Relationship between Maternal Health and Infant Mortality

Relationship between spending on maternal health and infant mortality - Reflective report


This paper is defining the learning experience that I have gained through working on both assessment 1 and assessment 2 project reports. Both of these projects have shared relevant experience and knowledge with me. With the help of this paper, one can easily understand my learning process, experience, as well as future implications. This also motivates the readers to carry out different projects related to their subjects and improve knowledge as well as personal experience to develop future. Both of the assessments 1 or 2 are based on topic "Relationship with spending on maternal health and infant mortality." Both assessments are completed in a particular research sequence which came with improved learning experiences and best outcomes. This paper will guide the target audience about how they can prepare reflective reports to share their knowledge and experiences with others. On the other hand, it will also give a standard knowledge about the learning process that is adopted during any research activity.

Effectiveness of the Learning Experience

I have gained effective learning experience by working on the project named as “Relationship with spending on maternal health and infant mortality.” It teaches me how I can use the research planning process in a right direction to produce desired outcomes. The use of research planning process in a right direction facilitates my working with better outcomes as well as trustworthy results. The research planning process that I have used in both assessment includes; determination of project scope, literature review, research methodology, data analysis and interpretation, and findings as well. This research planning process helps me to integrate the project with more specified outcomes. I think that the learning experience that has been gained through the project is quite fruitful. It is because the project working has been shared the knowledge of different business research methods, and importance of professional ethics within the research project. The knowledge about both things improved my professional as well as behavioral skills and gave me an option to develop my career within the research and analysis field. I believe that the effective follow-up of professional ethics is necessary to avoid any barrier or problem within the research project. This motivates and encourages me to adopt different professional ethics while working on different projects and keep them updated with the changes in project requirements. The experience that I have gained through this project is quite valuable for me. It is because the experience does not improve my existing skills but also bring changes in behavior. This encourages me to think about the business research process and apply it effectively in other business scenarios. Moreover, the experience is valuable because it teaches me how to address different ethical issues arise during a business research project. It makes me prepare to deal with uncertain conditions and maintain the efficiency of the project. Therefore, it is right to say that my learning experience is very well and valuable as the learning experiences of other researchers.

How the learning process prove useful

The learning experience that I have gained through working on both assessments will prove fruitful in my course, program, future, and life as well. The reason behind the usefulness of learning experiences are several and come in wide varieties. The first and foremost use of learning experience is in my course. For example, the assessment 1 or 2 teach me the different business research methods, and processes as well. The knowledge of both the things will serve as a base in my overall course. It is because the main motive of my course is to teach about business research and same is taught by both projects. Therefore, it is right to say that the gained learning experience improve my overall performance as well as knowledge of course. This knowledge will give me an option to come forward in comparison to other students. On the other hand, it can also say that my learning experience also fruitful for the program as well. It is because the program will share the information about the different business research methods and use of different statistical tools. In a similar manner, my learning experience awards me the advanced knowledge about the different research aspects. This advance knowledge strengthens my program base as well as practical knowledge of different research variants. So, it can also say that my learning experience serves in the program as well. Apart from this, the most important favor of learning experience is the development of future as well as life. The gained experience will help me to grasp prevailing career growth opportunities to prove my efficiency. This efficiency and experience further results in improved lifestyle and thinking as well. That’s why it is right to say that the gained experience and knowledge help me to develop the future, life, program and course aspects also. 

What Happened in the Learning Process?

There are a lot of things that happened in the learning process. The first thing that I did is the use of primary and secondary research sources. The primary research sources are utilized to find whether there is a negative and positive correlation between maternal health expenditure and infant mortality rate or not? On the other hand, the secondary research did with the purpose to satisfy the secondary research questions like what is the relevance of spending money on materiality healthcare and various others. In order to perform the better use of these sources, I read the findings of different other scholars. This has been done to gain significant knowledge about how to apply the different research methods to produce desired outcomes. I also hear from most of the colleagues that secondary research is very fruitful than the primary research. But I did not agree with the statement and went with both primary and secondary research study to generate research specific outcomes. Another thing that I did is the application of different hypothesis. The hypothesis is determined as per the identified primary and secondary research questions. During the determination of research hypothesis, I saw the working of other scholars and learned how the hypothesis could satisfy the use of different statistical tools. Therefore, the understanding of hypothesis applications helped me to integrate the project with specific outcomes and gain the attention of a wide range of audiences. Moreover, I also did the quantitative study to satisfy the project aim and produce desired outcomes. The idea to use the quantitative study taken from previous researches and applied in a practical sense. Therefore, I can say that my learning process is a combination of different elements that I have applied through observing, and reading the idea and findings of different research scholars.

