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When responding to the questions below please consider the theory / key concepts that have been covered during your studies so far. Be sure to integrate the key concepts into your responses using academically reliable sources.  Your responses should demonstrate further reading / research on the key topics. 
1. Identify the key stakeholders and their likely reactions to the situation at Oz Newspapers. 
2. What are the HR issues raised in this case? Explain how you would deal with them, supporting your assertions with research. 
3. What are the key environment factors at play in this case? Explain how these environmental factors impact HR practice at Oz Newspapers. 
4. Describe the role that the HR manager will need to take to support the company’s plan. 



The report helps the reader to know about various details which have to be keep in mind before commencing a new business. These details have been specifically discussed in relation to staring a new coffee shop in Melbourne. The business environment which would surround the business is discussed in detail along with the goals which it is expecting to achieve. Then the target market of the business is discussed and what would be the effect of five forces operating in the market would have on it. Towards the end, some of the financial forecasts of the business are discussed.


The new business which is planned to be started is a coffee shop named Differentia. This name is specifically chosen as it would provide the customers different drinks which would range from coffee drinks to health and energy drinks. This is plannedto be started as people are increasingly becoming healthconscious and they keep on looking for opportunities so that they areable to get their needs satisfied.

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Vision, missions and goals

The mission of the company is to maintain and set the highest quality standards in whatever they do and offer to the customers. They want to offer people with the delicious and perfect health drink options along with many coffee ranges(Désiage, 2010).  They want to earn the trust of thecustomers,partners, the employees and most importantly to the community.The visions of the company are to become a trusted and establishedbrand among people and they also want to become leaders in service, innovation and in the quality provided to people.
The long term goal of the shop is to get a market share of about 5% in Melbourne and they want to open with 2 new outlets each year.

Products and services

The shop would provide people with many health drink options which would include coffee, other health drinks. Energy drinks to people. Along with they would also keep some light snacks which would be offered keeping in mind the preferences of the people to stay healthy. The menu would consist of limited options but all as per the health of the people.

The structure of the shop will be organized in the simplest manner. The top position would be headed by the director of the shop under which general managerwould work. Then under him would be the three teams which is the kitchen lead, market lead and the cafe lead which would perform their functions. The kitchen lead wouldconsist of the kitchen staff and they would perform all duets in respect of this. The market staff would keep the duties of marketing and the café staff would be there for the assistance of people. This business would be started in a partnership form and this is chosen as three partners would come and contribute their money to start with this coffee shop. This is referred as this can be easily commenced without getting into many formalities(Tervo, 2014).

Finance structure

The finance structure is planned to be contributed in equal proportion and a sum of 90000$ would be contributed by the partners and the same sum of money is planned to be taken from a bank on interest.

SWOT analysis


  • Good location

  • Quality products


  • Changing customer needs

  • High cost of raw materials


  • Increasinghealthconsciouspeople

  • Increase in the number of coffee lovers

  • More demand forhealth products


  • Increasingcompetition levels

  • Changing rules of the government

Premises, plant and equipment

The coffee shop is planned in Richmond, Melbourne. The place is yet to be finalized and this would take on rent basis. The premises chosen would be done on the basis of the parking facilities and it must adequate seating capacity of about 40 people at the shop. The various equipment’swhich would be needed to start the business would be purchased(Kim & Kim, 2017). Some of the equipment which would be procured would be industrial coffee grinder, ovens, toasters, refrigeration system, high quality expresso machine. Pumps,containers and many more. They would also be procured when there would be a specific need of buying the same.

Information system and telecommunications

The shop would not need much of telecommunications system in place. The main things which would be needed would be to arrange for 3 telephone numbers and a facility of internet and the shop would provide people with free internet usage options. The shop would also have a Television set installed in it so a cable TV connection has also to be arranged for it.

Intellectual property, licenses and membership insurances

Any new business can be set up only after completing the formalities involved in the process. Some of the licenses which would be needed to start with the business would consist of ABN number, Business TFN, for weights and measures would be checked by contacting National Measurement Institute, Fire certificate, Music license, Trademark licenseCertificate of incorporation. The various types of insurances have also to be taken for carrying out the business in a proper manner. The shop would also need to get their trademark register so that no one is able to copy the trademark or the copyrights used by the coffee shop.

Goals, milestones and strategies

Goals and milestones
The goals and milestones can be explains using SMART framework and this is used to show the effectiveness of the business plan.

  • Specific: The business plan intends to capture about 5% of the market share in the beverage sector in Melbourne and also want to become a favorite brand of the people.

  • Measurable: The success could be easily measured by measuring the coffee shop's sales.

  • Achievable: the target shave been set in a way that they could be achieved as they would get famous based on their distinct product offerings.

