0The main purpose of the article is to discuss the mobile commerce and its challenges. The article is intended to target all those individuals who are dealing with mobile commerce or are planning to go in it. Also, it targets all those customers who are investing their money in M-Commerce companies. The article is discussing the application and properties of mobile commerce and it is talking about the security issues with M-Commerce. Then, in the end, the article is talking about solutions to overcome those security issues and conclusion with how this article is related to the security issues of M-Commerce. (Wushishi & Ogundiya, 2015)
The article is written in International Journal of Scientific Research Engineering & Technology (IJSRET) is a peer-reviewed open access journal. The journal has welcomed the submission of manuscripts which meet the general criteria of engineering, research, science and technology in the field of significance and scientific perfection. The purpose and scope of the journal are to highlight on research, advancement, and application in the field of scientific research engineering and technology which supports the training at a high level, instruction, improvement and research. It is an international journal which goes for constant research and preparing to advance research in the important field. The journal is specially made for research in Engineering and technology. All the members of the journal are belonging to academic profile and passed out from A class universities. (Thanh, 2000)
The recommendation that I will like to make based on the above articles for M-Commerce is especially for its security. I will like to recommend two-factor authentications while logging in, use of VPN while using M-Commerce applications. Introduction of WAP 2 by replacing the older version WAP. I will recommend the use of Public and Private keys. The article has explained about the properties of m-commerce and its application, also it has explained various threats arising from M-Commerce but didn’t do well in defining the solutions to all those security issues. For finding security issues I have used an article from IEEE “Security issues in mobile e-commerce. I will prefer using different article which is “Security Issues in Mobile eCommerce” in the article which is written by D. Van Thanh in IEEE journal. 
The writer was able to attract the reader’s attention by making the article very simple and using important points like an introduction to M-Commerce, properties, and application of M-Commerce, the author has very well explained about the threats and issues related to the use of M-Commerce. In this was author can gain reader’s professional trust. Author has written this article in a professional way with all the points that are required to discuss about M-Commerce. 
The sources used in making this article are directly related to M-Commerce and its securities for example “Security Issues in M- Commerce: A Usage-Based Taxonomy by Suresh Chari, Mobile Commerce and Related Mobile Security Issues by Ashish Wadhaval etc.” all the sources are scholarly articles and we can trust on them. 


Thanh, D. V. (2000). Security Issues in Mobile eCommerce. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 467-476. Retrieved 2 19, 2018, from
Wushishi, J. U., & Ogundiya, O. A. (20154). MOBILE COMMERCE AND SECURITY ISSUES. International Journal of Scientific Research Engineering & Technology, 739-740.

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