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Choose a single text (either a book, a film, a television program, music album or artwork) that has made an impact upon you. In 800 words describe what is so good about it and why you think it might appeal to others. In your discussion make sure you describe the text (title, author, format) and then focus on what makes it so engaging.
Selected Text: The book that has changed my perception towards life
As the first time our heart has been broken, or the first sip of alcohol that we take in our life, we don’t forget the book that changed us in a different way, by changing our personality and perception, as we have opened the front cover of the book.With me, all this has happened when I was just fourteen. I intentionally walked over the wooden shelves of my school library for searching the author, the name of which I had written on my palm after hearing a lot about her from my friend in the morning which urged me to read the book of Sharon Creech.
I am so desperate to search the book of this author in my library that I scanned the whole library in an hour and there I found the book “Walk Two Moons”. After taking the book in my hands I feel like that I found the precious diamond, as I am so anxious for the book. After grabbing the book I just stare at the cover of the book with an excitement in my heart. I don't know why the name of the author has compelled me to search for the book.  
After getting the book I just ran in the reading section of the library and open it. On the front page of the book, the quote has been written in the italic font: “Don’t judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.”  
I was so anxious to read that book, that within 20 minutes I have read out the first twenty pages in the library, and snitched the book in the math’s class for continue reading of the book and immersed myself into the world of Salamanca Tree Hiddle and her journey with her eccentric grandparents.The book “Walk Two Moons” was like an experience for me which changed me a lot, as after reading the book I felt myself connected with emotions, that are not present in me, as the reading of the book connect me with the character of Salamanca and her sorrow of reconnecting with her missing mother made me empathized with her character. In my earlier life I never experience any sorrow or grief in my life, but after reading the text I feel the sorrow and grief of Salamanca, which she has faced in the early stage of thirteen only. This book realized me that I am so lucky that I am having so many material things and luxury in my life, which others don’t have in their life.
In a text, a statement of Salamanca has changed my perception towards life, which states that” In a course of a lifetime, what does it matter?"
This statement feels me realize that the days of childhood are nothing but a scratch on the surface of life, and the coming life will teach us a lot by our experiences. Initially, I never know the world beyond my playing area, but after reading the character of Salamanca, my perception has changed towards the world.After reading this book “Walk Two Moons”, Sharon Creech writings inspired me a lot that I followed her in the form of reading her texts and writings like Chasing Redbird and Bloomability. I can say that my adolescence was complemented with the writings and characters of Sharon Creech. Her readings influenced me to adopt the mentality that it is not necessary that we move in life for a reason but move in the way the life has taken us in a free manner. As a result, I volunteered in the activities like writing and music, which are previously far away from my comfort zone. 
Now I asked myself that is it; one novel changed my perception towards life? And I got the answer in, “Yes.” as it grows empathy and helps in recognizing myself. I find the answers of the life after going through this book as the pages of the book were seen as the turning point in my perception towards life and their future outcomes. One more thing I realize from the reading that whether you are of fourteen,twenty or fifty, the fable “Don’t judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins." will always apply.
This book impact a lot on the mind of others, as the character of Salamanca Tree Hiddle has affected me so deeply by growing feelings and emotions in me. I knew it very well that the narration of Creech will be impactful for others as it was for me.

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Creech, S. (2001). Walk two moons. Pan Macmillan.

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