Project Management

Project Management


The entire project will revolve around the central theme that is of project management with regards to Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre. The entire proposal will discuss the operation, location and construction of Noosa Convention and Performing Arts Centre in the central Noosa. Furthermore, the proposal does not recommend one facility with two purposing but two complimentary and unique centers operating cooperatively but independently. The main aims of the proposal will be to: Cater a large number of delegates with 1000 theatre seating capacity and 600 banquet style seating capacity. In the recent times, it has been observed that Noosa Convention and Performing Arts Centre has the capacity limited to only 250 delegates with regards to the theatre-style sitting. The project timeline will be highlighted through a Gantt chart with regards to the project delivery and assessment. However, the primary task is to plan and design a new project for authorization and also defining its scope. Additionally, it will be also discussed how the interaction can be done effectively under the leadership with regards to the project. On the other hand, project management is basically applying the skills, processes, experience, and knowledge for achieving certain objects/aims of a specific project. One of the main aims of the project management is to produce a product that will in future benefit an organization to a large extent. The processes of the project management comes under five groups namely: The initiating phase, planning phase, executing phase, controlling and monitoring phase and the closing phase. The main components of the project management are as follows: explaining the reason why a particular project holds an important place in Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre, mentioning the requirements of the project, identifying the quality of certain deliverables, project management also tends to establish a business case for justifying an investment, managing the changes, risks and issues on the project, and lastly monitoring the progress of a project to a great extent. There are a lot of trends in the project management that the world is witnessing from the last decade. Firstly, in the recent times it has been observed that the project management has joined the sales cycle. The professional services sector is going to integrate their customer relationship management with the platform of the project management. Additionally, by performing the above-mentioned task the project managers of Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre will be placed in the sales cycle more than before. The project managers will be able to balance the schedules even before the signing of a specific deal and they can also budget other sales tools. It will make the sales manager more knowledgeable about how they can efficiently support the sales cycle in future. Another development which took place in the present times is that the project managers are slowly becoming the entrepreneurs. Applying some of the entrepreneur’s tactics the project managers are trying to bring some kind of innovation in their sales cycle. If a company is going through acquisition or any kind of merger then the project manager who has gathered some form of entrepreurial skills will sell their team as a necessary to the newly combined organization. A pre feasibility study will be conducted with regards to at least 700 seating capacity. The estimated construction cost will range between the $15 million to 20 million for the entry level convention.


Document management 
Distribution list 
The distribution will contain a huge collection of the email addresses that will allow the Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre to email a lot of people at the same time.
Version control
The version control is also known as the source control which will help the management of the company to identify the specific development of several documents.
Project registration
It is one of the most import steps for ensuring that a project is authenticate in nature and depending upon the type of project it should be registered within a fixed time period from the date of their commencement.
There were some of the main considerations that has been taken into account with regards to the site selection are as follows: Parking, principal accommodation, high-quality retail and ancillary services.
The new center will be mainly targeted towards the mid-level MICE segment that will be catering almost 350-450 delegates at the same time. This specific proposal recognizes that target market research is necessary into: Travel requirements, price points and enthusiasm to pay, desired features for partners and delegates, and also the national marketplace. 
It was also mentioned that two vital performances arts spaces to reference as mentors for the proposed performing Arts Center are the Ashburton Trust Events Centre in Ashburton NZ and Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. Local users of the proficiency were recognized to incorporate the following:
  • Noosa Long Weekend
  • Noosa Jazz Festival
  • Noosa Arts Theatre
  • Noosa Biosphere Institute for Sustainability
  • Noosa Regional Gallery
  • Aspects of the Noosa Wine and Food Festival
  • Noosa International Film Festival.
  • A likely professional theatre organization could be established
Economic impacts
Convention Centre
Noosa is highly indicating that their ability to attract the present tourism and events along with attracting the main market consisting of 35-450 delegates could be a game changer for them in branding and diversification with regards to the local economy. Additionally, it can be also said that the proposed facilities would assist in creating of business and cultural tourism hub that is exactly located in the central of Noosa.  The example of the direct expenditure for the proposed Conference Centre has been recognized as two conferences per weeks for 30 weeks of the entire year and there will also be 450 delegates in each of the conference. 
Performing Arts Centre
It can be said that the centre should improve activity via links to national arts touring circuit and also schools across the entire region and become one of the most prominent places for the outstanding local arts organizations. Furthermore, the benefits are also considered to also include upgraded cultural tourism business and also work opportunity with more individuals in the department after hours. 
The Peppers Noosa Resort and Villas, Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort and RACV Noosa Resort provided some letters of support with regards to CCIQ Noosa in undertaking the entire feasibility study given that the facilities that are proposed will not contest with them by allowing the accommodation. 

