Paper on Love Themes by Joseph Campbell

Discuss the following type of love themes found within human experience as explained by Joseph Campbell and used as the basis for storytelling:
1- Mother Earth.
2- Eros and Cupid.
3- Marriage.
5- Romantic Love.


1.    Mother Earth

As explained by Joseph Campbell and used as the basis for storytelling is he admires the love towards mother earth, as Joseph Campbell talks about Bhumi Sukuta: Earth, in which the seas, the rivers, and many glasses of water lie, from which arise foods and fields of grain, abode to all that breathes and moves, may she confer on us her finest yield (Campbell, J 2011). He also argue that we all have unique love towards our mother earth and we use to ride around the nature and enjoy. Joseph Campbell also mentioned that love and respect for mother earth are deep within our consciousness. 
He tells that we can't deny our love and respect towards plants, flowers, gardens, trees, and wildlife. We need to address why we all so love with nature and yet we not give mother what she deserves in our care for creation.

2.    Eros and Cupid

Campbell describes Eros as impersonal love, he regards Eros, or sexual love, an impersonal. Eros means that impulses and modes from other spheres enter relation between men and women. According, to Joseph Campbell idea of love as Eros, the god who excites you to sexual desire, and he mentioned that this is not person to person thing, of the falling in love in the way the poet understood it. Joseph mentioned that Eros the erotic biological urge, as the zeal of the organs for each other. Cupid offers to heal the sexually wounded feminine soul.  Well, joseph argues that Eros is Cupid, and in India, the God of love is the Kama, and he’s no cupid (Byrd et al., 1995).

3.    Marriage

According to Joseph Campbell, marriage is not a love affair; it is an ordeal. It is a religious exercise, a sacrament, the grace of participating in another life. He tells that successful marriage is leading innovative lives together, being non-programmed and open it is the matter that how you handle each thing as it comes along (Glick et al., 1970). The idea of the gentle heart involves a sense of responsibility to the person. If it is not there than he didn’t have his love he got something else. According to Joseph gentle heart involves not only responsibility but love also. A love that contains responsibility.

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4.    AGAPE

It is described as the love originating from God for humankind. Agape love is sacrificial love that voluntarily suffers inconvenience and discomfort. According to Joseph Campbell, he regards agape as an impersonal kind of love. Agape is a love which is impersonal and universal compassion (Segal et al., 1992). He admires and focuses on the love of god he discusses the mythology of love from the Kama to agape to courtly romance. And he also mentioned about the role of the females as the giver of life and form, so it also has a type of love and affection. 

5.    Romantic Love

According to Joseph Campbell, he claims that we are most transformed through the experience of armor (Campbell et al., 1990). Only this love is the personal love and the most powerful and transformative love. Campbell describes three kinds of human love: agape- universal compassion, Eros- sexual passion, and romantic love as it is most personal. That is Campbell describe three kinds of love: agape – universal compassion, Eros- Sexual passion, and amor- romantic love.
 As he claims that out of all the love themes we are most transformed through the experience of amor.


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