagnosed with a manic episode of Bipolar Disorder. There are three important nursing diagnoses namely suicide, poor sleep, and weight loss which should be attended. The medication that has been used to cure this is Lithium 450mg bd on the increasing scale. 
Administration methods
In order to use the drug Lithium 45 mg bd, an enrolled nurse can take various methods. The common administrative methods of usage of the drug are Oral, Sublingual, and Rectal tropical, parental (Montes?Berges & AUGUSTO, 2007, p.163). These are the common ways in which Lithium 45 mg bd can be given to Mr. Riley considering the increasing scale.


Each and every drug has an effect. Similarly, if Mr. Riley would be treated with Lithium 45 the flow of sodium would be affected. The medication provided would have an effect on the nerves and the brain as it would help to soothe the nerves and would help Mr. Riley to come out of depression (Vide beck & Vide beck, 2013).

Adverse effects

Along with the good affects, there are certain adverse effects.  The medication used has certain adverse effects. The major adverse effects are Diarrhoea, vomiting, drowsiness, and losses of muscle strength because usage of this drug can weaken the muscle nerves and make a person excessively drowsy which would not be good for Mr. Riley. Besides, there are some patients who can are very much sensitive to the particular drug. If a person is excessively drowsy he or she can go into the coma which can cause death (Baastrup & Mogens, 1967, p.162). Using excess of these dug in these patients can be harmful.

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