Reflective Journal as Business Research

Reflective Journal - Business Research


This reflective journal contains my experience in doing the research project and undertaking the entire individual as well as the group assignments as a part of this research project (WALRAVEN, 2017). This has been a worthwhile learning experience for me and the details of the learning assimilated and future implications have been discussed in this report.


Initially, there were various constrains faced in conducting the research such as uncertainties regarding the chosen data collection processes. There were uncertainties about whether approval would be received for the purpose of conducting the primary data collection procedure (Appalachian State University, 2018). There were dilemmas regarding the right research methodology to be adopted for this particular research. Initially, there were issues related to gaining approval for conducting the interview with the manager and the survey with the executives of the organization. However, the perseverance and determination of our group members succeeded in gaining the approval from the HR of the organization to conduct the interview and surveys with their employees. 
The research was done through ample teamwork and naturally there were various clashes of opinion and perspectives but all of the members handled that with responsibility and professionalism. We made one of our professors our mentor and in case of any major decision-making situation we visited him for his valuable suggestions and he obliged us always. I took the role of the leader of the group and I fixed the timings of the group meetings and took the lead in most of the situations. I have undertaken a participative form of leadership where I duly considered the views and suggestions of my peers in the group before taking any major decision. There were various challenging circumstances which we had to face in due course of conducting the research in different phases. 
One of the prime concerns was the management of time effectively in the various phases of the research. Being the leader, I was in charge of making the entire research timeline in which I had to allocate the number of days for each phase of the research so that the various stages of the research are completed within the stipulated period of time. I also had to take care of the budget and other constraints so that they do not exceed beyond the limit. Apart from these I had to take care of the ethical considerations in the research work such that all the stages of the study are conducted within the ethical premises and at no stage a breach has been indulged in (Myrko Thum, 2008).


In conclusion, it can be said that the said research study has been a key learning experience for me and my group members. The research has made it possible for me to implement the theoretical knowledge and learning in the practical domain effectively. Apart from the knowledge assimilation in the domain of conducting a research study and completing it successfully, this project has made it possible for me to learn the important tasks such as time management, indulging in group activities and leading a team. The learning experience and knowledge that I have gathered will help me in conducting the future research projects with much confidence and I can showcase more skills, expertise and creativity in the future research studies.


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