Sample on personal action plan to meet future leadership challenges

Leadership is all about making people believe in your goals and vision for the company and for them. They should believe that they can achieve their own goals under your guidance and leadership.

Another term is management, which means managing daily activities and monitoring whether they are happening in the right manner or not. The following sample is based on a leadership management course that comes under the management discipline.

How to develop a personal action plan to meet future leadership challenges?


Leadership is that aspect of an individual’s personality which affects not only his own life but others as well. The success of a team, organization or sometimes even that of nations corresponds to the leaders. Examples are replete with the leaders transforming challenges into opportunities because they were able to bring up huge revolutions in the society.
A leader is the one who inspires people, influence them positively and makes them believe in their potential. Any person can become a leader if his virtues or qualities attract others also in order to do something creative or productive. These productive works done by the leaders are always beneficial for the people at large. Effective leaders always work with people for building teams, alliances and networks.


My strengths regarding leadership situations have helped me face adverse circumstances as well as changing them into achievable goals. These strengths are:
  • Confidence: by keeping my confidence level up even in the times of adversities have helped my team to maintain their morale. It helped me to focus on the larger goal while the situations were enough to make others panic.
  • Commitment: we always expect our team members to become productive and efficient. However, they will do so if they are led by example. So, the part of my job was to motivate others by my commitment toward achieving targets. I am also committed to my promises.
  • Positive attitude: I approach every situation with a positive attitude. I always try to maintain that bringing positivity out of everyone is what motivates my team the most. I know that every member of my team, being a person, wants to strike a perfect balance between productivity and playfulness.  
  • Communicative: communication is an important aspect that helps leaders to instil proper perspective in the people. This is the reason as to why I share my vision and strategies to my team. 
  • Self-awareness: This is one thing that is helping me for a long time as I was needed to be clear what my strengths are and what strengths can I draw from others. This approach allows me to understand others and learn to fully utilize their potential.
  • Honesty: I always try to make a point that whatever I do, I do it with honesty. I always tend to make my team feel like they know where they stand with me all the time.
  • Supportive: I always try to foster a positive atmosphere that allows my team to flourish. It is imperative for my team to get my support to deliver the results.


So far so good for me as far as my strengths are concerned. But, for a long time, I have been grappling with my weaknesses as well. Although I am pretty aware that I should focus more on reducing my weaknesses rather than living with them by working out with few strategies. So, being honest enough, I have to mention them with the hope that by describing them will leave me no choice but rectify them. These are:
  • Listening: Not only me but my team have seen it happen thousands of time that I feel the need to become a genuine listener. However, given that the hard-work that I am habitual of doing, I get very little time to sit back and listen to people extensively. But of late I have started to go to the members of my team and listen to their elaborate concerns. So, I have to keep away my usual self of having been engrossed in my own ideas.
  • Impatience: this is one weakness that has always been with me since childhood. I have tried, but I cannot sit back and relax while all other members of my team are putting their efforts on something important. The frequent asking about the progress of the work underway is not going to help anyone. However, being impatient have sometimes alerted me and prevented the things from getting worse.
  • Emotional Intelligence: I sometimes feel that I also lack emotional intelligence as it is very crucial in testing times. It effectively gives access to the range of your own feelings in order to get insights about ourselves and others. It helps us to introspect the situation very calmly and to balance our feelings so that productive results are yielded.  
  • Misunderstanding motivation: sometimes I have been approached that I may tend to make the mistake of assuming that my team is working for monetary reward. As a matter of fact, I sometimes do feel this way. So, I should concede that it is unlikely that they will find money alone their sole motivation.    


Though the aforementioned weaknesses do not seem to be the ones that are destroying my world, they are needed to be looked into. However, this is where we should restrict ourselves from the temptation of fixing them. Because facts, as well as experts, suggest that it is very difficult to fix our weaknesses. So, we should accept them and leverage our associated strengths with them. We need to recognize the times in order to attain competency in the week area.
Be strategic I am going to improve my ability to see the big picture and take longer range as well as a broader business perspective
Be better listener  I need to pay attention and show others that I value their opinions
Improve Financial Acumen  I have to learn to improve and interpret the financial terms and numbers in order to increase business.
To create my own success plan I need to take onboard my whole team and utilize their potential to carve out a success plan for my business.


As we know, historically as well as according to contemporary times, that leadership is the path on which not only the leader treads but other people walk as well. Therefore, a leader needs to inspire, aspire and instil positivity into others and take initiatives in order to achieve the desired goals fearlessly. These are the fundamental approaches with which a leader leads his team or his nation.

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