Reflection of Nursing Care

Choose an image that best illustrates what caring means to you and describe why you have chosen this image to signify how you feel about caring. Describe how your view of caring may influence you as a nurse in the future and discuss what you believe is important as a beginning nurse. Reflect on how you will develop your own individual philosophy of professional caring.


In today’s world, nursing is considered to be one of the noblest professions as it deals with presenting analytical technical medical expertise in the gentlest form as possible to the patients (Norris, Currie, & Lecko, 2012). Nurses are actually the frontlines in administering and evaluating the patients’ treatment and act as their greatest advocates. Invaluable emotional support along with dealing with the complexities and the implications of a specific ailment is provided by the nurse, and they help the patients and their families to understand the implications, outcome and help them cope with the unavoidable circumstances and resultant of a disease or ailment (Caldwell & Grobbel, 2013). The nurses’ knowledge of the illness combined with exceptional people and emotional skills provide stability and comfort to the patients, and for many of them, this relationship they share with their caregivers (nurses) acts as a strong anchor in the chaotic environment of a hospital system. 
For the purpose of this paper, focus would be presented on what is nursing to me, and a brief reflection of such would be presented along with a more detailed account on my own philosophy of professional caring. 


The image chosen by me for depicting what I feel is nursing is as follows; 
                      Image – A child is about to get an injection from the nurse [Source: Google Images]
                                                                           (Offset, 2018)

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The image chosen by me showcases a little boy, about to get an injection from a nurse. The nurse is smiling and so is another person, most probably the child’s mother. This is the ideal picture of nursing for me, because this showcases that the child, is looking at the nurse’s face with amusement and appearing to be all brave, when the nurse and the mother in the picture are smiling. This shows, the level of confidence the child has on the nurse, and at an age when children often get scared and starts shouting at the sight of the injection, this little person is holding on with much bravery and a small smile on his face. This shows the trust he has on his caregiver. The nurse in the picture has been successful in achieving the confidence of the boy and his mother, and such has happened because she had been adept at doing her ask along with emotionally supporting the family in times of need. This is the ideal picture for me, as I too want to achieve critical technical expertise and along with it strong emotional empathetic skills. 

Philosophy of Professional Caring

I chose nursing as my career, as I always wanted to help individuals and had a keen knack for medical knowledge since the time I was little. I always wanted to interact with individuals, help people in need and support them with the main focus of helping them grow. Nursing, therefore came as a natural career choice. However, I understand that nursing is a profession which is much bigger than only caring for people. Hence, I want to develop my own philosophy of growth based on technical and professional expertise as well as interpersonal and caring skills. 
I want to focus on my professional knowledge and technical expertise, because I feel unless strong knowledge base and awareness about the latest treatment and procedures be known then no matter how much of human interpersonal values I showcase, I will remain ineffective in my services. Therefore, along with professional expertise, I need to have thorough knowledge about the Standards of Nursing Practice and the professional standards expected out of me. I need to know about NMBA and meet their standards which shall include the codes of conduct, the code of ethics and the standards of practice (NMBA, 2018). 
I want to be a nurse whose philosophy of care will be based on Jean Watson’s Nursing Theory (Clarke, Watson, & Brewer, 2009). I too believe, I want to communicate, empathize and relate with my patients in a manner in which they also find confidence in me, and I have the required technical expertise and knowledge to provide them with the care which is up to the best of my abilities. My philosophy of caring is based on strong interpersonal skills, and the carative factors which help in mitigating the needs and satisfaction levels of my patients. I want to focus my attention and energy in gaining inspiration from Watson’s philosophical foundation of carative factors – that is, formation of altruistic human values, focus on hope and faith, cultivation of sensitivity, creation of trust relationship, acceptance and helping others accept positive as well as negative feelings, technical expertise to solve problems and make informed decisions, interpersonal learning promotion, providing a supportive and protective help, working towards satisfying human needs and finally, helping the patient and his family survive and heal in a comprehensive manner (Watson & Woodward, 2010). 
As a nurse intending to practice in Queensland, I want to focus my attention on the different legislative and regulatory necessities which professional registered nurses of the health ministry of Queensland possess. I want to focus my attention on gaining knowledge pertaining to – codes, standards and guidelines of practice, the health needs of the client, the practice context, support and supervision, clinical knowledge and evidence based practice and clear understanding of the role of a registered nurse. Similarly at the same time, I would work on removing all barriers present in my work environment which can inhibit safe and seamless service quality to the patients (Health.QLD, 2018). 
I strongly believe that the core of nursing should be individual centred care and this is what I intend to follow when I will become a registered nurse. I personally believe in care, kindness, honesty and believe the immense power of love and positive thinking. As a nurse, I would try to imbibe these personal values in providing effective service to my patients and hope sincerely that they will heal and grow from their ailments. My nursing process will be based on positivity, confidence, expert knowledge and care and an overall belief in positive healing and kindness and this shall help me become a successful nurse in future.


My strengths are patience, strong communication skills, positive thinking, commitment and empathizing ability. I believe these five characteristics are going to be crucial in making my nursing career effective and helpful. I want to gain technical knowledge along with practising such interpersonal and soft skills, so that along with providing help and support I can act as an experienced decision maker and care giver for my patients. I love interacting with children as they have the purest souls, and hence I would like to focus my professional expertise on child care and treatment. I feel my strengths will prove to be beneficial for this special line of work. 


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