Organizational Development and Change Case study of Ben and Jerry

Prepare a report on Case Study of Ben and Jerry. Give facts, key issues, alternative course, its evaluation, and recommendation.

1. Introduction 

In this assignment, the case study of Ben and Jerry has been discussed. The key facts of the case study and its best solution have been mentioned. How to resolve the issues related to team building and other management issues in a way to stay in the business has been detailed in this assignment.

2. Presentation of the case study Ben and Jerry (Organization Development)

In the case study of ben and jerry, it was mentioned that Ben and Jerry were working in the organization. They are a friend and they desire to open the ice-cream scoop shop. Finally, they open their company to producing the best ice- cream. Initially, their aim is not to earn money their main motto was to manufacture the best quality of ice-cream for the consumer. People like their ice-cream very much due to its unique taste and deliciousness.
Due to their best effort and innovation, they gain a huge customer in the market. They have been recognized as incredibly delicious (Bourgeois et al., 2017). Various agencies and research organization gave them a name as incredibly delicious. Customer and other stakeholder feel that their internal culture of working is very fine and funny. From outside people believe that internal working environment of the company is quite satisfactory and enjoyable. Worker performs their task and having fun at the same time. But it was not the same as its look from outside.
Although their policy is quite inspiring such as contributing 1 percent of the profit in defense and encouraging the other organization to take part in it and contribute their profits 1 percent in defense (Murray et al., 2015). Another policy of ben and jerry is pay structure of the company that is 1:5 ratio that is if the labor is getting the 1Rs then the manager will able to earn 5Rs  so in this way whenever management tries to increase their salary they need to raise the salary of the labor first. Ben and Jerry Company was performing well and became the leader in New York and Boston.
Suddenly one major competitor hampered their operation by restricting the retailer and other mom-and-pop convenience outlets not to keep the products of the ben and jerry. So this action was hampering and putting a negative impact on the growth and operation of the ben and jerry company. So for this, they stared themself to reach out to the various retailer and stores to convince them to keep their product for selling and for promotion. In this way, Ben and Jerry started promoting their product in the market.
And for the improvement of their internal management they hired professional and Henry a member of the board who was very well known for his motivational speeches and role in organizational development. He was expert in human relation and development. So through Henry contribution, the situation of the company has resolved up to some extent. It made them realize the organizational development and human relation to the employee and other board members. So this way the problem has been addressed.

3. Facts of the case

Facts of the case is that organization need to focus on the organizational development. It needs to focus on goals and human relation. Although the organization is very well performing it is contributing to society also. Contributing 1 percent to the peace campaign and encourage other organization also to do so. Initially no motive of Ben and Jerry to earn a profit. Manager and other member used to focus on fun and healthy working environment their main motto is to make the work interesting and funny. 
  1. Initially ben and Jerry have started their business with the motive of not only earning huge profit.
  2. No proper planning was done to start the business by Ben and Jerry. They were not prepared and don't have a proper predefined plan to operate in the market and no plan for competitors.
  3. Proper coordination and team building was not focused initially
  4. Underdeveloped organization. No focus on the coordination and team building and human relation.
Various facts have been identified while reviewing the case study. While reviewing the case of study of Ben and Jerry various facts came into the scene. It was observed that when initially Ben and Jerry planned to start their business of producing the best Ice-Cream they missed to plan about their strategies to meet the competition and they didn't focus on team building and proper communication between the employee and the manager.
No formal rules and regulation about responsibility and accountability have been defined in the organization. It was also found that no clear goals and objectives at the initial stage have been formulated. Only the main aim of Ben and Jerry is to supply the best quality of the ice- cream to the customer. Missing of the proper planning regarding the competition. The manager was not working as the team nor they use to formulate the goals neither they formulate clear responsibilities and roles.  

