Quantitative Research Methods Evaluation and Statistical Applications


Question: Write a discussion on Quantitative Research Methods Evaluation and Statistical Applications  



After overviewing the entire topic some of the search engines such as Google Scholar will be used for gathering at least 4 contemporary peer-reviewed articles of thesis research studies that are mixed-methods or qualitative nature as suggested in the assignment. Furthermore, the articles will be completely related to the quality improvement in the public healthcare settings. Firstly, the study will highlight the phenomenon of interest and summarize the entire study. Secondly, the study will also discuss whether the population and sample that was used for the study were correct or not. Lastly, applications, limitations, conclusion, and results will be summarized. However, a comparison will also be provided between the conclusions, results, and application of the four studies that are selected with regards to a summary paragraph. Additionally, the entire study will be accompanied by the PowerPoint presentation. 


The type of study

Four articles have been taken into account for performing the entire study with regards to the quantitative methods used in these studies. Quantitative research is a method where the measurable data is used for formulating some facts and uncovering patterns with regards to the research. However, the quantitative method that is used for the 4 studies mainly includes face to face interviews, online surveys, telephone interviews, systematic observations and the online polls. It can be also said that the quantitative methods are largely used in healthcare settings because the data collection method in the quantitative method is much more structured than the qualitative methods (Stellefson, Dipnarine, and Stopka, 2013). 

Sample population used correctly or not 

The sample population that was used in the four studies was correct. It was observed that the studies combined the sampling strategies as it is correct for aiming the implementation research and more consistent with the current developments with regards to the quantitative methods (Ozcan, 2014). Different type of people was chosen for conducting the studies. In one of the study, it has been observed that the sampling according to the age group made it quite easier for the researchers to understand which age group has diabetes and chronic disease the most. 

Comparing results, applications, and conclusions among the four studies 

The results were quite different in the four studies even after using the same method namely the quantitative method. In one of the research, it has been observed that the order-entry system results decreased the costs of the pharmacy when it was introduced. In another research result, it has been witnessed that the Chronic Care Model is one of the most effective methods for managing diabetes when it was surveyed among the different age group of people (Brett and et al, 2014). Throwing light on the above-mentioned statement it can be said that both of the results are quite different. 

Statistical method used in the studies 

The statistical methods that are used in the studies are as follows: The One-Group Pretest-Posttest Design, The One-Group Posttest-Only Design, The One-Group Pretest-Posttest Design Using a Nonequivalent Dependent Variable, The One-Group Pretest-Posttest Design Using a Double Pretest, The Repeated-Treatment Design, and The Removed-Treatment Design. However, the statistical designs used in the studies play an important role in getting approximate results where the solutions that are deterministic are quite hard to apply (Clement and et al, 2015).


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Stellefson, M., Dipnarine, K., and Stopka, C. (2013). Peer reviewed: The chronic care model and diabetes management in US primary care settings: A systematic review. Preventing chronic disease, 10.


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