Relational Database Model and Web Based Network


Question: Relational Database Model and Web Based Network


A Relational Database Model is an arrangement of composed data items as a set of formally portrayed tables, in which the data or information can be used or reconnected in a wide range of routes without reorganizing the database tables. Development of Relational Databases was done by E.F. Code in IBM in 1970. (Codd, 1982)
Relational databases incorporate various types of CRM, business applications, and billing programs. These databases used to provide powerful MIS tools to the leaders of business, however, the systems behind a relational database additionally apply borders. These imperfections are clear inside the database, as well as in those components. Business applications access information.


RDM is used globally as: 
•    This model is easy to use as information stored is in the form of tables and row. So, it is easily visible and presentable. 
•    It is very flexible; a user can easily link and extract the data.
•    There is the use of algebra and calculus.
•    Security level is high as permission might be required. 
•    Performance of machines is the major limitation of the Relational Database Model
•    Consumption of physical storage. 

Web-Based Network

Intranet, Internet, WWW, and extranet have influenced people globally. It has greatly affected the uses of data and their types that are available to the business leaders. Currently, clients can utilize the huge amount of information in these resources, which encourages them to examine the data in a more prominent amount with the goal that they can have the capacity to settle on better choices influencing themselves or different companies. (Warner & Sunderraman, 1999)
Internet and network allow individuals and business personnel must communicate and share information with each other. With the help of Internet technology, it's been never easy before for an organization to do business online. (Barry M. Leiner, 2003)
•    Huge database.
•    Powerful Analytical Tools for animations and graphics.
•    Adoption of SQL and RDBMS.
•    Mobile Data Access with the help of Mobility. 
•    Offline Data with the help of mirroring
•    Web 2.0.    
SQL was the latest Database software I had used; the software was quite complicating and requires a lot of training. 


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