What needs to be done and why?

A strong leader is one who can analyse his strong and weak points and then works accordingly for making his weaknesses into strengths and polish the existing strengths. In order to do this, a good leader should make a leadership development plan and it is the medium through which any leader can improve his/her skills (Clinic, N.D.):-
  • Articulate his vision
  • Create and execute specific goals for annual or monthly terms.
  • Remain oriented for following certain steps of an action for a certain period of time.
Now it is really important to go step by step for this leadership development plan and the various steps which would be required for this plan are (McDermott & McDermott, 2006):-
  1. Self-assessment or individual preparation
  2. Articulating the vision
  3. Decide various goals to be achieved
  4. Creating an action plan for achieving success
  5. Commuting the plan to others
  6. Monitoring the progress

Personal strengths and weaknesses 

It is known that some of the strengths being possessed are self-confidence, emotional self-awareness, good understanding with all the subordinates and sharing a friendly and as well as professional relationship with the members and more importantly without mixing these up and creating chaos and confusion in the workplace. These skills have till now helped in promoting the other member who are low in confidence or while bringing some new change, People are able to approach with less nervousness and ask their doubts and questions more openly and this helps to empower them for doing good work.
Secondly, versatility and adaptability has been helping since the beginning and need to polish it for even better results. This characteristic in inherent and has been helping presently with all the unrest of the market and customers for adjusting in different circumstances and pressure situations in a much better way without the ill effects of personal ego or pride and meet the needs of different individuals and teams, keeping the work as the main priority.
It can be clearly seen that the above said qualities in some sense can prove to be a disadvantage as members can tend to feel over-relaxed and work as at their comfort levels and not as per the requirements of the organization because of the generosity and flexibility in workspace and leadership. This is not yet a major problem but seems that it will be one of the barriers for moving smoothly in future. Secondly, the habit of executing the decisions based on current situations rather than the long term situations which till now has not haunted back but will definitely give an embarrassing jolt in future  with the workload and pressure increasing rapidly.
Now the next part of this plan will focus on what needs to be done in order to tackle some of the other obstacles both minor and major and what should be done in order to improve the leaderships skills.

Short-term goals 

  1. Increasing the cohesion and efficiency of the management team is required.
  2. It is essential to transmit a clear vision and then more importantly to convert this vision into actual action plans.
  3. It is essential to improve the writing skills in business such as the ability to write memos, reports and performance evaluations
  4. Improve the personal management skills for managing conflicts. 

Long-term goals 

  1. It is essential to maintain and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization with the help of highly functional teams.
  2. Furnish the communication skills and be better at transmitting information or instructions.
  3. To be a trouble shooter in the organization in order to do away with any sort of existing problems.
  4. Be more patient at difficult times than the present. It will help the staff members to get inspired and do the same which in turn will aid the organization.  

Personal wishes

  1. Creating a workspace which supports each other emotionally and as well as professionally in times of need
  2. To make office unlike orthodox 9-5 offices and much better place for creating visions and then achieving them.
  3. To communicate as much as possible and keep tensions off the bay and work for achieving one single goal i.e. success for the organization.
  4. Not to allow the feeling of relaxation while work or mal practises to enter the circle of workforce.
a.)    Benefits of these wishes and goals
These goals and wishes will help in achieving the goals of the company in a much easier way and will allow no scope for delayed works, incomplete tasks, Feud between the employees or unsatisfactory feedbacks from the customers or the employees towards the organization.
b.)    Feedbacks
This can be termed as one of the important sections for the leadership development chat sheet. It is essential to understand the need of listening actively to the views of others and absorb everything which is useful and trash out all the useless comments politely without offending anyone who might be a subordinate or a senior likewise. It is essential to discuss this plan with confidential employees and friends and ask for their feedbacks and also even in general it is essential to be a good listener and it is never too late to learn something and imply that in life for being a better person and right now, in this case, A LEADER.


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