Research Beliefs on Health Behavior



Write about your beliefs about health and healthcare behavior (McMurray & Clendon, 2015, p.149-50)




In this paper, I will be discussing health behavior, and I will also share my personal experience regarding health behavior and its consequences on daily life. It is also necessary to have a deep insight about the topic in question which is healthy behavior. Therefore, first of all, I am putting light on the concept of healthy behavior then I will discuss my personal experience and its consequences.
The activity of a person undertaken for the purpose of detecting the disease and preventing from the disease to improve the well-being and health is called health behavior of that person (Sallis et al., 2015). The health behavior of a person has a great impact on the well-being and health of that person. The health behavior of a person can be modified, or in other words, it can be said that the health behavior is modifiable. The health behavior can be held in order to exert the influence of the health behavior on health in three major ways; by recognizing the health risk, by leading to initial recognition or treatment of disease, and by producing biological changes directly (Patel et al., 2015). As health behavior has a great impact on the health so, health improving behavior should be encouraged, and health-damaging behavior should be discouraged.
The health behavior of a person shows his habits and action for the maintenance of health as well as for improving the health through health restoration. The definition of health behavior which has been included in this study includes the compliance with the medical administrations, usage of medical services, and self-directed health behavior (Hayden, 2017). Health behavior could be of two major types; health is improving behavior as well as damaging health behavior. The health improving behavior has a good impact on the health such as consumption of vegetables and fruits, exercise, consumption of healthy diet, etc. while damaging health behavior has a harmful impact on the health such as smoking, consumption of excessive alcohol, high fat consumption, etc.
I was very foodie. I always preferred to eat junk foods. Junk foods are the foods which contain a high level of calories (fat and sugar) with a low level of required nutrition such as protein, minerals, vitamins, and fiber (Waddingham et al., 2015). We know that junk foods are not healthy to eat and should avoid eating of junk foods. The eating pattern of mine was very rough. I always wanted to eat. I never thought about having an eating pattern to live healthy and happy. I did not eat food out of hunger. Eating junk foods had become my hobby and interest. Due to my eating pattern, I gained lots of weight. I became a victim of obesity.  


With the passage of time, I started feeling that I should lose weight. I was unhappy with my appearance and was constantly feeling lethargic and lazy. I was feeling very demoralized and had very low self-esteem where to a point I did not want to leave my house and socialize with anyone.
I decided to change my eating pattern to lose some weight as well as be healthy and happy with my life. I decided to give up hobby and interest of eating junk food which has a negative impact on my health. I started losing weight through the proper eating pattern. I changed my diet from junk foods, sugar and oily foods, and alcohol. I decided to completely cut out the consumption of carbohydrates. I was recommended to have a balanced diet consist of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. To avoid my initial eating pattern and have a healthy diet I started eating vegetables and fruits. I made a proper eating pattern for myself and included all the nutrition food in my pattern and avoided all the junk foods. I was so determined towards my health, so I also decided to cook my meal as well although it was difficult for me to cook my meal. I also initiated counting the calories intake. I also decided to do some physical exercise as it is very useful for burning calories. Physical exercise is very helpful in making ourselves healthy and happy. It helps in losing weight. Physical exercise helps us in making ourselves physically fit (Westerberg et al., 2017). Physical health is one of the most important determinants of healthy behavior. If a person is not physically fit he would not be either mentally fit, emotionally fit, spiritually fit, intellectually fit. I was also in the same situation where I was neither mentally, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually nor physically fit. Physical fitness is very necessary to keep ourselves healthy and happy in all the dimensions of well-being (Westerberg et al., 2017). The most important determinant of healthy behavior is physical health.  The eating pattern or nutrition determines the physical health of the people significantly. The physical health of an individual shows overall well-being of the individual. A physically unhealthy person would not be emotionally healthy, intellectually healthy, spiritually healthy, and mentally healthy. Therefore, physical health is very important to keep all other dimensions well-being healthy. The physical health of a person allows him or her to function properly. Therefore, physical health is very important for us to keep ourselves involved in our daily life work (Westerberg et al., 2017). 
Here we need to understand the concept of eating pattern or nutrition. 

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Eating pattern/ Nutrition 

There are several health behaviors such as eating patterns or nutrition, physical activity (exercise), sun protection, health screening, and sexual behavior. All of the health behaviors are very important for keeping ourselves healthy and fit (Mott et al., 2016). But eating pattern or nutrition is one of the most important health behaviors which have a great impact on the health and well-being. Eating pattern is very important because it is the basic which need to be focused on keeping ourselves fit and healthy. Eating pattern of a person influences disease state, mortality, mental condition, and physical health. There are six dimensions of wellness such as occupational, social, spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual (National Research Council, 2014). Eating pattern or nutrition health behavior of a person helps in achieving all the dimension of wellness. 

