Report on Preliminary Investigation for the Precision Electronics Parts

1. Introduction 

This report is based on the preliminary investigation for the precision Electronics Parts , Inc, it is a small business company that has the specialization in electronics.  It is located in Kansas from last 20 years. This company mainly manufactured the electronics parts that are used in different fields such as hospital’s, pharmacies etc.  Recently, the Precision Electronics Part, Inc. started the manufacturing of a low voltage motor that is really efficient and power full. The demand of the mortar is increasing regularly so there are arising some problems to the company to manage the invoicing and the payments of the customers. The shipping and the ordering department both are facing the problem that’s why the finance department trying to recover the all issues but this is not good for all over business health. Thus this is the introduction about the Precision Electronics parts, Inc.
Now the company wants to get free from this problem. The Mark Temple is the Chief information officer in the Precision Electronics Parts, Inc. He is the head of the whole Information technology department in the company.  He has the responsibility to maintain the well progress in the company. Now, the company wants to replace the old payment and the billing system by some new billing system that can overcome the drawback of the previous system. Thus  to maintain the company economic growth  the Mark temple (CIO) advised to CFO, COO and CEO about the most beneficial IT projects that can helps them to recover from the payment and the billing problem. Thus they contact to independent business analyst who has some specialization in the information technology to study about the system problem and get some beneficial results to overcome the problem.
The investigation is performed by the Kim George who is the information technology business analyst and has the specialization to providing the solution in the information Technology for the small business development.  The investigator is responsible to create a document that contains the proper business problems, replacing solution for that problem and also the feasibility analysis for that new applied solution also.
Thus this is the whole introduction for this report which contains the proper introduction of the business or the system or we can say that the problem, and the investigator who initiate the process and also about the investigator who perform the investigation for the complete business. 

2. Problem to be solved

This phase of the report contains the whole information about the problems occurred in the system. The company Precision Electronic Parts, Inc. is a small company and as I have described in the introduction part of the assignment the company starts the manufacturing of a new low voltage efficient motor. The motor is more efficient as per the experience that is the reason that the order of the motor are increasing regularly.
The company also tries to enlarge their sells and the marketing department but they are not able to properly enlarge them. The company doing their best as per their schedule but due to the lot of orders they fail to overcome the problem. There continuously arising the problem for payment and billing. There all billing and the payment are handling by the finance department but it will decrease the overall economic growth of the company. So it is the main problem to replace the current payment and the billing system. Thus this is the main problem that needed to be solved for the Precision Electronic Parts, Inc. 

3. Findings

The findings in this report contains the multiple aspects such as scope of the system, constraints on the system, fact finding and the current cost of the system also. The findings are achieved by the taking the interview of company members which are positioned on the multiple posts.
Thus are all finding aspects as per the interview of the company persons are given as follows in the terms of the scope of the system, constraints including the fact finding and the current cost also.

3.1 Scope of the system

The scope of the proposed system is described as per the findings collected with help of the interview of the people of the company.  As per the finding of the proposed system the customer billing must be handle by the Invoice department that is further report to the voice president or business administration. The customer payment must be handling by the account receivable department and this is further reported to the CFO.
There as per the finding of the proposed system the billing and the payment  systems are managed and then recorded by the in-house developed Microsoft access based solution this solution is developed and managed by the Information technology department. This is further updated on the request from the invoice and account receivable department. Thus this is the scope or the boundary of the system. 

3.2 Constraints on the system

There are multiple constraints on the proposed system that are described as follows. The order and the shipping department sends the monthly report to the invoicing and the prices are computed based on the product codes this is one of the main constraints. The invoices are generated and mailed to the customer bills on the last business day of the each calendar month.
There is one more constraint that 2% of additional charges applied to all of the customers whose fee is over due by 30 days or more. There are offered constraints on the multiple types of discounts such as 5%, 10% and 15% discount. The editions in the invoicing of the each customer where required are made by the 10th date of the calendar month. Thus these are the whole constraints of the findings about the proposed solution.