Impacts on the community

The Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre would try to allow a lot of large scale events mixing it with the international, local and regional performers and artists for adding a bit of cultural diversity and also increasing frequency as well as the choice of cultural and performing art’s ceremonies. 
Overall review of the “J”
The J generally came into the existence in the year 2006 and it is also a council-operated and owned facility. Furthermore, for this project external funding was sourced that included the Federal Government grant of $1.2 million and State Government grant of $1.587 million.
Performing Arts Centre Market
Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre will be quite dedicated for catering the local market. However, Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre will also be in a competitive environment with the places that is managed by the Sunshine Coast Venues and events that also includes the Events Centre and Lake Kawana Community Centre in extension to proposed Sunshine Coast Entertainment that is projected to be 40 minutes away from Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre.
The key outcomes
Firstly, it has been observed that there are a large number of the privately operate and owned accommodation and conference venues in the Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre for approximately 150-300 seating capacity conferencing market. Secondly, the proposed Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre in this new project will also likely to face the cut thought competition from the centers that are established and situated outside the region. Lastly, the proposed Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre will also face a tough competition with the pre-existing facilities that are catering to 150-300 people given that it would be able to deliver various combinations of rooms that needs to be hired inside the larger footprint. 
It has been observed that earlier some of the larger convention centers have been partly funded by the external partners or by the government of Queensland. On the contrary, it can be also said that the funding programs in the recent times are quite tight and difficult.
For the purposes of identifying the potential revenue flow for the proposed Convention Center the following price points have been accepted:
  • $3000 is needed for the commercial hiring
  • $750 daily on average for extra hire revenue 
  • $100 allotted with regards to meeting room hire
  • And the other revenues that sums up to 5% of the total revenues 
Pre-Feasibility Report
  • Financial costs of the construction
  • Economic benefits assessment
  • Market assessment of the proposal 
  • Financial costs of the operation 
  • Financial significance for Council
Financial performance
It has been observed that even when the depreciation is excluded all of the surveyed places will witness a considerable amount of losses. On the other hand, given the environment and the market it can be also said that such result can be highly proposed for Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre. 
It has been witnessed that the total written down value of the J is almost $14.5 million. Furthermore, asset consumption ratio for the assets that are depreciable are near about 87.9%.
Revenue streams 
The schedule of council’s charges and fees indicates that hire by hour is generally practiced by the J. Furthermore, they also tend to offer package arrangements that are all inclusive of sound and staffing. It is also indicated by the council those 70% hours that are booked in generally for the workshops and the meetings. 
The council highlighted the fact that there more than 4.7 full-time equivalent employees at The J and there are also 3 permanent employees that indicates a range of casuals that are appropriate throughout the entire year.
The business plan of J for the year 2015-2018    
The entire business plan was completed by the year 2015 November. The main aim of the business plan was: To identify the opportunities and the actions for increasing the return on investment of the council.
Market assessment 
The CCIQ Noosa proposal generally indicates that the present capacity of it is around 250 delegates with regards to the theatre style setting and in dinner mode it is generally 220 dlegates.
Competitors from the other region
The conference centre will face a tough competition not only with the local market but also they will also compete with the metropolitan and regional in order to retain and attract several types of events.
Performing Arts Centers
It has been witnessed that unlike the centers that are set up for operations face a lot of competition but the centers for arts generally face a lower competition because touring to a lot of venues across a lot of regions.
Financial assessment
The following table will highlight the model financial performance with regards to the Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre and will also show the contrast the outcomes with the 2016 and 2015 budget.  
                                                                   Figure 1: The estimated potential revenue streams
The above-mentioned pre-feasibility assessment projects that the cost recovery level would be the following:
  • 60% for the two facilities in cumulative roughly 48% after depreciation
  • 55% for projected Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre roughly 45% after the depreciation
Depreciation expense
35 years has been adopted for estimating the charge of depreciation charge for both of the facilities. The depreciation for the Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre is approximately estimated to be $428,571 per annum.
Project vision statement
The purpose of the project is to deliver world-class experience to the consumers and also enhancing the experience of the share holders by building on their strengths which will contain good quality of material, innovative and creative designs, and also using cutting-edge technology in Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre.
The rationale of the project is to provide a better art center for each and every citizen of the country and to use super quality of materials than the other centres.
Business drivers 
Business drivers will help the company to manage the business and the other operations of the firm. The main financial business drivers for firm will include the market approach, asset approach, and management succession and depth.
Main objectives
The key objectives of the project will be planning every activity, planning for every machinery and equipments of the project, and different types of construction methods will be taken into account for the project.
Project registration 
The project registration will involve the following steps. Firstly, reviewing registry operating documents, the documents will be present in the documents page of the particular website. Secondly, then the step two will involve logging into the account and select an option which is stating to register the new project (Schwalbe, 2015). According to the necessity of the company it will select the best suited method. Thirdly, the administration of the registry will review the whole process of the registration. If the application for the project is completed in a right manner then it is approved. When the project is approved then an email will be sent to the company mentioning the details. At the above-mentioned time an invoice will be issued for the subscription fees. Furthermore, if additional information is required by the company or anything is incomplete then the administrator will inform the account manager (Larson and Gray 2013). Fourthly, after the project administrator ensures that everything is fine then they will issue the credits. Lastly, the signed and the required supporting documents should be sent to the individual under whom the company will register its project and the entire process will be completed. However, the company also needs to present valid documents so that their registration process cannot be dismissed at any point of time (Wysocki, R2011).