Risky Behavior 

As I was fully determined to lose weight, and for that, I changed my eating pattern and included all the nutrition foods in my eating habit. I was very eager to lose weight quickly so that I also started skipping meals. Sometimes I did not take breakfast, sometimes I skipped lunch, and sometimes I used to skip dinner. I thought that if I do not eat food at all, I will lose weight quickly. But instead of losing weight quickly I became a victim of starvation. Starvation is a form of malnutrition in our body. Malnutrition can be defined as excesses, deficiencies, or imbalance in the intake of food, energy, or nutrients of a person (Labuschange et al., 2016). Skipping food is very dangerous for all the dimensions of health. As it leads to starvation, it would also disturb the physical health, mental health, emotional health, intellectual health as well as spiritual health. Starvation is a situation when our bodies do not have enough nutrition to function properly. Starvation also leads to many diseases in our body. Lack of enough nutrition in the body is the source of many diseases. As I felt that I am starving, I led me to more unhappy state. I became more tensed. Then I thought that it is very difficult for me to lose weight. I thought that I could not lose weight because if I am eating I am gaining weight and if I am skipping a meal I am facing the problem of starvation. Then I decided to consult with a doctor to properly design my eating pattern which improves my health condition effectively and efficiently. After consulting with the doctor, I decided not to skip a meal because doctor also instructed me strictly to not to skip a meal even of a single time. With the help of doctor, I again changed my eating pattern and included some more nutritious foods to improve my health effectively. With the passage of time, I started losing weight which made me happy and satisfied.


I have a quite good experience regarding losing my weight. However, I faced lots of difficulties throughout my journey of losing weight. When I thought of losing weight, I quite satisfied that I will lose weight significantly as well as quickly. I was also excited because I was very curious to lose weight. As I was very unhappy with my weight and wanted to lose weight very quickly so that I can also go out of the home and enjoy. But after some time when I faced the problem of starvation due to skipping the meals I faced lots of difficulties. I became a pessimist and thought that I count not lose weight. I became very unhappy. But after consulting with the doctor, I felt good. When I started losing weight, I became very happy. I was quite satisfied with my performance. So, overall it was a quite good experience.


After going through my journey of losing weight, I can say that it is very tough to lose weight. I personally faced a lot of difficulties throughout my journey. After gaining too much weight to become a victim of starvation is a very tough time for anybody. So, I would say that we should have a proper plan for every activity including eating habit. We should strictly focus on our eating pattern. Health is one of the most important gifts of God, and it is our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy. Eating pattern greatly determines our health and well-being. Therefore, we should be careful all the time and we should eat only healthy food with proper nutrition. We should avoid junk foods as much as we can because if we gain weight it would be very tough to lose weight. 


Obesity is one of the major issues nowadays. It is very tough to lose weight and my personal experience also says the same thing (Skinner et al., 2016). I went through a very tough time in my life. I did not care for about my health and I paid very high cost of it. At a time I became pessimist that I could not lose weight. But I was determined to lose weight so I kept trying. If I had not lost weight I would have done nothing in my life. I was fed up of my weight. I should have been very careful in the initial days of my life. I should not have been foodie. I should have proper eating pattern. Not only I should have proper eating pattern but all the people should have it because eating pattern greatly affect our health and well-being. 

Action Plan

I would try my best to not to gain weight in my future again as it is very difficult task to lose weight. It is a very big deal to lose weight. I would follow my eating pattern which has been suggested by the doctor throughout my life. But if in case I will face the same situation in my future I will met the doctor soon to change my eating pattern. I will regularly monitor my intake. I would take only nutrition food and avoid all those foods which will impact my health negatively. 
There are several factors which influenced my beliefs regarding this health behavior such as social-economic factors, age, ethnicity, personality and knowledge. Apart from these the following factors also influenced my beliefs such as fashionable trends, clinical advice, advice of friends and family members. All these factors influence greatly my health behavior. It can be better understood with the help of a health belief model. 

The health beliefs model is applied to a wide range of subject population and health behavior. The broad areas of this model are preventive health behavior, sock role behavior, and clinic use. The modifying factors help the population to change the beliefs and adopt healthy behavior instead of risky behavior. 
The beliefs of every individual are different from each other. It is not necessary that everyone will follow my beliefs due to the differences in beliefs and perception. If anyone is not following my beliefs of health behavior it is not a big deal. I would try to convince him/her to not to follow my beliefs but at least follow the path of healthy behavior. I would tell him or her about the consequences of eating junk foods. I would tell him or her about the difficulties which will arise after gaining too much weight. I would try to convince him or her through real-life example. I will provide him some videos of such people as well as I also share my personal experience with him. I would also show them the difficulties which a person with high weight faces. 


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