3.3 Fact Finding

The fact findings contain significant findings about the proposed system.  As per the findings the customer account must contains the multiple significant things such as Customer Organization Name, customer city, customer state, customer street address, zip code, customer names including first name and the second name, customer phone number list, email address these are the customer personal details the proposed system will also contain the information about the product such as product name, product ship date, product ordered date, quantity etc.
The proposed system also contains the information about the amount such as total amount, paid amount of the product and also due amount of the product.  These are some facts that must be included by the proposed system that will be used to replace the current billing and the payment system.  The new replacing system will also contain the system generated invoice number. Thus this is the whole description about the fact finding.

3.4 Current cost of the system 

This information contains the cost of the current payment and the bulling system.  As per the whole case study the current system is has some predefined cost but it does not include any cost for the system generated resources. Thus the company does not have any budget for the new replacement of the system and they want to operate the company forward towards the growth. Thus this is whole description about the current cost of the system. 
Thus there are explained the whole required aspects for the findings of the proposed system to overcome the drawback of the current payment and the billing system of the Precision Electronic Parts, Inc. Company in Kansas.

4. Feasibility Analysis 

The feasibility Analysis in the report is not included the whole process that how the proposed system is going to be technically, financially and the organizationally feasibly but this discussion about the proposed system that what aspects there in the proposed system which will make the entire system feasible by technically, financially and by the organizationally also.  Thus the feasibility analysis of the proposed system is described as follows in brief.

4.1 Technical Feasibility

The proposed system for the payment and the billing system of the company will be the technically feasible because the all bills and the invoices will be the system generated and they will have a unique number so there will not exist any confusion between multiple customers at the time when there occurs the high rate of the customer. There in the proposed system all reports are sent monthly by the system and all day count of the dates and the calendar are systems generated so there are no chances for the mistakes. Thus these are some aspects which make the proposed system technically feasible.

4.2 Financially feasibility

The proposed system is financially feasible because there are many aspects of the proposed which makes it financially feasible these aspects are described as follows: 
The proposed system has the proper maintains about the fee or the money deposit by the customer and it also maintain the proper information about the due money and also the due deadline about the payment. According to the proposed system if the here arise the due or the due date then the system will automatically apply the due additional charges that 2% define by the company so there are no chances for the financial losses so we can say that the proposed system is financially feasible.

4.3 Organizational feasibility

The organizational feasibility is also referred as the Behavioral feasibility this shows the ability of the system that how much it is feasible with the organization or the company or we can say that it shows that how much the proposed system is familiar with the organization.  As per the aspects of the proposed system this system is organizationally feasible with the organization. There are many aspects which shows its feasibility such as customer billing is handled by the invoice department and it also further goes to the voice president so we can say the this whole process of use makes it more usable or the organizational feasible. Thus we can say that the proposed system is organizationally feasible.

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5. Recommendation 

 The recommendation of this report contains the estimated cost budget and the time required to complete the whole proposed system or to implement the system and it also contains the benefits of the proposed system that are described as follows:

5.1 Estimation of cost and time

This contains the whole estimated cost and time that is required to implement to the entire proposed system. Thus as per the whole investigation about the prior payment and the billing system and also about the proposed system we can say that after gathering the information the proposed system will required at least 2-3 months to implement computer generated system as the proposed system and later then it will take at least 1 month for the testing of the entire proposed developed system. The estimated cost of the proposed system is not too high it’s totally depends upon the current system’s developer and the tester of the system. Thus this is the estimated cost and the time for the proposed system.

5.2 Expected benefits 

The proposed system contains the list of benefits that can be the tangible benefits and the intangible benefits also. Thus the lists of all benefits are described as follows:
  1. The proposed system has some financial benefits such no one can make any type of scam in the payment.
  2. The proposed system provides the less overhead to manage things because all things are system generated.
  3. The proposed system provides the paper less strategy for the company.
  4. The proposed system has a systematic structure of work thus it maintains the word in an order.
Thus these are the whole benefits about the proposed system.  

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