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write a 3 page paper addressing a Population Health Issue Work-Life
Balance that impacts Adults in the United States. 



This balance helps us in describing the impact of our day to day life on our jobs and vice versa. All the employees, employers and government and private agencies wish to maximize the output of the work force but due to some or the other issues such as children, elderly family members and other problems of our lives disrupt this goal of maximizing.
It becomes difficult for workers to find sufficient time for their additional education, taking care of their health, participating in social activities, sports or entertainment. 
 Although, this is important to notice that no ideal balance persists, and an exclusively right balance exists for different people depending on their jobs requirements and other things in their life (South Australia, 2012).

Issue for Americans, Asarkans

Yes, it is definitely a problem for the Americans to be discussed and as per a survey done in 2003, America more than fifty percent of American executives do not even wish to vacations instead they chose to complete the pending works at their office, most of the American companies also do not have a maximum working hours criteria which are really hazardous for employees heath and in turn productivity. As per a top survey, the Americans even after working twelve weeks more than any other nation have a productivity which is equivalent to an average European. Hence, it becomes crucial for federal and government agencies to implement healthier and better regulations for workers in America.
The state of Arkansas is doing pretty well even without the work-life balance or let us they have already mastered the balance between work and life with the help of various federal laws and managerial implementations. In Arkansas, employers are supposed to have employee compensation insurance; the working hours are limited, and a very fine balance has been maintained hence, they do not require the work-life balance (Arkanas, 2012).

Relevance and impact on Occupational Therapy

There is no doubt that public health care is relevant to OT, and it can be understood with this example. Imagine a health care unit wherein the social workers, primary doctors, therapists to specialists all share the same electronic system through which the entire journey of a patient from first doctor visit to admission in the hospital till rehabilitation can be traced down. The recovery will, in that case, will be a holistic view wherein the information related to his/her physical, emotional or mental needs can be understood (Zevallos, 2014).
There exists a relation between occupational therapy and public health care, but it is essential for the organizations and the governments to take an aggressive move towards a collaborative work of public care community and the health care system. Some of these issues can be stated such as tobacco abuse epidemic of obesity, safety in driving the motor vehicles, etc.

 It is essential for OT to integrate into a framework which is focussed on public health and this can be done by (Scates, 2005):-
a.    Solo-practise OT- collaborating or sharing data with the community-based organizations to understand the patients in a better way which will create a smooth system.
b.    OT, which is located at co-located spaces, - the patients will be treated and served in primary centres along with weekly roundtable meeting will ensure that they discuss all the information which was earlier thought to be irrelevant.
c.    OT in vast practice spaces with various sites- interacting with universities or counties health department for discussing and sharing information and widen the horizon of current knowledge for the more salient issues
d.    OT is providing exclusively rehabilitative services- for better understanding; the global patterns of problems in current patient population which leads to a decrease in health can be improved by better interaction with providers.
Service delivery model and appropriate outcome

 It is essential for the delivery system to be focussed on the patient rather than the vendors and it is vital to ensure a larger geographic area such that duplication can be restricted, and maximum advantage can be provided to the patients. The delivery system will have to be standardized wherein all the employees would be considered to be equal and professional autonomy would be maintained (Sutter, Adeler, 2010). 

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