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Table of Contents



Current scenario and requirements of the project

Office infrastructure

Network requirements

Requirement analysis




Network design on office 1

Horizontal cabling

VLAN description





Background Of The Organization  

To design a network for an advertising company like ABC multimedia, it is a marketing and advertising agency that has nearly 80 employees working in two offices which are located distinctly. The office has five departments where four departments in one office that contains four floors while the fifth department located distantly in another location. One office contains advertising, Photography, Marketing and HR and accounting department whereas another office contains advanced marketing and advertising department as a fifth department with 8 employees. A network has to design in this organization should have access point in each floor that has to create a sub-network to the entire department in each floor. The network also has to provide a good quality of video conferencing between the two offices.    

The proposal network report contains the hardware details of each and every department with an additional device like printer, colour printer, fax etc. The network designed is well planned where the device should place and where the routers are placed as this planned decision will provide how the device properly positioned to cover both the office. The wireless access on the office should be secure. The signals to all the department have to be same with black holes. A detailed IP address allocation is provided for the network. The design setup id designed with future expansion if expected with network scalability. Network scalable is important for an organization with security factor protecting all the resources of the ABC multimedia company.


Current scenario and requirements of the project

Office infrastructure

  • The advertising company has two offices.
  • Both have a total of five departments.
  • The first main office has four floors and each floor has separate departments.
  • The departments in the offices are advertising, photography, marketing and HR and accounting department in one office while the other office has one department that is considered as a fifth department advanced marketing and advertising.
  • The total number of employees on the company is 88 employees among them 80 in main office while 8 employees in the second office.
  • The office has a high-speed network that provides equal signals and access to all the employees.

Network requirements

  • Need a high data transfer between the main office and the second office of all time.
  • Leased line connection will provide a less cost for data transmission.
  • Low data transfer haves permanent virtual circuit (PVC) connection with frame relay.
  • PVC with a dedicated CIR is developed between the two offices that are located distantly. (CIR committed information rate) 
  • As both the office are distantly located a leased line connection helps them for easy data transfer with no traffic.

Requirement analysis

The multimedia company has four floors and each floor has a separate switch that connects all the system on each floor along with electronic device like printer, fax, etc.  All the switches are connected with router with firewall that protects from threats. The location of the router is placed on the second floor that provides wireless access point to all the floors. Systems were installed with antivirus software’s that secures the system from attacks. More than 60 systems were connected by the routers. The wireless connection that supports protection on the network channels is WAP/WAP2 PSK (Uni Assignment, 2019).

The office 1 contains four floors were each floor has a different department like Advertising department, photography department, Marketing department, and HR and accounting departments. Another office 2 has a department advanced marketing and advertising. Both the office connected via internet. The firewall in the office will protect the data in both the office as the main server located in the office which has firewall. All the incoming and outgoing request travel through firewall. Both the office has nearly 90 employees in four departments. All the PC’s in the first floor were connected with the 24 port switches with wall sockets. All the departments in each floor will connected via switches of 24 and 48 switch which uses patch panel for connection. Both the site has a point-to-point connection that is set up on a leased line made on fibre optics. Using fibre optics will always be in ON condition, secure connection, and dedicated connection. The topology used on both the office is PVC point-to-point i.e. has frame relay connection.  

Network Design

The network is designed should have high quality and standards. This network can connect with all the computers on each floor on both offices by router. This can also be used in hub but it will give an inefficient on data transmission. Each floor is connected with the switches with access point connected to all system. This can be replaced with repeater but the cost for spending on repeater cables will less than switch with access point so, this is access point is chosen for the organization. A gateway router can be used for the routing connection but primary router with gateway has the same protocols as the switches. Spending more money on the primary router and gateway is less than having switched on each floor. All the systems on each floor are connected with the internet via wireless access and it also has Wi-Fi access point. Each department has separate access point that helps the employees to have steady connection (Martin Horan, 2016).

Hardware and Software Requiremet

Desktop computers or laptops

Dell OptiPlex 3050 micro

Internet connection

Airtel enterprise internet / reliance jio


Grandstream GXP 1400

Print/ Scanner

Any printer (Canon E4270 All in one)

Operating system

Windows 10, Windows 8.1


500 MB

Hard disk space

250 MB space to install software


Minimum SVGA with 256 colours.

CD-ROM drive

CD-drive needed to install the software.

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Recommended product for Network Connection

  1. Router

The advertising company has two offices and each office has one router. So total two routers are needed (Cisco, 2019).

CISCO LINKSYS RV016 10/100 16-port VPN ROUTER-B2

  1. Switch

The company has total of five departments and each has separate switches on each floor. Total 80 employees need 80 systems in one office while the other office needs 10 systems that could connect as ll the system and devices (Cisco, 2019).  