4. Key issues in the case study  

The key issues in this case study are that no proper planning is done in advance by Ben and Jerry. Proper coordination and communication are missing from the organization and department. The employee was not taking any responsibility. All this is only because of the missing clear goals and responsibilities. The major reason is due to missing of the organizational development that is it seems that the organization is under organized and not focusing on the human relationships in the system.
Missing of priorities of work, no proper planning regarding competition, under-organized organizational structure, no proper communication system, no clear and definite goals and responsibilities are the key issues in the organization. The very key issues that both Ben and Jerry are under organized in handling the various challenges due to rapid growth in the market.

5. The alternative course of action

In a way to resolve the issues and address the situation various alternative course of action are available such as proper training to the manager and supervisors is to be provided in a way to make them responsible and to set the clear goals and mission. Training to have team building it can be done only through conducting the program and making the staff and manager take part in the program. The program should aim at building the team spirit among the participant.
Making the Ben and Jerry and other staff and manager to understand the purpose of manufacturing the ice-cream, purpose of selling the ice-cream and so on as it will enhance and enables the members and staff to understand the clear goals and mission of the organization. Proper training and education to all in regards to making them aware of the team building and its importance (Cummings et al., 2014). Bringing the organization development intervention in the system by enabling all to coordinate and to take their responsibilities.
Development of teamwork that is team building is one of the alternatives to solve the issues in the case.
As team building is used in organizational development mainly to loosen up the over-organized process and system in the organization. But here in this case study under-organized system was found. So, in this case, organizational development intervention regarding team building is very much required. As it will provide the proper structure to the Ben and Jerry Company to operate (Edmondson et al., 2014).
While diagnosing the constraint to determine the organizational structure in regards of under organized or over-organized various factors should be kept in minds such as proper planning and coordination, perfect team building structure, human relation, clear role of responsibilities and roles. If proper planning regarding organizational development intervention is done then it will put a positive impact on the organization, as it will increase the zeal and interest among the staff, manager, and staff will be clearer about their responsibilities and roles. Proper communication and coordination are possible. Effective and efficient work system can be adopted through Organizational development intervention. Through this strategic as well as competitive advantage can be gained. 

6. Evaluation of Best alternative 

Out of various alternative, the best alternative to resolve the issues is team building through organizational development intervention. As it will lead the organization work effectively and efficiently. As in this case of Ben and Jerry, the best alternative to resolve the issues is to build the team spirit that team building through organizational development. As in this case, no proper coordination is found so through team building proper coordination will be enhanced (Burke et al., 2017). In this case, study manager is just working with the staff and not focusing on the other managerial activities neither they are aware of their proper responsibilities and roles so through proper training and team building they will be able to bring the change in the organization in a positive direction.
Through this approach, all will able to know the mission and goals. So the best alternative is team building as it will make the manager to priorities their task and enable them to handle the growth. Through this team building mind mapping can be done which enable the manager and the staff to think what they want to do and how they can achieve that. As it will provide sound medium to self-disclosure (Schein et al., 2017). Team building will enable the manager to do the things in a much better manner and it will make them take responsibilities and work collectively in the team. So in this way, the organizational effectiveness and efficiency will be increased.  

7. Recommendation 

At the end of this assignment after reviewing the case study of the Ben and Jerry strategic recommendation can be made to resolve the issues prevailing in the organization. 
Recommending for team building through organizational development intervention. Recommending to take the manger to retreat (team building) as it will enable the manager to develop effective communication and it will also build trust skills which is very much needed in this specific Ben and Jerry case study. As team building (retreat) will make the whole organization work effectively. So the best recommendation to avoid the issues associated with the Ben and Jerry case is to develop the team building.  

8. Conclusion 

At the end of this assignment, it can be concluded proper team building and trust is very much necessary in a way to work effectively and efficiently. Proper communication and coordination are also possible through team building. So as par this case study it was found that teamwork plays a vital role in organizational success. As it enables the individual to know their strength and it makes goals clearer.

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