Scope management 

Project scope management is regarded as one of the vital elements of a project. Additionally, the project scope management refers to a long list of processes that will identify and ensure that the scope of the ongoing project is properly defined and also mapped. On the other hand, the scope knowledge is also regarded as quite important for the project managers. The scope of the project contains a lot of features of the project. The above-mentioned deliverables are copied from the requirements of the project. Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion, it can be said that the project scope is created as it is regarded as one of the important and initial steps towards planning a project. The scope of this particular construction project it will contain the following elements. Firstly, reviewing specifications, blueprints and drawings of the project- the project scope will be created by someone who has gathered a reasonable amount of knowledge in this field. The individual who will be creating this should completely understand how this specific project will be carried forward in a step by step manner (Rosenau and Githens, 2011). After the scope is written then the specifications and drawings will be referred regularly. Secondly, a project charter will be created- The charter is an absolute necessity for authorizing the construction project and also providing an overview of the project and distinguishing the potential stakeholders for the company. Moreover, the project charter will include the sponsors and the names of the project owners. It will also mention the drawbacks and the objectives of the project. It has been also observed and witnessed that throughout the life-cycle of the project the project charter will be referred on a day-to-day basis. Thirdly, the reason of the project will be identified- in this section the justification of the project will be done. The statement will also contain explaining the importance and the purpose of the project. In this specific project the main purpose is to serve the people in a better manner with regards to building high-quality roads so that there are fewer accidents in the country. Fourthly, the requirements of the project will be listed- it is the section of the project that will contain the non-goals, requirements and deliverables (Fewings, 2013). The non-goals are the things that will not at all fit into any of the category of the objectives with regards to project. On the other hand, the requirements of the project are the main objectives which will be expected to meet. The deliverables of this project will include the training of the employees, agreed upon materials and other important items that are required by the project. Fifthly, the cost estimates will be determined- in this section the company will try to estimate the costs in a realistic manner for keeping the project moving in the future and also staying in line with the budget. Each of the jobs in the project will be listed in an individual manner and will be also calculated minutely. Lastly, the formal signatures as a form of acceptance will be taken into the account. A meeting will be held by the company in order to obtain right signatures for accepting the scope of the particular project.

