Messaging System at RAASA AYURVEDA Group


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Instant Messaging System at RAASA AYURVEDA Group

                                           Executive Summary

Business environment is now very much competitive and changeable. It is the technology that has changed the scenario of doing business. Day by day, machines are taking place of human being and we are moving into an automated world. We all share information, idea, knowledge, feeling, emotion etc. We all want these should go faster, safer and in exact way it is put by the sender to the receiver. Due to fierce competition in market and changing scenario, business organization are now looking for communication solution which is faster, better and smarter. Instant Messaging Applications are emerging as the solution for this communication issue. This report is going to show “How RAASA AYURVEDA Group is going to use it for expanding business?” and will also discuss its merits and caution for the technology solution.



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This report is going to address the need and importance of instant messaging in RAASA AYURVEDA Group. RAASA AYURVEDA Group is medium scale trading firm (Established in 1998) which deals with Ayurvedic cosmetics and other personal care products of different Ayurvedic companies in India. The company has now business in Uttar Pradesh (an Indian state) area with 300 personnel who are engaged in different operations. There are 50 outlets in different parts of the state is now looking for expansion to other states. Right-now they are communicating through mail but it is not helping them to communicate properly with each other thus, they are now looking for an instant messaging app such as Slack, Stride, Skype 365, Flock etc. to get constant touch with its personnel.  Will this instant messaging bring success and effectiveness in business of RAASA AYURVEDA? This is going to be our point of discussion

Instant Messaging System

Before we jump into system application in RAASA AYURVEDA Group, it is very much important to understand about the system. Instant Messaging or IM technology is a type of online chat system that offers real-time text transmission and also audio and video chatting over a network. The system can be a LAN or MAN or WAN that depends on the range of operation and people it is covering. One of the core service of this system is to provide knowledge about the availability of co-workers or senior staff through the selected platform. Today, it is not just a medium of conversation but also file transferring, image sharing, event scheduling, agenda fixation etc. are possible. IM technology has been considered as season based which has definite start and end. It mimics a person’s conversation and messages. It can be a one to one or many at a time platform (may be 4-5 persons or even more than that). It is one of the most popular informal communication platform to increase coordination and cooperation in work and also to build trust among people. [Hee-Kyung Cho et.al2005]

About the System

Pin user- This feature brings you frequent contact even without low internet speed among the uses.
Storage- Such IM system are coming with a storage capacity of 1TB. Thus unlimited chats and file sharing will be possible. In future, it will be done over cloud space.
Fully searchable- One can easily find archive chats, files and contact which are connected to google drive as backup.
Free email and call support- No worry of downtime. One can connect team 24*7 without any hesitation. It will also display availability of persons on real time basis on the basis of their account activity.
Unlimited grouping- Inside the system, multiple group formation is possible where each function chat can be carried out separately without any trouble.
 Apart from the above it has all modern day features such as video conferencing, broadcasting, analytics, data record and screen sharing and controlling.
This works in 3 simple step explained below-

Why RAASA AYURVEDA Group needs such system?

E-mail conversation is limited and it is not possible to integrate people to have discussions. E-mail is also a formal way of sharing information thus people don’t use it quite often to share experience, knowledge, opinion etc. on e-mail platform. This platform is also being ignored most of the time by people.
On the other hand, social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike etc. are personal chatting forum which can be used for official purpose but there is a high chance of mixing up personal and professional chats. People may not like to talk business things and also there is a threat of sharing business information to competitors and other outside parties.
So there is a need of a communication system that will not only connect people with same sort of experience like social media without mixing their personal life and also it will be secured and restricted to office purpose only like official mail Id. Instant Messaging (IM) technology is that option to deal with this communication issue for RAASA AYURVEDA Group.

                                            What can IM offer to RAASA AYURVEDA Group?  

Here are the list of advantages or benefits that RAASA AYURVEDA Group can derive from Instant Messaging platform.
Real-time communication- Unlike e-mails where the employees of RAASA AYURVEDA Group have to wait until downloading completed to see message and attachment, instant messaging will provide message and attachment instantly so that immediately one can send the feedback or responses to the sender. This technology also discloses the availability of employees on real-time basis. If it is showing online, that means the person is expected to give reply instantly which is missing in e-mail chat. As RAASA AYURVEDA Group needs daily sales report and information about delivery of products from each employee, now after installation of IM will help each of them to send message in this platform which management can see and manage quickly.
Cost saving- Till date, RAASA AYURVEDA employees and management have to rely on phone calls to take updates from distributors and sales personnel. By having Instant messaging solution, they can now send their attendance, information about stock, problems or issues and also reports on daily basis without visiting to head office. This will save lot of cost like calling cost, cost of transportation, visiting etc.  With the facility of video chatting, now presentations can be given by employees staying at home or at site without coming down to corporate office. Even employees meeting is possible with group chat or video conferencing.
Convenient- This system needs no such training or attention to use this platform. One can carry out this while doing other stuffs. So employees even if they are travelling, they can use the application like other social media app and inform about the required things.
Team building- In a distribution network, coordination and cooperation is very much essential. This has no replacement. IM will bring better coordination and cooperation. For ex- in most of cases, phone calls are not clear and mis-interpretation takes place. By IM application, appropriate text message can be sent so that confusion will get removed. Moreover, real time updating to one another will help to sync the work. For ex- If a distributer in Lucknow is in need of 50 cosmetics cream and it is needed urgent, then instant text will be done to nearest distributor and sales personnel to make it available.
Apart from that IM can be used to have informal conversation in off hours to build informal relationship. [Isaacs, Eet.al2012]
Archiving- One can see old chats in this IM application and also can save those important conversations for future use. This helps in providing instant updates to business.  
Spam reduction- These days IM software and applications are coming up with encryption thus malware and virus attack can be avoided which is highly possible in other platforms.

                                          Caution for RAASA AYURVEDA for IM

Distraction- RAASA AYURVEDA needs to make sure that IM platform is majorly used for official purpose only and not for jokes, videos, and other personal conversations. This will affect business.
Security- Though efforts are made to make IM a secured encrypted platform but if employees are set free, they may share encryption keys to their family and friends to share confidential information which will affect business growth.
Virus and malware- If the employees are using the application in their personal gadget which are not free from virus and malware or if IM is operated with third party, then chances of hacking is more.
Compatibility- RAASA AYURVEDA Group if applies different IM for suppliers, distributors and sales representatives, then confusion will create regarding installation of applications. It is also difficult to find which application will serve the best until usage happened. [Wallace, P. (2004)]

                                             Recommendations to Use

If RAASA AYURVEDA wants to get the best possible result from installation of IM then these are the points it should consider-
  • Use away or busy as status so that people in the network can know about your status that you are not available.
  • Try to keep it more professional than informal. Use it as informal means for lunch hours or off time by creating an informal group.
  • Though information sharing is good at this platform due to its flexibility and agility but some confidential information must not be shared in such open network where each has access. That should be sent via office mail. Day to day information and feedback can be sent over here.
  • Keep the gadgets safe by installing anti-virus and malware system to avoid data breach.
  • Not to mix personal and professional contacts.
  • Be faithful towards organization to avoid mis-use of this system. [Advance Etiquettee Team. (2014)]


RAASA AYURVEDA Group is looking for expansion of operation thus more personnel will be added in future. When operation scale is more, need of real time communication is must. By Installing an adequate IM will solve the communication problem but RAASA AYURVEDAhas to look after its side effects by continues observation of network.



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