Organizational Ethics - Federal Employees

 1.    Do you agree with the Department of Defense that, when it comes to teaching ethics, bad examples at re often more effective than good ones?
Yes if we talk about ethics then good examples are very common people take them lightly as motivation or some learning but bad examples are more impactful and effective in a way that bad examples gives the real picture of doing the wrong things, and their punishment makes it very clear if you will repeat the same mistake then you will be punished and penalized like this. For example, as per given in this case in the department of treasury, she is a special agent of supervisory. She is misusing her post during the traffic and for that they demoted her.


2. Which example of unethical behavior described above is the most offensive? Least offensive? Why?
According to me, the most offensive case is in the ATF. He is a chief in ATF. He has provided access of ATF about the equipment and employees to his nephew for the sake of completing the school project. It would have let to some serious problem if provided information was misused. Even his nephew got good marks for a school project. The chief of ATF felt guilty about the exploitation of government resources and his position. 
Whereas the other least offensive case is the, A girl is working in the department of commerce, and she is an assistant manager. She was conducting a party in her house, but she didn't tell about the no. of employees and it's all about the 60-80 people. She hid some information about the party to the company, but she was not punishable by any criminal charges.


3. Should government employees - local, state, and federal - be held to a higher ethical standard than those working for businesses and corporations? Why or why not?
I think all the employees should maintain the legal standards of the organization be it a local or state level one or be it a business because ultimately the impact of violating the rules and regulations is always harmful to both the parties and such issues may also lead to big problems if not handled correctly. The problem is never too big till the time we didn't get its solution, but the circumstances under which such issues happens should be dealt with to avoid the problems in long run.
Agreeing to the factor that government employees are often considered to be more responsible, and their acts can seriously impact the image of the whole department so from their perspective more ethical standard should be maintained than from any other type of businesses.


4. What similarities do you see between the ethical dilemmas faced by public employees and those who work in private business? What differences?
The similarities between both the private as well as public employees' dilemmas is that they both faces the work-life imbalance as for them they are officially serving the nation and the society while working & when it comes to their own family or relations then they are just raising a hand for help but both these things are contradictory in themselves, and the result can actually be harmful.
Talking about the differences the public sector employees are more closely connected to the official legal documents of the nation and the responsibilities becomes much higher than the private sector ones and the whole phenomenon is based on the perception that how they are serving and treating their work as being an important part of the organization.


5. If you were going to create your own "Encyclopedia of Unethical Behavior" based on your experiences in work and other organizations, what examples would you include?
Taking my unique examples about the Unethical behavior following few cases can be highlighted-
1)    While talking on the phone with her friend one of my colleague in ABC Telecom Company was revealing the upcoming policy which was not officially been launched till date.
2)    One traffic police officer while snatching one motor biker for crossing the maximum speed limit didn't pay attention towards two other bikers simultaneously.
3)    One faculty member of a reputed institution was disclosing the important questions just a day before the examination which was supposedly coming next day in the exam.
4)    In the name of a client meeting The CMO of a well-known private firm was meeting with his personal friends at the expense of the company.

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