Role and Responsibilities of the Manager

After Action Review


After Action Review is a structured process of review to analyze what happened, what was needed to do, why differences happened, and how it can be improved by the team members to get a better result next time. In this paper the after-action review of a team presentation is being done to analyze the performance of the team, what the team has done, what was the expectation of the team, why the team deviated from the topic in question, what can be done to improve the performance of the individual as well as the performance of the team to get better result next time. The team presented a presentation on the topic "The Role and Responsibilities of the Manager." The performance of the entire members of the team was excellent, and the team also got a word of appreciation from the professor on the performance.


The performance of the team in the presentation was excellent. The expectation of the team regarding the quality of work was very high. There was proper coordination among the team members. All of the team members supported each other in finishing the task before the given time. All were responsible as well as accountable for their part. Whenever a member of our team got confused on the matter, other team members helped him out to get a better result. In our view getting a better result does not mean getting good marks, but we wanted to make our presentation accepted by all the listeners or audiences. We were quite good and almost up to the mark during our presentation. All the team members wanted to give their best to get an outstanding result. But one of our team members was not up to the mark in communication skills. Due to the lack of communication skills, the performance of our team reduced a little bit. But all the team members coordinated very well from the beginning until the end of the presentation. During the planning and organizing of the presentation, all are very passionate and enthusiastic regarding the presentation.


Communication is one of the most important parts of the presentation to make the presentation effective. If the communication would not be effective or up to the mark the overall performance of the team as well as individuals would not be effective and up the mark. Communication is a means of getting an excellent result. The effective communication catches the attention of the audiences. When the task was assigned to our team, we were decided to coordinate properly throughout the presentation (from preparation to the delivery of the presentation). All the team members were communicating with each other on every aspect of the presentation. We exchanged our thoughts and ideas to make our presentation effective throughout the task. The team members also communicated with the professor and instructor to keep the task on track. When one of the team members got confused regarding any point, he communicated with the other team member to solve the problem or to get rid of the confusion. So, in short, the level of communication in our team was quite good. However, we faced little difficulty while delivering the final presentation because one of the team members was lacking communication skills. 

Quality Management

All the team members were concerned about the quality work. All of them put their full effort to ensure quality work. The team members supposed to get good marks based on the quality of work. The entire team members gave their best to assure the quality of the work. To maintained the quality of the work the entire team members decided to include a case study to demonstrate the role and responsibilities of a manager and the challenges faced by the managers. It improved the quality of the task and presentation because it provided a quality edge to the presentation. Although all the team members lacked somewhere which reduced the quality of the presentation little bit. For example, one of the team members was not up to the mark regarding Power Points because he was facing difficulties with Google Chrome file conversion. One other team members were lacking in referencing and research. He had lack of knowledge regarding research and referencing the material used from different sources. Another team member was doing too much work. Due to this, the things were becoming more complex and hard to understand for other team members. But overall all the team members ensured a quality work with proper formatting. The work was also free of spelling as well as grammar mistakes.  


Performance matters a lot. Apart from content and the quality of the content overall performance is much needed to get a better result. On the basis of the overall performance, the result is determined. So, the performance should be high to ensure a better result. As far as the performance of our team is concerned, we did an excellent job as a team. From the planning of the task to the presentation of the task we performed well. All the team members were very concerned about the overall performance of the team. Our team members knew that if the performance of the individuals will be good, we will perform well as a team also. So, all of the team members coordinated with each other to get the right things done. From the beginning of the task to the end of the task all the team members did well to be up to the mark. All of us were finding the right way to make the slides and deliver the presentation to catch the attention of the audience. We thought that if we would be able to catch the attention of the audience for the good deed our performance will be high. And so we did.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

The things which ultimately matters during the presentation are knowledge, skills, and abilities of the presenters. Without adequate knowledge of the topic in question, no one can deliver a good task. Apart from knowledge skills and abilities of the presenters is also very important. All the team members had sound knowledge about the topic in question. But there were some constraints with the team members. As it has been discussed above that one of our team members had not sound communication skills. Communication skills are very important, especially for presentation. The other team member was not sound in converting files. Another one was doing much work which was also one of the constraints for quality work. Due to the intense work, the things were becoming complex. But in a team, all of us gave our best to make presentation successful and effective. 

Recommendations for Improvement

No one would be perfect. Always there is scope for improvement for all of us. Despite good performance, there are some areas where we need to improve. We need to focus on some factors to improve our performance next time. Here are some recommendations to improve the performance next time. 
  • We need to focus on the skills required for presentation. The presentation is not an easy task and requires a lot of skills such as making effective slides to catch the attention of the audience and communication skills to deliver the right things.
  • We need to focus and consider all the points required for the presentation. For example, we did not focus properly on the challenges faced by the managers. So, we need to include all the necessary points in the presentation to improve the effectiveness. 
  • We also need to concentrate on the timing and content of the presentation. There is fix time to complete the presentation and if presentation extends from the given timeline mark is deducted. So, we need to think about this also. 
  • We also need to make eye contact with the audiences to make them involved in the presentation.


After action review of the performance of the team indicates that the performance of the team was quite well. All of us gave their best to make the presentation successful, and we are very pleased with the result of our effort. The coordination of the team was excellent. The entire team members were very passionate about the task. We all took the responsibility and accountability on our part and did well. There were some shortcomings, but we did not let the shortcomings dominant us. With the help of proper coordination and proper communication, we ensured quality work and well presentation. The team also got a word of appreciation from the professor and the audience. So, the overall performance of the team was quite good and satisfactory. There are some factors such as communication skills and other skills of presentation which we need to focus on. 

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