SWITCH CISCO SF 100-24 24-PORT 10/100 SR224T / CISCO SGE2010 48-PORT Gigabit Switch

  1. Wireless access point

Each floor needs a wireless access point of type DAP-2360. This can be added in future if need (Cisco, 2019).

  1. Repeater

Amped Wireless SR300 High Power Wireless 300N smart repeater of 10baseT

This is used for the repeater on the floors (Cisco, 2019).

Network design on office 1

The office contains four departments on each floor. An efficient flow of data follows due to the structured cabling. This will be made up of several standardized elements known as sub-system. The sub-system in the office will be the entrance facility where the ISP (Internet service provider) network ends and connects to the employee systems. Each floor is interconnected with high-speed cables as backbone cabling whereas horizontal cabling will interconnect with all the components on the same floor. Work area or the office cubic is the place where the employee's equipment was connected on horizontal cabling. Telecommunication enclosure connects both the cabling (horizontal and backbone cabling).

A network is designed using structured cabling approach where work area subsystem is connected with employee system using wall socket this is connected using RJ45 cables. These systems were connected to a wireless station with the nearest AP (Access point).

A work area that has wireless access to the system using Access point

Horizontal cabling

The horizontal cabling used here is of 100Mb/s Ethernet cables and a back panel of patch panel (Fiber Transceiver solution, 2019).

Telecommunication enclosure

This is a subsystem that contains switch and patch panels. The wires of patch panels used to connect the front end of the patch while the switches will connect for switch chassis. Using patch panel on the network design on the ABC multimedia company will give the following benefits,

Identification – the ports on the patch panel are labelled that helps to identify uniquely which cable is connected with which location. This helps to identify the cables and also helps to disconnect and connect the system. Easily identify is the cable is lost or terminated.

Changes in the patch panels can be cannot affect the switches that help changes can be made easily and quickly.

Patch panel contains the end cables from all as this act as a termination of cables. This can be selectively connected to the required switches (CPS Technologies, 2017).

Patch panel with switch connection.

Switch chassis is another most important part in the sub-system that has several numbers of port to connect with system on every floor. Total four switches among three in office 1 for 80 employees and remaining one in office 2 for 8 employees. Switches are connected and placed in stack manner that provides interconnection between them using Ethernet cable of 1 gigabit/ sec.

Using the switch on stack gives,

Maintenance of the network becomes easy. As it acts as a single unit this can be easily managed.

Scalability – the network can increase in future if needed.

If one switch fails then data can flow via another unit by providing a resilient connection between the systems.  

Backbone cabling

This is the main part in the subsystem using fibre cable that interconnects all the switches. The failure of the system connection can be reduced using backbone cabling mode (Fiber Transceiver solution, 2019).

This is on the second floor with two switches, routers, firewall, server’s, gateway router and all these were connected with fibre cables. Core router will used for traffic route inside the building using VLAN. The firewall used on the network is to filter the traffic that is incoming to the office and access is given by access control list to configure inside the firewall. Gateway is used there to connect both the office directly. The server has active directory and remote authentication dial-in user helps to authenticate the user on the server (Cisco, 2019).

VLAN description


VLAN number



Used to connect more than 30 system in fourth floor


Used to connect system on the third floor (>30)


Connects second and third floor


Groups the workstation on the second floor


Connects system on the second floor


Connects system on the first floor


Connects system on the server on the second floor


Each floor is connected with the VLAN for connection which provided layer network with high security and control.

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IP Address Acheme in Network Design



Network Address

Sub Netmask

Host Address Range

Broadcast Address

VLAN 10 to

VLAN 20 to

VLAN 30 to

VLAN 40 to

VLAN 50 to

VLAN 60 to

VLAN 70 to


The IP address taken here is

Office 2 need 8 systems for 8 employees of just 8 IP address is needed here which cab be increased in future.

The server uses an IP address of range – (VLAN 50 is used for server)

Network protocols used in ABC multimedia company

The network protocols that used in the ABC multimedia company is given below

  • Routing protocol – Default and VLAN routing.
  • DNS – DNS protocol to maintain the map.
  • Dynamic host configuration protocol.
  • Spanning tree protocol.
  • Network address translation.
  • Hot standby router protocol.
  • VLAN virtual local area network.
  • Remote authentication dial-in user service.
  • File transfer protocol.
  • Simple mail transfer protocol.


This report contains a detailed report of the network setup of ABC multimedia company. This explains the connection between the system on each floor, connection on one floor, connection on each switch in each floor, connection between the servers on the second floor, and connection between two offices. The hardware requirements of the company with network equipment details and also explain how the data in the office is securely maintained.


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