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Psychological science


Critical Thinking Module Discussion

The main purpose of the module is to get the learners acquainted with the science of psychology and its relation with human thought process, behaviors and interactions. In the book, “Psychological Science,” Gazzaniga and Halpern (n.d.) have tried to convey to the learners the importance of application of the science of psychology to the sphere of understanding human behavior and nature. 
The key question at the heart of the module is “Why the science of psychology so important in human life?” The authors have tried to address the questions that are related to the significant of psychological science. The authors have also tried to answer the question “Why is it important to use psychological reasoning?” Moreover, the authors have also tried to provide answer to the question, “What are the scientific foundations of psychology?”
The most important information that can be obtained through this module is that psychological reasoning is important to understand because such reasoning enhances our self awareness. The book also provides huge information on recent developments in the field of psychology and it should be considered as a perfect guide in terms of understanding psychological research methodologies. The authors have discussed about facts and they have provided evidence to support their claims, and that is the reason why the study conducted by the authors should be considered as evidence-based. 
It can be assumed that the primary inference that has been drawn in the module is that without psychological reasoning, the concept of self-awareness becomes an incomplete and difficult to understand. In this respect it may be stated that the authors have strived for making the readers understand the significance of psychology in terms of evaluating one’s own behavior and the behavior of others. 
There are some key concepts that have to be understood in this module. Such key concepts include the concept of science and its power and the concept of psychological reasoning. The relationship between biology and behavior and psychology and behavior has also been among the primary issues that the authors are concerned of in this module. 
The authors primarily assume that psychological reasoning is a key concept that has to be understood in order to enhance one’s own capacity of enhancing self-awareness. To evaluate one’s own behavior and the behavior of others it is highly important that one strives for understanding the basics of the science of psychology. 
In this module the authors are trying to explore the relationship between biology and psychology and human behaviors. The relationship between psychological reasoning and self-awareness has also been a major concern that has instigated the authors to conduct the concerned study that has been reflected through the book. 
If readers take seriously what the authors are talking about then they would be helping themselves in making themselves more self aware, and this enhancement in self-awareness would help the readers to evaluate the behavior and approach of others in a much more refined manner. 
But if the readers ignore the importance of what the authors are trying to convey then they would be suffering from the dilemma related to the incapability of judging the self and the behaviors of the others.

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Gazzaniga, M., & Halpern, D. (n.d.). Psychological Science (5th Ed.). New York: W.W. Norton & Company Inc. 

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