Reflective Writing on Learning Experience

Reflective Writing on Learning Experience


In this paper, I have defined my learning experience and knowledge with the target audiences. The main motive behind writing the reflective paper is to express what I learned through working on the business research paper. The target audience can easily gain sufficient information about my knowledge and practical experience through this paper. It has been expressed through defining effectiveness and knowledge of the learning experience, and process. Therefore, it is right to say that the business research working shared a variety of knowledge and practical experience with me.

Effectiveness and usefulness of the Learning Experience

My opinion regarding the learning experience is that the big data research project taught me a large variety of information. It does not only teach me the importance of big data in business organizations but also how they utilize it effectively to produce beneficial outcomes. I think that the learning experience of this project is quite effective and beneficial than other projects. It is because of relevancy and popularity of the chosen project. The big data is utilized in the business organizations in a large range of facilities. Furthermore, I also believe that the practical experience of this project will bring a lot of growth opportunities for me. It does not strengthen only my existing knowledge but also brings shine in career. Therefore, I can say that the practical experience of the research project improves my career.
Moreover, I can also say that the learning and practical experience of the research project are very valuable for me. There are several reasons behind this statement. The first and foremost reason is that the chosen topic is very familiar and popular in today’s scenario. Therefore, the learning and practical experience on chosen research topic will consider by each private and government organization. This will enhance the chance of getting a growth opportunity to develop my career. On the other hand, another reason is that it strengthens my existing knowledge. The research on the use of big data sources enhances my knowledge about research methods, benefits of the use of big data for business organizations, products utilizes to access big data, and how to utilize research resources. So, it can be said that the learning experience of this project is quite fruitful and valuable for me as well as other individuals.

Usefulness of learning Experience and process

The experience that I have gained through this project will prove very beneficial for my career. It does not influence not only course knowledge but also the program, future career, and life. The first and the foremost influence is of course knowledge. With the help of this project, I can get practical knowledge about different aspects and concepts of my course. This strengthens the knowledge base and encourages me to gain high marks in comparison to other students. On the other hand, another influence of my learning experience is on program knowledge. The learning experience and process of this project encouraged me to apply the same on my day to day initiatives (Vicary, 2016). This effect my initiatives in favor of the chosen program.
Apart from this, the learning experience and process also have an influence on my future career and life. It shows me a path to move further and improve a career. The learning experience will bring a lot of growth opportunities to represent my skills and efficiencies in front of others. Moreover, the working on this project improves my life by increasing knowledge and make me more confident. Therefore, it is right to say that there are a lot of benefits of learning experience and process that I have gained through working on the research project. In addition, I will transfer or apply the practical experiences and new knowledge through offering guidance and seminars to my juniors. I will guide the junior employees in the collection of big data and make their perfect use to develop business strategy. My experience will serve as a guide for them. So, it can be said that I will face a lot of benefits and growth opportunities by gaining practical experience from the project.

What happened in the Learning Process?

I did a lot of tasks in the learning process. The first and foremost task is to perform the research functions effectively to produce desirable and true outcomes. In order to conduct the research in a right direction, I have taken help from a lot of previous research papers. I read their published sources and get hints from their published findings. With the help of a combination of such previous readings, I prepared literature review for the paper. It served as a core ingredient in enhancing knowledge of target audience and defining the overall base of chosen research topic (John Walker, 2014). Apart from this, I read other online sources also to support the paper with latest findings. From most of the individuals and classmates, I hear that my chosen research topic is not popular. But I had a confidence and proved it through preparing a latest and high-class research paper. Apart from this, I evaluated the research initiatives and steps of other scholars also. This helped me to prepare the paper as per latest demand and current requirements. On the basis of integration of all knowledge and readings, I able to attract a lot of individuals towards my findings. Therefore, it can be said that the learning process is a combination of a lot of research, findings, and application.

Observations and knowledge gained through business research

During the business research, I have made a large number of observations. The first and foremost observation is that the use of big data in a business organization is quite a relevant topic in today's scenario. This observation has been made through looking the continuous growth among use of big data in organizations. I have seen a lot of business organizations which are performed their planning on the basis of big data. They utilized the big data to decide their strategies and determine costs as well (John Walker, 2014). Apart from this, another observation is that the use of big data will prove beneficial for business organizations in each situation. The judgment regarding this observation is being performed through evaluating the dependence of organizations on the use of big data among operations. Apart from this, it is also observed that the big data use will prove fruitful for each unauthorized and unrecognized organizations. All these observations motivate me to conduct the business research in an adequate direction. Apart from this, it can be said that business research proved very beneficial and useful for my research learning process. It is because the business research taught me the latest concepts and aspects of big data use in today's scenario. This motivates me to conduct in-depth research and find out latest findings with well-supported arguments. That's why I can say that observations and knowledge gained through business research proved very effective in my research learning process.

Learning Process 

The main reason behind performing the particular activities regarding assignment 1 or 2 is the popularity of the chosen topic. I have selected the topic by looking its popularity among business houses. While working on this project, I was feeling nervous and stressed. It is due to a high fear of mistake occurrence. But soon I became frequent and perfect with my business research activities. On the other hand, another reason behind the particular activities is standard appropriateness (Cheng, 2017). I wanted to prepare the research paper as per research standards. That's why I did the activities regarding assignment 1 or 2. 
Application of learning in Practical Manner
I have learned a lot of knowledge by working on the research project. I will apply the knowledge and practical knowledge in my career. The first area where I will utilize the learned knowledge is decision-making. The research paper on the use of big data has enhanced my existing skills and supported knowledge. This personal experience will prove fruitful in making decisions and define business strategies. On the other hand, another application area is research and investigation. The practical experience of this business research has informed me about research process and methods. This knowledge can significantly apply to conduct effective research practices.


After studying all this, it can be said that the business research report has been improved my existing knowledge and skills in an effective manner. It is clearly defined in the above-mentioned sections. The business research report working was a great experience for me. I considered this valuable as my career.


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