Project Management


Task 1: Identify a route and daily stopping points.
Driving time should be limited to approximately 4 – 5 hours per day with breaks at attractions throughout the driving day.
Task 2: Book camping sites and entertainment facilities.
Campsites will be required to have clean washrooms and showers, 30-amp electrical service, and water hookups. Sewage hook up is not required if there is a dumping station at the campground. Entertainment options should be educational and/or enjoyable for both parents and children. Active entertainment is preferable.
Task 3: Suggest and plan meals for each day.
The meals should be mostly options that can be prepared by the family in the camper, with limited restaurant outings.


Project Proposal Criticism

The sub-sections below details on the various criticisms for the respective sections:

Statement of Work

  • Strength: The tasks have been defined properly and most of the details have been mentioned in the tasks. No jargon have been used and, therefore, easy to understand by the readers. Moreover, the statement of work amply details the tasks in three major objectives that need to be achieved through the project.

Customer Requirements

  • Strength: The proposed requirement has tried to explain the requirements considering the various types of customers. It has also considered locations that come under the requirement. 

  • Weakness: The requirements should have been in a list with the identification of the various types of customers such as adults, children, and others. It will provide clarity to the readers.

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  • Strength: The project deliverables have been identified with the documents that need to be prepared. The project deliverables match the purpose of the project.

  • Weakness: The deliverables of the project should have been in table form defining the exact things to be delivered in one column and the description of the deliverables in the adjacent column.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Strength: The paper has tried to detail the acceptance criteria.

  • Weakness: However, less detail has been provided in the acceptance criteria which allows more room for the project manager to deviate and deliver not as required. It is suggested that the acceptance criteria should be in more detail to ensure that the project deviates less from the required.

Customer List and Approvals Required

  • Strength: The customer supplied items have been stated in detail and no addition can be suggested here. However, weight for each item should have been there.

  • Weakness: The section on approval required should also include other stakeholders such as the vehicle owners, and the trip owner along with the family or the customers interested.

Contract Type, Payment Terms, and Required Schedule

  • Weakness: The contract types should be made in more detail to ensure that the users do not miss the critical aspects. Details of each contract type should not be here but at least the list of all the contracts to be used should be here. The schedule lacks detail. It should have been in more detail (not in its entirety but at-least the major events).

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Instructions for format and content of the contractor proposal

  • Strength: The section has detailed the major components such as the approach, deliverables, and schedule. The daily schedule has been presented in the table providing good clarity to the reader.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Strength: The evaluation criteria have been divided into four major areas which are appreciable. All these areas have been stated in brief covering major components.


  • Weakness: The budget section lacks detail. It should have details of the major components covering the budget for a quick approval. The budget is the major area that cannot be ignored in this proposal. 

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