Evaluation of learning

I have made different observations in my business research. These observations are in the form of research hypothesis and questions form. The use of business research facilitates me in accomplishment and satisfaction of these observations. It is the business research which award the satisfaction of observations will solid base and reason. This base and reason reduce my business research problems and limitations as well. It is because I am able to support my opinion with valid reasons and argument. On the other hand, it is right to say that the business research reduces the complexity of my research learning process. It is because the business research teaches me how to apply the different research methodologies in a practical manner and get significant outcomes. With the help of such knowledge, I applied different research methodologies to satisfy project aim and get desired outcomes. Another important thing is that the use of business research also guide me about how I can comply with the primary and secondary research sources. The business research also gives me significant knowledge about the importance and role of primary and secondary research sources in a research study. This helped me enough in completing the project as per specific requirements and through the use of required tools and techniques. Apart from this, business research also guides me about the use of quantitative research sources to generate required outcomes. Therefore, it can be said that the use of business research strengthens my knowledge as well as a research base to carry out the project with required specifications and efficiency. So, it is right to say that the business research use helped me enough in research learning process.

Explanation of Learning Process

In both assignment 1 and 2, I did a large number of activities to support the research findings. The main activities that I have done are literature review collection, use of different research methodologies, and provide research findings on the basis of collected responses. All of these activities are performed for different reasons. For example, the first activity is done in both assignment 1 and assignment 2 is a determination of research background. The research background is prepared to get the necessary information about the problem statement and project aim and objectives. On the other hand, another reason behind the preparation of background statement is to support the target audience understanding by providing a summarize glimpse of the whole project. On the other hand, another activity performed in reference to learning experience is the use of literature review. The literature review is presented in both assignments with the sole reason to find the answer to primary and secondary research questions through secondary sources. The literature review is an important mean of getting necessary information through the use of secondary research sources. The collection of literature review served as a base for the audience which gives them the significant knowledge about the different aspects of determined research questions. Furthermore, the preparation of research methodology is another activity considered in the assignment 1 and 2. The research methodology is used for the sole reason of integrating the research report and outcomes with the use of prevailing research sources. The research methodology also used to describe the research sources that have been used to collect the information regarding different research questions. Moreover, the most important activity covered in assignment 1 projects timeline or schedule. The main reason behind the determination of project timeline is to give significant information about the possible timeline of project accomplishment. With the help of this, the research team can prepare themselves as per project timeline. Therefore, it can be said that I perform all these activities with a sole motive to satisfy developed hypothesis and find the answer of determined research questions. 

How the learning will apply in near future

I have gained a lot of practical as well as theoretical knowledge through working on both assignments. The first and foremost knowledge that I have gained is how to use the different primary and secondary sources to gain significant outcomes. This experience is very relevant for me because it is associated with my research subject which is business research. My research subject or course teaches me the theoretical knowledge about different research aspects. But the working on both assignment strengthens my practical knowledge and skills as well. With the help of this practical experience, I can perform a lot of research activities in the different field and develop the career in the similar field. Moreover, it is right to say that the advanced knowledge about different business research aspects enhances my capability to deal with different uncertain situations and maintain the efficiency of research outcomes. In addition, it is also right to say that I can apply my practical as well as theoretical knowledge in future growth. The improved knowledge and understandings will bring a lot of growth opportunities through which I can develop my career in the required field. The practical experience that I have gained through working on both projects teaches how I can use the project management software to prepare research timeline or schedule for a particular project. The working knowledge of this software enhances my capability to plan a subsequent and effective timeline plan so that research objectives can accomplish as per the desired schedule.
Apart from this, it can also say that the learning will not only apply to the course and future profession but also on life. It is because the course and career progress both will result in effective lifestyle. There will be subsequent finance to fulfill the basic requirements. Moreover, I will also have a reputed career status with which I can develop my image in existing society. Therefore, it is right to say that the working on both assignments gives me an opportunity to learn new things and apply them in future to get recognized jobs. So, I can say that the experience of both projects shared brilliant knowledge with me and improved existing behavior also.  


After studying all this, I can conclude that working on both assignments shared the effective learning experience with me and enhance the capability to deal with unforeseen situations. Moreover, it also aware me about the different business research processes that will prove fruitful for carrying out a project in the required direction. With the help of such knowledge and critical thinking, I can avail a lot of growth opportunities to develop my career in research and analysis field. Therefore, it is right to say that the learning experiences of both assignments were very interesting and fabulous for me. It is because the learning experiences enhanced my theoretical as well as practical skills which further serve as a competitive factor and strength for me in the near future.

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