Relationship between Internet of Thing (IoT) and Voice-activated (i.e. Apple Siri)

Summarize the relationship between Internet of Thing (IoT) and Voice-activated (i.e. Apple Siri ), and talk out privacy issues. 
The Internet of things (IOT) is an arrangement of integrated processing devices, mechanical and computerized machines, items, people, or animal that are furnished with one of unique identifiers and exchange information to the system without the requirement for human-to-human or computer to human interaction. (Miorandi, Sicari, Pellegrini, & Chlamtac, 2012). Voice Activated or Voice Command Device(VCD) are those devices which are controlled by the voice of a human.
This has made it easier for a person to continue his task with a busy hand while there is no need to push any button. This is also sometimes known as a voice-controlled personal assistant (VCPA). Software like Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Windows Cortana etc. are working on virtual assistance. This software can perform services or task on a command of the individual. (Lin & Chen, 2012). Both work on internet and transfers information with the help of internet. Both works on the technology of virtual assistant software and modern gadgets are made on the technology of artificial intelligence. 

Security and Privacy Issues

One of the major privacy issues with such a device or software is that they used to communicate with the individual, send the information to servers, and after that, they used to send the information back to the individual and stored information is sent to data researchers and health units.  In the era of the Internet of Things, the information supply chain encounters new challenges for enterprises, regulators, and consumers. (Ashton, n.d.).
If a smartphone or computer acts as a remote for other devices, the control may be lost. In the case of computers and smartphones, this hack can be removed and often overlooked. In another sense, control of information gathered about clients of an ever-increasing number of organizations can be lost. This information often depicts a definite picture of individual clients through the group of online activities, whatever you look for, the greater part of your exercises is web-based, being followed by organizations that utilize that information.
Security issues in most PC frameworks are fixed through general updates. In any case, IOT gadgets cannot be easily composed with the capacity to patch up their software, which implies that security issue can be untouched for a long time. Because of IOT gadgets, there is likewise a hazard, particularly with a long time span of usability, that the manufacturer will quit supporting, or become bankrupt. (Atzori, Iera, & Morabito, 2010).

Analysis of Survey

We surveyed 40 peoples based on the questions and now we will analyze them:
Gender: We surveyed 40 people out of which 25 were Male and 15 Female. 
Age: Out of 40 people 10 people were aged between 15-25 years, 13 people were aged between 25-35 years, 12 people were between 34-45 year and remaining 5 people were aged above 45 years. 
How frequently they were accessing the internet: 30 people said that were accessing internet daily 5 people said they access it thrice a week while 3 people said they used to access internet twice in a month and only 1 was not using the internet. 
Awareness of term IoE and IoT: Well among 40 people only 5 said yes because they were familiar with Cortana and Siri, but rest was not aware of these terms.  They were feeling happy with this concept, according to them these gadgets used to make their work easy. 
Best features of “IoE” and “IoT”: Out of 40 people 10 said that these technologies have improved connectivity, while 2 agreed with better security and privacy, 8 amongst them go with batter connection and exchange data and the remaining 20 were having other ideas. 
IoE” and “IoT” have the ability to solve any problem: 30 people said yes and 10 said no. Most of the people said as this is a new concept and they are not very familiar with this although they were aware of Cortana, Siri, and Google Now. 
Impact on daily life: 5 people said that their life, because they were using those devices in their daily life, is impacted but rest said no. 

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