Planning of the project 

The construction project planning involves a lot of steps which should be followed by the company in order to achieve the maximum results. The planning phase is also regarded as one of the most challenging phase in the entire project. Developing a construction plan the Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre must emphasize on the schedule control or the cost control. However, it has been noticed that the some of the projects are also divided into the category of expense that is directly associated with the costs. The following are some of the methods which can be considered by the Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre in the planning process of the project. Firstly, the choice of right type of technology will play one of the vital elements in the planning process of this construction project. The Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre must consider several alternatives of the technology as it can be absolute necessity for formulating a large number of the construction plans which will be entirely based on the alternative assumptions and methods. Furthermore, whenever the full plan is available the reliability impacts, cost and time can be reviewed in an effective manner. Throwing light on the above-mentioned discussion it can be said that the company may consider the laser leveling technique. It is regarded as one of the finest techniques in the world of technology in the recent times. It can be used for grading and the excavation purpose for improving the productivity. On the contrary, skilled operator is an absolute necessity for operating the laser leveling equipment. Hence, the company must ensure whenever they are using this type of instrument then it is handled by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable person. Secondly, the work tasks should be completely defined in the planning process. The work tasks will try to represent the necessary framework that is needed for approving the scheduling of the construction activities. Furthermore, the term work task is used in the construction plan for mentioning defined and specific items with regards to the work. It has been noticed that the construction projects a lot of work tasks for the individuals so the definition phase is also regarded as quite time consuming as well as quite expensive. Interestingly, there are a lot of tasks which are repeated in the entire construction process. When the certain types of activities are repeated then the workload of the project also tends to reduce. The sub-tasks can be also divided in an effective manner. There are a lot of activities that can be defined in every construction planning project to a great extent. Lastly, estimating the durations of each of the construction activities, it means the project manager has to estimate an approximate time taken or can be taken by each of the tasks. 

Project authorization 

The ongoing project must be approved by the some of the transport commission with regards to a specific country under which the company is performing. Furthermore, the above-mentioned project should be done either by the method of inclusion or through a project specific minute order before the company proceeds with the development phase of the project. On the other hand, it has been observed that the projects are generally falls under the three levels of the authority namely constructing, planning and developing. However, the company needs to submit a request to the director of the Transportation Programming and Planning division in order to obtain the plan authority of the specific project. The following section will include these tasks: Firstly, the company will have to prepare a cost estimate for the construction project. If the company wants to obtain funding in the satisfactory manner then they have to prepare the cost estimate and then separate the ROW with regards to the cost estimate. After performing the above-mentioned step the company needs to enter the estimates into the Construction and Design Information System which is also known as DCIS. After the company is done with defining the scope of the project then they can prepare a perfect cost estimate. Some of the issues that should be considered by the company when     they are developing the project scope are: Proposed and existing pavements, the issues relating to the drainage system and the solution, possible nature and human environmental issues and also mitigation, the traffic control plans, technology incentives and the specialized designs, mentioning the safety improvements that is totally specified by the crash analysis. It is said that if the cost estimation by a company is accurate and also reasonable then it helps to maintain the confidence of the people throughout the entire life-cycle of the project. A tool should be considered by the company for identifying the main and the critical elements/components of the project scope with regards to all the disciplines. Additionally, this type of tool is also suggested for using by the company throughout the entire life-span of the project (Lopez and Love, 2011). Secondly, the sub-tasks of the project will contain the following: Significant traffic control should be included, design information about the project should be obtained, the company should research the main costs for the mitigation measures and also for the necessary environmental protection, the additional costs should be added that should range between 10%-30% for the miscellaneous products such as pavement markings, control measures and the signs, about 10% money should be included by the company for the engineering and contingency purposes, the cost estimation should be reviewed with the project manager or someone more knowledgeable like the project manager. Thirdly, the company should obtain an approval for the plan authority. The plan authority is generally reserved for the high capital and mobility projects. When the company has the plan authority then their work with regards to the construction will proceed in a right manner and also will identify the environmental permits, coordination and also clearances. Lastly, the project file of record should be also maintained by the company and this particular file will contain a complete guidance with regards to maintain of the electronic files. The desktop files, project email, and the voicemail can be retained as per the policy of a department. However, it is suggested that the files should be consistent, complete and accurate and also completely held throughout the entire life of the project then it should be also retained according to the policy of department. On a primary basis the engineering files can be transferred to a construction file for closing of project engineering phase. Lastly, a project specific minute should be also obtained by the company if it is required. Additionally, the following situations are mentioned where the minute order is an absolute necessity. Firstly, if the project is not all authorized then the minute order is required. Secondly, if certain type of project is in the new location then the specific district will need to see the minute order by the company. Thirdly, when any kind of donations are accepted then also a company needs the minute order. Fourthly, all projects are assumed in an accessibility of the non-controlled manner in this particular situation also minute order in required (Xiang, Zhou, Zhou, and Ye, 2012).

