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The Commonwealth Government of Australia is launching ‘My Health Record’ a secure online summary of an individual’s health information available to all Australians. So You are a Systems Analyst that is part of a project that is being currently being proposed, ‘My Health Record’, your task is to develop a Vision Document for this project. You are to describe the problem in your own words, and the capabilities and benefits. You need to create a Project Vision Document with Problem,Capabilities and Benefits.



The My Health Record  is a longitudinal electronic record of patient wellbeing data produced by at least one experiences in any care conveyance setting. Incorporated into this data are tolerant socioeconomics,  issues, advance notes,  fundamental signs, drugs,  vaccinations, past medicinal history research facility information and radiology reports. This system mechanizes as well as streamlines the clinician's work process (Blum, 2011). The My Health Record can create an entire record of a clinical patient experience - and in addition supporting other care - related exercises straightforwardly or in a roundabout way through interface - including proof - based choice help, quality administration, and results revealing. 


The My Health Record Vision documents the case for change and method of reasoning behind the making of a program to build up the My Health Record over the wellbeing framework. The Vision document drew upon broad discussion with numerous partners on the general heading for a health record, incorporating an organized engagement with the health record business to gain from their encounters (Casey,2014). While key frameworks have been acquired and actualized as national arrangements, there is a basic now to act at an alternate scale to accomplish more extensive advantages. There are a few key drivers for advancing a My Health Record: 
•    Enhancing nature of care: An My Health Record is basic to address divided data, empower sharing of clinical records crosswise over multidisciplinary groups as well as areas including supporting joint effort plus powerful basic leadership (Kaiser, 2014).  
•    Empowering Reform: Implementing an My Health record gives a basic capacity to conveying change, specifically scratch projects, for example, Integrated Care, development of Hospital Groups as well as Public Health Administrations, as well as the acknowledgment of the Health plus Wellbeing technique. These changes must be supported by better quality shared data (Kaiser, 2014). 
•    Supporting Public Care: Providing operational frameworks in the Community setting to not simply bolster the conveyance of care in that setting as well as the more extensive combination of care over the wellbeing administration, yet in addition to help understand the desire of shaping the Public Health Administrations (Kaiser, 2014). 
•    Subsidiary Acute Care: Delivering changes in the operational frameworks accessible in intense healing centers keeping in mind the end goal to help the conveyance of enhanced care yet in addition to empower intense doctor's facilities to advance the electronic record with applicable data for the person. Presenting these My Health record operational abilities understands the aspirations of the Hospital Groups as far as cooperating as coordinated health center facility systems. Supporting the intense care setting likewise includes conveying the computerized desire's of the any hospital can access the patient only the information allowed by the patient on MY Health Record. The Information  Communication Technology methodology for the healing center highlights an My Health record as a center component. Choices on this must be taken with regards to a general national approach highlighted by Government well as  quick advance on the execution design delineated in vision document (Kaiser, 2014). 

Discharging Potential in National Systems record: the ventures effectively finished and right now in progress must be completely utilized to convey the more extensive advantages inside a coordinated national approach (Nelson, 2012). 
Emerging from My  Health Record Vision as well as Direction archive, the team will use system focused on building up a business case which would layout advancement choices, the size of the general speculation, the usage approach and the abnormal state benefits related with the My Health Record program. This record conveys on that dedication and layouts the general speculation and usage approach important to set up a National Health Record, while giving vital heading to national Health record advancement over the wellbeing framework. This Strategic system analysis conducted will  accompany : 
•    Speculation destinations – how putting resources into My Health Record abilities bolsters the change plan , 
•    The My Health Record methodology – the route forward for the health record program , 
•    The task portfolio that characterizes the health record Program , 
•    The high - level expenses for the Program , 
•    The characteristic advantages that have been conveyed in different nations . This record is conveyed as a component of a general procedure that interfaces the My health Vision and Strategy to more nitty gritty execution designs and obtainment of components to understand the National Health Record (Wheeland,2011). 
•    The Strategic analysis is educated by the discussion beforehand completed in the making of the Knowledge and Information Strategy and My health record Strategic Vision plus direction . It is additionally the yield of late engagement with the requirements of My health record system , more extensive clinical observations (Wheeland,2011).

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