  • Realistic: They seem to be realistic as the products would be offered by considering the requirements of the people.

  • Time-bound: The milestones have been set for each year which would help in monitoring of the performance.

Year 1- sales of 600000$
Year 2- sales of 1200000$ and 2 stops
Year 3- Sales of 2600000$ and 4 shops
Year 4- Sales of 4000000$ and 6 shops
Year 5 – Sales of 5000000$ and 8 shops


The marketing strategies which would be used for increasing the popularity of the coffee shop would be done by using different ways. This would be done by distributing pamphlet bout the existence of the restaurant in the nearby areas(Wood, 2012). More people would come to know about this and these would also be distributed at various malls. Then the social media marketing would also be used. This is coming out as an effective means of marketing the services and also doesn’t involve much cost(Wood, 2016).


The sales strategies would be planned in a way that the coffee shop would be able to achieve higher sales. The offers would be made in the form of combo offers and this would attract people in the shop to come and enjoy. Then they are also planning to have a monthly pass system in which the regular customers would get some products free every week. The college students would be given flat 10% discount(Yun, 2017).
Customer management and retention strategies
This is planned in a way that they would keep calling or would send messages to people on their special days and this would keep them loyal towards the brand. Then the pass system would work as an exclusive promotional tool. The feedback given by the customers would be kept in mind for deciding the products to be offered in the market(Kim & Shim, 2017).

The coffee shop is trying to make use of smart pricing and the prices would be kept less than the prices taken by the competitors. This way the people would be able to get better choices at reasonable prices.

The strategy which is panned is that when the coffee shop would be launched then in the initial first month, they would provide 10 ml samples of any three drinks to their customers so that they are bale to taste them and this way they would develop an interest to buy the drinks.

Business competition
The industry
The coffee shops and cafes in Melbourne has increased a lot in last five years and this is supported by the strong coffee culture at Melbourne. This industry is expected to increase at an annual rate of 5.1% in the next five years. In the year 2017-18 the revenue from this industry is expected to touch 8.3 billion$("Cafes and Coffee Shops – Australia Industry Report | IBISWorld", 2018).

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Target market

The main target market of this coffee shop would be the youngpeopleand office going people who are coffee lovers and are health conscious. They want to tap them and provide them various options so that they also don’t feel guilty by consuming the drinks. They want to provide them with best options.

Market competition

The market competition in this industry is very high. In the last five years the competition level has increased to a great extent. Some of the major players in the market can be named as Starbucks, Kraft Heinz, Nestle, Coffee beanery and many more. Though they provide them competition but very few among them are offering energy and healthdrinksalong with the coffee drinks. Soo these offeringswould provide the coffee a competitive edge(Kwak, 2016).

Influence of five factors

The five factors' influence can be analyzed from Porter’s five force model. The level of competition is high in the market. The bargaining power of consumers and that of suppliers in high as there are many consumers in the market ho have multiple options of healthy products. So they have to decide about the services to be taken and in the same way the suppliers also many. The threat of substitutes is Laos and even threat of new entrants is also high(Asad, 2012).

Financial forecast

Set up costs
As discussed above the business is planned to be started with a sum of about 120000$ and this would consist of own capital and loan taken from the bank. All the money is planned to be invested in the business and a sum of 10000$ would be exclusively kept for planning of the marketing operations of the coffee shop. 

Profits and lossforecasts

It is very important that the business start earning profits, but this can’t be expected immediately(Laniyonu, 2017). So in this case also the business would be exited to start earning profits in the second year of its operation. The profit and loss forecasts which are made are as follows:
Year 1    0
Year 2    50000$
Year 3    1200000$
Year 4    1000000$
Year 5    2500000$

Cash flow forecasts

The cash flow would be needed by the coffee shops at every step and the main cash flow would be needed to procure the rawmaterials needed to purchase the commodities of the café shop. So the acesflow would be:
Year 1    0
Year 2    60000$
Year 3    1300000$
Year 4    1000000$
Year 5    2000000$

Balance Sheet Forecast and break even analysis

As this is a new business and all the calculations cannot be done with complete accuracy, only budgets can be formed. The coffee shop is expected would break even in the first year of its operation. It takes time for a restaurant to get known amongpropel before it is able to earn profits. This is kept in this case for one year and on this basis the profits of Year 1 are taken to be at 0. The balance sheet forecast would be made on this basis.


The report discusses the various aspects of how a new business of a coffee shop would be started. All the factors which relate to a new business establishment are discussed in detail right from the businessenvironment to its goals to business competition. Then some of the aspects of the financial forecastsarealso discussed. This way by considering these factors a successful business could be established.


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