Financial soft costs of construction

Soft costs are regarded as the one of the most important costs that captures a big portion in the construction costs of the project. It is said that a construction project is only possible because of the soft costs and when it is further added to the land and the hard costs than the sum total amount is for the construction project. However, the soft costs are not at all seen that builds the initial part of the construction project to a great extent. The company can expect about 40% of the total construction costs are mainly constituted by the soft costs. Firstly, the inspection fees and the permits are mainly paid to the governments. It is the cost that is paid to agencies that belong to the government for authorizing a particular project of a company. Furthermore, the costs can be related to the costs to file the permit, related transactions of the occupancy permits. Secondly, real estate and the land costs it is the costs that are generally associated with the real estate, acquisition of land and legal processes (Bosché, 2012). The company should also try to include the cost of the land in their initial phases of the project planning. Thirdly, the company should also include every type of the accounting costs that is incurred during the construction process of the project. The company must consider including the timekeeping software and the accounting costs. Lastly, in the project management section of the company they must include all the construction related drawings and documentation (Kerzner, 2013). The costs incurred during the safety and security of the staffs should also be included in the division of the soft costs. On the other hand, the company should also consider the supporting staff runners and the temp staffing even though if they are not presented in the onsite process but they are related to the construction project somehow. It is also quite significant if the company has rates that contain the management staff and the cost of principles from the headquarters of the company.

Recommendations and signoff of the project

After studying the entire project some recommendations can be proposed for the specific construction project. Firstly, the operations of the company should remain in a decentralized manner and should be restrained and guided by the policy for responding perfectly towards the stakeholders and the needs of the consumers. Certain amount of standards, policies and procedures also needs to be developed and implemented in an efficient way. Secondly, the company should also establish a structured type of project management system for stakeholder’s engagement and managing different types of projects (Lu, Huang and Li, 2011). Furthermore, the company should try to arrange some of the stakeholder engagement tools for all of the employees to perform project management responsibilities in a great way. Lastly, the Noosa Convention and Performing Art Centre must include contracting templates and approaches th
at could be further applied to a large number of contracts that are in use. This type of procedure should be maintained in a continuous manner for allowing the employees to have an access to the lessons learned from using certain kind of instruments.
The sign-off of the project will force the project manager to sign-off from the specific project even if the manager is not involved in the entire process completely. It will include the completion of the project and also the protecting the investment of the company. A good maintenance will consider main factors, best approach and also a check-list. Furthermore, it is also recommended that the company the sign-off process will be completed if they issue a practical completion certificate.


The above mentioned study highlighted the designing of a new project for the purpose of the authorization and after that the scope of the project has also been defined thoroughly. Convention center for arts is taken into account for this particular study. On the other hand, a complete understanding of the project management has been highlighted throughout the entire project and some of the recent and remarkable developments in the field of project management have been mentioned. In the later part of the project the planning of the project has been also discussed and what are the main ingredients towards the successful construction project have been also mentioned. In the last segment some of the important things have been suggested to the company as part of the recommendation and also it is also suggested that the sign-off of the project should take place in an effective manner for ensuring 100% success rate of the project.


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