Questions related to Web Applications Development


Question1.1: Describe the concept of web-based application including the advantages, critically evaluate its functionality and summarize your arguments on how a web-based application enables you to solve the business problem? Hint: user, site analysis, accessibility, legislation, functionality etc.

Answer 1.1: What is the web application?
Web applications are dynamic websites. Server side programming provides various functionalities such as interacting with users, connecting to back-end databases and generating results to client browsers. Examples: Online Banking, Social Networking, Online Reservations, e-commerce, etc.

Advantages of Web Applications:

  1. Cross Platform- web applications can be easily ported to virtually any platform with a web browser.

  2. It becomes easy to access from anywhere.

  3. No software installation required at the client side.

  4. No data need to save at the customer's end.

Web application beneficial at the business front, all businesses can take advantage of it, because it reduces the transaction costs means less time spent with customers over the phone, indirectly eliminate printed materials and comfort all the users to update their details. All data is centralized, and it increases the security of data, and it is easy to keep the backup of the data from time to time. It benefits from the bigger audience over the world and the body can connect from anywhere in the world. It serves 24 hours a day and seven days a week. It is very handy for the customers they can access from personal computers or smartphones.

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Question 1.2: There are various languages available for managing the server-side and client-side scripting language. You are free to choose any server-side and client-side scripting language and critically compare the key differences between them with an appropriate example. Moreover, demonstrate evidently how each of them can be used to solve the given problem. Hint: Various scripting languages: server-side e.g. ASP (Active Server Pages), ASP.NET, PHP (Hypertext Pre-processor), JSP (Java Server Pages), client-side e.g. JavaScript, VBScript etc.

Answer 1.2: Difference between PHP and Java (Server Side Scripting Languages)

  • Stability: PHP has some significant weaknesses like no actual deprecation mechanism, procedural backward compatibility, messy functionality and libraries that are semi-independent. Whereas Java is platform-independent along with a well-defined amount of core libraries used by apt standards; this has made it quite stable and dependable.

  • Integration: The major strength of Java is its integration. Java by itself is like ‘Industry Standard Language, but Java has many standard implementations. PHP it's entirely different; because PHP web application and a particular protocol then there are limited library selections. The unfortunate thing is partial compliance. The database layer induces the integration between PHP applications and other services.

What to choose? , There is modular software both in Java as well as in PHP, some with no open-source while some with open source. But importantly more problems are exposed by PHP modules in comparison to the ones written in Java. The complicated concepts like packages and class loading have prepared Java for better modularization. If a code is well modularized then easy to understand, extend, modify and most important to maintain it and this achieved in Java; but not in PHP. 

The main structural difference is that one is weakly typed and the other strongly typed. The Java is strongly-typed, means it requires an explicit statement which a compiler must back; thus strict expectations must be met. On another point of view, PHP weakly typed. PHP is dependent on common sense programming about accomplishing specific tasks and is quite flexible.

Comparison between VBScript and JavaScript (Client Side Scripting Language)
VBScript stands for Visual Basic programming language, and Microsoft developed VBScript. Visual Basic is an extension of the very basic language, and It provides an easy interface programmer. JavaScript used an extension of the C language. VBScript and JavaScript are considered lightweight programming languages, both designed for ease of use.
As we know scripting often requires interaction with browsers and other controlling software. VBScript, since Microsoft developed it, it intended to function with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. Other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, does not support VBScript, so many developers choose JavaScript over VBScript. 

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Question1.3: In the development of web applications, the security of data and information are very important and required to manage them appropriately. Demonstrate your web security techniques and explain how you use them to protect the data in the web application. Hint: Description of web security and its importance. Some legislation, Web security requirements e.g. user accounts, account restrictions, procedures for granting and revoking access, terms of use, system monitoring etc.

Answer 1.3:Authentication: The application must determine who is an actual user? Is he/she a claim person? , is she /he the right person to login to the system?
The user id and password can do this authentication. Authentication policies, processes, and logging must be designed, developed and documented to assure that the application keeps unauthorized users from accessing the site.

  • Checkpoints: To prevent the user account from being hacked, the total number of failed login should trigger lock-out after a determined number of attempts. The account lock-out information should be maintained for many hours to prevent and discourage the attacker from misusing the account details. This activity should store. All authentication attempts should be recorded like login, logouts, failed logins, and password change requests. This information should be sent to the administrator. When the user forgets a password, then the system must ask to set a new password rather than recovered the old password because it can hack.

  • Authorization and Access Control: During the development of web application the role of each user decided so that when the login to the system, they can access those things for which they are allowed or their position fixed to do. Once you login to the system, the system able to identify you who you are and what is your authority? What things you can do?


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