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Question: Project Selection



The experience of working in a project enriches an individual with the knowledge of managing a number of stakeholders, communicating with different parties and identifying the risks associated with a large project. The current assignment includes discussion on the experience of working in the team of project manager in California High Speed Rail Project. The project also includes discussion on the key roles of the project manager, facilitator, mentor and description of the relation with these stakeholders in the project.

Overview of the project:

The California High Speed Rail is a project worth $70,000,000,000 USD (Butcher & Kramer, 2018). Scope of the project includes the construction of 808 mile high speed rail network by 2030. WSP, a global provider of professional services, worked as the project manager for the project and the California High Speed Rail Authority is their client. In 2016, the business plan for the project was published. According to the plan, the project is to be completed in different phases by 2030.

Key roles of project manager:

The team of professionals of WSP is working as the project manager. The roles, WSP is playing in this project as the project manager, are as follow:
Planning: Making plans for the project is one of the key roles for the project manager (Pinto, 2015). Here, the WSP team is responsible for making business plans for the project.
Designing: The WSP team is responsible for designing the rail network.
Construction: The WSP team is responsible for carrying out the construction works also.
Managing the funding sources: Arranging and managing the fund is another crucial task for the project (Fleming & Koppelman, 2016). Being the project manager, the WSP team focuses on managing the several funding sources of the project.
Integrating the existing and newly developed network and coordinating among different systems: The WSP team is responsible for maintaining co-ordination among different technical systems and segments of the high speed rail network system. Therefore, the WSP team is responsible for integrating all parts of the project.

Roles of facilitator: 

The facilitator of the project ensures that the outcomes of the project are getting maximized (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). In this project, WSP team was responsible for facilitating the reporting process. Sharing of information helped the management to measure the outcomes, reviewing policies and taking the corrective measures accordingly.
Roles of mentor:The mentor in a project guides the project management team to utilize their potential fully and finding out solutions for every critical situation. In this project the mentor helped WSP team to identify and manage the challenging situations.

Describing the relation with project:

The project manager and facilitator, WSP team is responsible for scope management, cost, quality, and resource and integration management of the California High Speed Rail network project. As a facilitator, the WSP team focused on facilitating information sharing so that outcomes of the project can be reviewed. The mentor helped the project management team to handle challenging situations effectively.


The above discussion indicates that the project manager, facilitator and the metor played different roles. However, each role played by the manager, facilitator and mentor is important for successful completion of the project.


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