Mini Web Marketing Plan for a clothing brand


Write a mini web marketing plan for a newly opened music festival clothing brand named Misfitfestial.

Executive summary

The aim of the paper is to develop a mini web marketing plan for a newly opened music festival clothing brand named Misfitfestial. The company offers various colorful clothing to young ladies during music festivals and manufactures elegant and unique designs. It will face tough competition from two online fashion brands such as Dollskill and Shopoceanmoon. The objective of the company is to achieve continuous traffic and revenue for its business. For the purpose, it will take up web marketing such as social media, website development and application formulation. This will help the company achieve its web marketing target such as offering the best customer service and build a positive presence among its customers. 

1.0 Product and Company Description 

1.1 Company

The company is named as Misfitfestival which aims at a selling festival clothing and accessories to the customer. It is a clothing boutique that offers unique products to all its customers which will feature mainly girls. 

1.2 Product features

The product that the company offers to the customers are mainly all types of festival clothing and accessories. It will offer great benefit to customers such as the ladies that want to look elegant and stand out of the crowd during the festival time. It aims at offering great customer satisfaction and inspiration.

1.3 Uniqueness of the product

The products are of unique design and represent a sense of rebellious spirit and attitude to the buyers. 

2.0 Market Analysis

2.1 Competitors

The two competitors that the company might face in relation to its web presence and web strength is Dollskill and Shopoceanmoon. Both are clothing brand selling western clothing to young customers and involved in the clothing industry. The web presence of both competitors are huge. Dollskill are present around seven social media sites such as facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube, and others (dollskill 2018). On the other hand, Shopoceanmoon is spread over four social media sites such as facebook, Instagram, piterest and others (shopoceanmoon 2018). They also have their own blogs on their online websites. 

2.2 Target Market

Target market of the company focuses on three types of segmentation such as demographic, psychographic and behavioral (Gengler and Mulvey 2017). 
In demographic segmentation the company focus on young female customers as they are the one that loves to keep a good collection of festival clothing and look unique and elegant during festivals.
In psychographic segmentation, the company will target customers that love to stand out of the crowd and prefer unique and colorful fashion.
Behavioral segmentation will target people that have craze for music festival as the brands aim is to offer clothes mainly for music festival.

2.3 Web Marketing SWOT Analysis

•    Unique idea and strategy
•    Target young population as they love to shop
•    Unique and inspiring products
•    Strong website development plan
•    Low pricing
•    Huge competition from fashion industry
•    Huge web presence of competitors
•    Low market presence
•    Increase web presence 
•    Attract young traffic
•    Develop strong future website
•    Increase social media presence
•    Acceptance from the customers
•    Targeting right customers
•    Increasing competition from online industry 
                                                                                                                     Table 1: SWOT Analysis
The company will use its strengths such as strong website development plan and offering the unique product at low price in attracting young traffic and get a strong future website and social media presence (Bull et al. 2016). This will help them fight and survive against rising competition and make its place in the heart of the customers.

2.4 Business Objectives

The business has two main objectives in order to grow its business to a bigger sphere in future and make its name in the fashion industry. Business objectives are mainly designed by a new business in order to be focused at the target they want to achieve without getting confused during the way. 
  • The first objective of the business is to increase its revenue continuously over the time 
  • The second objective is to attract continuous traffic in the new online store of the company. 

Targeted Revenue

The targeted revenue is the financial position that the company wants to hold at the end of the year. It will be based on the monthly target revenue of the company. The monthly sales target of the company is to sell at least 30 items of every types of clothes and accessories. They aim to increase this target by 10 percent every month. Similarly, they also aim to get a monthly target of $5000 which will also increase by 10 percent every month along with the sales. Approximately the yearly revenue target of the company is to earn $100,000. 

Targeted Web Traffic

The next thing that the company targets is the monthly traffic or customers in its online website or web presence. The company aims to achieve at least 100 customer traffic in its web and plans to increase it by 20 percent every month. This will help them get a strong customer base at the end of a year. 

3.0 Web Marketing Plan

3.1 Web Marketing Objectives

The web marketing objectives of the company is to offer excellent customer service and get a positive perception in the mind of the customers. The objective follows the SMART objectives and aligns with the business objective of the company (Robins 2015). 
To offer good customer service and make a positive place in the mind of the customers
By achieving the target sales and traffic in the web storefront 
By making easy access and customer friendly portal for the customers and trustable delivery service
Because customers are the main engine of the business and offering them best service will help in achieving targeted revenue
To achieve the target within 12 months after the launch of the web store of the company
                                                                                                            Table 2: SMART objectives 

3.2 Web Marketing Campaigns

The company will aim at achieving three web marketing strategies in order to carry out the successful campaigns and achieve the marketing objectives of the company such as generating continuous revenue and forming positive attitude among the customers (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick 2016). The web marketing strategies will focus at achieving each of these objectives. 
    The three web marketing strategies that the business will be as follows:
  • Increase its social media presence such as in Instagram and Facebook 
  • Develop strong website presence which special features
  • Develop a company application which the customers can download and purchase goods

3.3 Marketing Strategy Description

Increasing Social Media presence 

The first campaign will be is to run a social media campaign by developing a personal official page of the business in social sites such as Instagram and Facebook. Instagram will involve opening an account in the name of the company and buying followers from the company initially. Same will be implemented for Facebook. It will help in targeting young ladies and girls as they are very active in social media (Tuten and Solomon 2017). The desired result is to achieve at least 50 followers and likes each in both the social media sites within one month. 

Develop Strong Website presence    

Website of the company will be designed in such a manner that it is user-friendly for the customers. It will also have blogs on their top page to make the customers understand their fashion goals. There will also be fashion assistants that will guide them according to their styles. This method is useful as women love to check out things on themselves before buying it (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick 2016). It aims to achieve at least 100 sales target for one month.

Develop Company’s Application 

Lastly, is to develop application for the company so that the young ladies can just download them on their phone and start shopping. In the world of smartphone, this strategy is the best to capture the market (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick 2016). End result is to get at least 50 downloads and 100 sales from the application in the first month after its launch. 

3.4 Web Analytics 

Web analytics will help the business to measure the performance of each strategy:
Social Media: social traffic, ranking different social media that company uses, analyze blog performances, identify percentage increase in followers and likes on pages and comments on the social media page (Tuten and Solomon 2017). 
Website development: number of orders, the percentage increase in sales, number of complaints of customers and number of viewers every month (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick 2016).
Application development: number of downloads, number of sales through application orders, number of complaints and strong blog presence. 

4.0 References 

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