No Se aceptan devoluciones Film review

Write a review of  "No Se aceptan devoluciones" film.


Film review is an effective way to assess the overall quality of a film. In this review, a Mexican film, No Se aceptan devoluciones, is reviewed. The article also includes a comparison among the reviewed film and two other Latin films.

About the film

Title of the film is No Se aceptan devoluciones. The lead actor of the movie is Eugenio Derbez who played the role of Valentín Bravo (Lopez & Tierney, 2014.). The lead actress in this movie is Jessica Lindsey who played the role of Julie. Studio Name of the movie is Alebrije Cine y Video Fulano and Mengano y Asociados. The film falls into the category of a family drama. Director of this film is, Eugenio Derbez.
The film is a mainstream film. The main characters of the film are -- Valentín Bravo, who had to work as a stuntman for supporting hos little daughter as a single parent. Julie is another important character of the film and she played the role of mother of the little girl. The role of Maggie, the baby girl, is also important in this film.

Main problem addressed

The film addresses the problems associated with contemporary families and single parents. The film portrays the modern time period. Valentin, one of the lead roles in this film, grew up with many difficulties and it shaped his personality. In the first part of the film, Valentin is portrayed as a young man who loves enjoying the life.
One day, Julie, who was previously in a relationship with Valnetin, met him and passed the responsibly of her baby girl. Initially, Valentin faced problems to support the little girl, but later he managed to bring up the baby girl and created an emotional bond with her. Few years later, Julie came back and she wanted to take the girl with her. It created another emotional conflict among the lead characters.
The issues related to the modern lifestyle, relationship, changing nature of families and the single parents are portrayed in the film However, no solution for the problems are suggested.

Role of ethnicity in the film

The film challenges the stereotypes regarding segreatation. At the initial stage of the film, the lead role Valentin separated from his father. However, the separation was not painful for him as he wanted to get freed from the tormenting parenting of his father.
In the next stage, Julie, another lead character, separated from her little daughter. However, unlike the usual idea of separation, it was not painful for Julie as she was not able to bear the responsibility of the little girl, however; the film portrayed the sense of freedom in the Latino culture through its characters and reinforced the concept. 

Role of gender

The film challenged the conventional gender roles sexual orientations. Magi, a character in the movie was being brought up by her father despite her mother was present. The role of mother is important for taking care of a child (Barsam & Monahan, 2015; Cook, 2016). In this film, the conception is challenged by showing that Valentin was successful to take care of the baby and keep her happy. 

Social class presented in the film

The film shows the life of people from the working class. Valentin works as a stuntman and the struggles in his daily life are shown in this movie. There is a concept that the people who belong to the social class have to struggle a lot for a living (Alvaray, 2008).
The movie reinforced the idea. The concept that hard work is essential for leading a better life is reinforced in the film. The film shows that Valentin managed to improve his life with hard work. Valentin works as a stuntman in Hollywood. The scenes in Hollywood and how the stuntmen work there are portrayed nicely in the film.

Rating the film

On the basis of the plot, casting, picturization, editing and core message of the film, the movie No Se aceptan devoluciones can be given a score of 8 out of 10. Although the film showed the lives of stuntmen in Hollywood, it could be shown in a more detailed manner. Similarly, some portions in the film can be presented in a more concise way. 
The Selena movie represents the hard work of a singer and it also gives a message that hard work is needed to get success in life. From this perspective, the movie is similar to the No Se aceptan devoluciones. On the other hand, the film, A day without Mexicans also represents the working class (Arau et al.2004). It is similar to the reviewed film.


The above discussion indicates that No Se aceptan devoluciones is an excellent movie which is enjoyable to all types of audience. Despite being a Mexican film, it gained popularity among American viewers also because of its unique plot.

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